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iu's unofficial 2017 NSW tournament thread


Smash Rookie
May 8, 2014
last edit 5th january
hey smashers. stumble into here wondering whats up in australia?
there are tournaments running in NSW. family friendly. super fun. worth your expenditure.

we've been posting alot on the facebook page so come join that if you havent

however if you love smashboards/ hate facebook ill copy-paste-add for your convenience


>>Saturday Jan 14: Bird's Nest, message Jason Hawkins (n64)
you have to message birdies directly since its a private event? idk how facebook works.
b r o w n i e s

>>Sunday Jan 15: Syd Smash Newtown (melee/pm/64/roa)
newtown neighbourhood center, put that into google maps. its across the road from newtown train station

Melee schedule:
11 until 12:45, setup and friendlies and maybe lunch
12:45 tournament must begin
as far as i know its probably gabe: roa, star: pm, iu: melee, iu or somebody who came from bird's nest: n64
if enough people note interest for doubles it gets run NEXT tournament

>>Sunday Jan 15: Great Cave Offensive 5 (smash4)
put "the nerd cave" into google maps, it should be near central train station. very close to the devonshire street exit
Smash 4 schedule:
11:30: Check-in (setup)
12:00: Doubles
2:30: Lunch break, singles rego closes
3:00 onwards: Singles

To be updated (unconfirmed):

so take everything here with a grain o salt

>>Jan 21 or was it 22, cal or mc was thinking something, also genesis 4 is on
>>Saturday Jan 28: York St Battles (melee/smash4) ask TOs later drivers unconfirmed holla if you wanna drive
>>February ??: (melee/smash4) which for some, is located a lil more comfortably west for once, probably a church
somebody think of good church puns for a tournament we dont wanna just call it "holy smash" its not smart enough
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