It really hurts me to say this but...I've stopped enjoying this game

Sep 13, 2018
Okay so you've read the title and you probably think I am crazy and if you do; It is perfectly understandable as this is something even I do not properly understand.
For starters, some backstory; I'm not a newcomer to this series, I started at Super Smash Bros Brawl and then moved to Smash Bros 4, and now I'm at this game.
Super Smash Bros Brawl I didn't really enjoy a lot but it wasn't really the gameplay that made me dislike it, it was the content. I didn't care much for the character roster as I felt there were characters missing that should have been there and while I did love many of the characters that were present, I always felt the roster was abit off. Combine that with a terrible online and I quickly abandoned that ship.
Then enter Super Smash Bros 4, this was when I really got my Smash Bros Fix. I absolutely LOVED this game, the gameplay was amazing, the roster was amazing, the online was robust, and the only real criticism I had was no story mode but given that I didn't care much for Subspace Emissary, it wasn't a hard pill to swallow.
Now we come to the present, technically speaking, this should be even more up my ally than Smash Bros 4 was. You have a similar engine that I already loved, every last character was back, even characters I badly wanted like Inklings, Ridley, King K Rool, and Daisy were playable! This really was shaping up to be a game that I would adore!
But come to the here and now....and I feel none of that. Even when I am winning in a match, I find myself bored. I really do not understand why, I could play Smash Bros 4 for absolute hours and the time would just fly! But this game? I often find that after around 30-60 minutes, I'm just done and want to come off. I don't know if it's the online, the offline content, or maybe something they changed in the game engine, this game just does not give me the fun I used to feel.
Believe me, I am not trying to hate on this game, I love Smash Bros and I love it whenever a new game comes out but this just is not cutting it for me and I don't even know why.
Has anyone else experienced this feeling? Or is it just me? Please let me know in the replies.


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Nov 2, 2018
I feel the same way all the little important things in Smash got cut out like taunts getting butchered, attack moves taken out and the game just moves to fast now.
Mar 24, 2014
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The game has an insane amount of content.
But yes- I do miss some of the goofier exploration that came in other games.
All the mini games, essentially. Cant I just have a mode that puts these wacky characters against each other, and reminds me of the joys of Pokemon stadium?

I always have higher and higher expectations for this game. It's unfortunate Nintendo does not have more mash up games, because that appeals to seemingly as many people as does the fighting system.

In so many ways, this game is perfect. With that perfection comes a sometimes sense of staleness- because I have played this game for twenty years, once so completely unique, now a new entry of a brilliant idea. I have played Splatoon 2 significantly less as well (but there are more games I play on Switch compared to Wii U).


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Mar 21, 2019
As others have said, you're burned out from Smash and need a break. It happens to everyone who plays video games excessively to a point where they get tired from it. Play something else and your love for Smash will come back naturally.


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Jun 26, 2014
Being petty
Also, nothing's stopping you from revisiting the past titles. They didn't magically stop being playable. Brawl just lost its online capabilities (which were terrible anyway, especially compared to the single-player content) and Wii U/3DS lost its Miiverse integration, but other than that, they're ready and waiting to boot up whenever you want.


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Dec 9, 2018
It might be the online mode. Many people have said that the Smash 4 online experience is better than the Ultimate online experience. Smash 4's online is limited but consistent, whereas the rules in Ultimate's online are always changing and so there is never a guarantee that one will get the match they want. Plus the only way one can change characters in Quickplay is to leave who they're playing against. In Smash 4's online, one can change characters between matches and still be connected to the same players. (Question: why did the developers make the online experience worse?)