Ish Now Results Thread!! 12/6/14


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Mar 2, 2012
First off we would like to thank everyone for coming out, we had a blast running it. This event could not have been possible without you guys bringing setups and getting your matches done on time. Lots of new faces and old faces. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, and I hope to see you guys at future events, and any feedback you guys have for us would be great. Next time I need to look at pools sets while making he bracket, and will not make that mistake again. LONG LIVE MICHIGAN SMASH!!

Brawl Singles
17 entrants

1) LOE1
2) Lain
3) Ralph Cecil
4) Ksev
5) Rog
5) Zyth
7) Nom
7) Sup
9) Hyper Crasher
9) Iceman
9) Jkbuk
9) Soul PEch
13) Doom
13) Kider
13) Nyuu
13) Tesla Coil
17) Big Coil

Project M Singles
27 entrants

1) LOE1
2) Soul Pech
3) Anther
4) Lordy
5) 3Jays
5) Malorain Thug
7) Wuvs
7) Zyth
9) Advo
9) Kissy
9) Nom
9) Quincy
13) -bit
13) Hyper Crasher
13) Ralph Cecil
13) Tesla Coil
17) Chelo
17) Dingus
17) Jkbuk
17) JT
17) JTSM
17) Jwinks
17) Sup
17) Vertical Horizon
25) Snow Black
25) Sweater
25) Turtle

Smash 4 Doubles
15 teams

1) Zinoto / Ksev
2) Oblivion / LOE1
3) PZO / Stewy
4) Ralph Cecil / LOF Xatic
5) JKbuk / Vayseth
5) Nom / Anther
7) exJordanary / SETHsational
7) Milksteak / Frojo
9) 3Jays / Wuvs
9) Iceman / Hypercrasher
9) Mathew Wiseman / Amiibo
9) Snow Black / Axewking
13) DBP / ROG
13) Kider / Yoshi
13) SF84 / Brutos

Smash 4 Singles
51 Entrants
1) Ralph Cecil
2) LOE1
3) PZO
4) Jkbuk
5) Ksev
5) Nom
7) Frojo
7) Milksteak
9) LOF Xatic
9) Rog
9) SETHsational
9) Smells Like CObra
13) Mathew Wiseman
13) Soul Pech
13) The Man
13) Zyth
17) DBP
17) ExJordanary
17) Hyper Crasher
17) Iceman
17) Porks
17) Raging Meerkat
17) Razz
17) Snow Black
25) 3Jays
25) Anther (left as singles started)
25) B-Wags
25) Maestro
25) Ramzy
25) SF84
25) Tesla Coil
25) Vayseth
Mr. C
Lain Tamjeed
Axew King
Kenta Kurodani
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ignite the fire
Mar 6, 2008
Had a blast stream monstering so congrats to Ralph winning and all the new faces that showed up! Wish I could have come out, but I had to prioritize school. I will be sure to come to Ish, Now 2!


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Sep 20, 2014
Ann Arbor, Michigan
New face here - had a lot of fun!

Hope there's more of these to come because it was run well and I'd definitely come back to get beat up again :)
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Dec 8, 2007
Columbus/ NW Ohio
Had alot of fun at this tourney. Had the chance to try out smash 4 competitively. Unfortunately, Idk yet if I can take it seriously :(. I didn't do too bad despite my 1st tourney w/ it

Shoutouts to the MI homies. I miss you all even though you boners NEVER come to Ohio :/.
Shoutouts to Killer "KSev" Seven and Stewyian "Ian" McCustomer for the tourney and housing. If you need critique on future tourneys you're more than welcome to ask me.
Shoutouts to Xactic for being old and beating me w/ Captain "Cheese" Falcon.
Shoutouts to Wuvs for not being worthless and showing up to a tournament.
Shoutouts to JTSM for running the stream and for me saying the n word on stream (cuz Diddy cheese is dumb)
Shoutouts to OSU bodying Wisconsin with a 3rd string quarterback.

Anti-Shoutouts to Kalle "Not-Kool Ori_Bro" for not coming to see me after driving 3 hours to go to the tournament :(.
Anti-Shoutouts to MIchigan traffic.
Anti-Shoutouts to Zyth because it's Zyth.
Anti-Shoutouts to Pool. **** that game.

We out.

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Jul 28, 2005
Southeast Michigan
Awesome time! I will hopefully get more sleep before another marathon of a tournament like this. I was beat by the time SM4 brackets were up.


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Nov 5, 2007
Mah Closet, MI
Just gonna put this out there: I'm starting to get sick and I have finals this week, so splicing the videos (which will probably be TwitchTV quality) will be slightly delayed, so if you wish to watch your videos in good quality, I'll unlock those videos.
Also, I didn't even put two and two together and there's a bunch of copyright popups on the videos (because music), so I'll have to remember to use completely standard setups for now on.

Fun tourney, I'll hope to do shoutouts soon.

Edit: I'll probably start splicing on Thursday after my finals. The splices will be from the archives from Twitch and the audio will be muted because copyright (though my settings were apparently too low so it doesn't really matter.)All videos will be completely up by Friday
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Oct 8, 2014
This was a lot of fun, especially that hype set between Nom and LOE1! Glad we had so many setups too, what was it, something like 9 Wii U and 4 brawl/PM, with one Wii U streaming? Thanks for making this happen!

Yoshi Kirishima

Smash Lord
Dec 26, 2007
Rochester Hills
Awesome time! I will hopefully get more sleep before another marathon of a tournament like this. I was beat by the time SM4 brackets were up.
Oh dang, I've seen you a lot around SWF. Didn't know you were there! I was the Palu player with the yoshi shirt. Judging from your sig were you the one giving out gamer gauntlet fliers?


sugoi ~ sugoi ~
Dec 8, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
It was Mallorean_Thug and that was me.

Me - Wow, I seeded this tournament pretty well. Go me.
Quincy - You played well this weekend, keep at it!
SwolePecks - Good ****, dude. We talked about it in the car, but you can only get better from here.
TOs - It was fun, though... I will admit that PM still kinda felt like a second-class citizen. I would personally like it if we dropped Brawl and did a pure singles for Smash 4/PM thing, I'll take what I can get. Good job!
MI Homies (FF team) - you guys are fantastic. Always a pleasure seeing all of you.
New players - Keep at it and you'll do well!
"Hollywood" @Zinoto - Show up to more things. Enter more things, I like seeing you play!
Ralph Cecil - Good show! I wish we saw Kentucky more. : (
Anther Pikachu - Glad to see you show up, nice to know you aren't exactly as salty about Pika changes. We'll get a MM eventually.
Lordy - Good games. Hope to see you in West MI, Ohio or possibly PA/Chicago! I will root for you as long as you don't play me/Ohio.
LOE1 - 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd. Good job on placings! Everyone hates Chris, but keep at it. Make some out of region guys salty. I like seeing you play at majors/big tournaments, keep doing what you're doing!

Me - I felt like I might have been rude in my disappointment in the loss to you @lordhelmet, so if I was, I'm really sorry.
TOs - Mallorean_Thug was clearly written on the slip. : (
Anther Falco - Put this thing away, but I guess I can't really talk. I lost to it. : ( Good games!
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Hyper Crasher

Smash Apprentice
Nov 12, 2012
Really fun tourney, glad I was able to go.
Vayseth: Thanks a lot for the carpool out here, was a lot of fun in dubs too.
Iceman: It was a lot of fun teaming with you, but we need to work on our synergy.
Nom: Good seeing you again, glad I was able to get hype over your match.
JTSM: Glad to see you again, hope you can come out to more events.
WUVS: Hypest man alive, I'm always rooting for you <3, hope to see you more.
PzO: Glad to see Adrian getting 3rd, get hyped!
JKBUK: Holding up the carpool after you said you wanted to go home so badly, how silly.
TheMann: Come on play the better character, Luigi's so much better. I'll give you some tips on him.
Zyth: DK is a silly character.
Soulpech: HYPE! Glad to see you again, I'll try to go to OH but I'm a poor HS student soon to be poor college student.
DBP: Cool seeing you again, fun hanging with you and playing friendlies.
Rog: We should play more Brawl, kind of annoyed nobody really plays it anymore. Really enjoyed our set.
Ksev and Stewy: Awesome tourney, I had a lot of fun
Ralph Cecil: It was cool meeting and playing with you, thanks for the advice.

Can't wait for the next one!


Smash Hero
Dec 18, 2006
Land of the free
Had a blast stream monstering so congrats to Ralph winning and all the new faces that showed up! Wish I could have come out, but I had to prioritize life. I will be sure to come to Ish, Now 2!


Smash Ace
Mar 2, 2012
Ralph Cecil-gratz on winning, thanks for coming out always a pleasure to see you
LOE1 - ur cheesy
PZO - fmf, thx for teaming and gratz on third, diddy too good
Jkbuk-thx for coming out and nice job on 4th
Ksev - thx for hosting with me and ull get em next time
Frojo- nice to meet you, we didn't really get a chance to talk but I have a feeling you will be placing higher real soon
Milksteak - didn't get to talk to you either, thx for coming and same as above, I think you can get to top 5 if you keep working at it
LOF Xatic - thx for comin down and being awesome like usual
Rog - cool seeing you as always
SETHsational - good placement, hope to see you around more often
Soul Pech - thx for coming, fun chilling with you as always
The Man - nice seeing you, hope you can come to more events you're always hype
Zyth - lol hold up more brackets pls
DBP - <3
Iceman- yooooooOoo
Anther (left as singles started) - lol I wish you woulda stayed, but ur always so hype to see and talk to <3
Maestro- sup
Vayseth - thx for coming man, ur chill and I'll see you at GG
Sup- sup, thx for helping out BIGBOYZZ
Lain- sorry about the miscommunication, thx for comin tho
JTSM-<3 thx for streamin
Grant / Garret - thx for helping out with the tourney, could not have done it without you
Everyonelse that came, there is too many of you to do shoutouts for, but I am sincerely grateful that each and every one of you came, this would not have been successful without you guys, and I hope to see you all at future events. and I look forward to getting to know all of the new faces more as time goes on.


ZInoto for getting grimed by his school group
Oblivion for leaving early
Zyth for being Zyth
PZO for the OP suicides
Myself for the OP suicides
Ralph Cecil for the OP suicides
Nom for playing Lucario
Ksev for playing crappy champs
Antishouts to no show Cody, we woulda won dubz man........................................
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Mar 22, 2011
Been a long ass time since ive done shoutouts, but i'll do some now lol.

Ralph Cecil - Ggs all around, you're a very smart player. Next time though i'll find a way yo beat you, just you watch :)
PzO - I swear i woulda got real salty if i lost that set lmao. Diddy plz :(. Still a skilled person tho, and you still my boi.
Jtsm - Nice talkin to you and thanks for da stream.
Stewy - You should know how cheezy i am by now :p. Thanks for the ride, and very nice job running the tournament!
Ksev - Yo...greninja tho :|. I'll learn him eventually lol, and nice job co hosting!
Soulpech - GGs in pm. Listen to yo gut next time tho, nice job beating anther tho.
Anther - THEM PIKA NERFS. I know they must be really hard on your playstyle, but i know you'll find a way past it. Fun talking to you as always.
DBP/Rog - Didnt talk to you guys much here :(. The sad is real.
Hyper Crasher - Luigiownesevery1
JKBUK- Nice job beating ksev, that 9 was so clutch lol.
Zyth- bodied

Shoutouts to casual 8 player games
Shoutouts to BDUBS
Shoutouts to sensei zinoto dipping early
Shoutouts to Oblivion for teaming with me
Shoutouts to 2nd in both events for not owning the game
Shoutouts to Pool
Shoutouts to Stewy being on my ass to play my sets lol

:salt::wario::salt: RIP Wario's air game :(


Smash Rookie
Oct 8, 2014
Alright I'll give this a shot.

Stewy - thanks for organizing, sorry for the pool confusion, but glad you were on top of things
Ksev - great Greninja, great organizing, one of these days I'll beat you
LoF Xatic - hype captain falcon, was disappointed we didn't get to have a falcon ditto
jolteontrainer - didn't really get to talk to you, but having a stream setup was awesome!
Mr. C - cool meeting you and having you in my pool, looking forward to playing you again
Nom - always fun to watch, even if Lucario + rage = wtf
Ralph Cecil - had never seen you play before you bodied me and milksteak in doubles, had a great time watching you win grand finals
Zinoto & Anther - being too good for us filthy local casuals :p

Ralph Cecil

Smash Champion
Mar 9, 2010
Somewhere in KY QQQQQQQQQQ
2) LOE1 - GGs man. I got kind of lucky with some things and abused some things that probably won't work next time we have to play. D: You haven't even found the characters you want to play yet and yet you already 3 stocked me lmao. Not looking forward to when you get comfortable in this game, but I plan on practicing to not make it easy for you. >:) Also why you got to take all my fries tho? ;( Alsoalso really hyped to see you clutch out so many games and sets when it seemed like a lot of people were cheering against you. Was very fun to see. :D
3) PZO - Uuuuuggggghhhhhh playing you was super stressful lmao. I got super lucky with that SD, because you definitely adjusted hard from game 1 to game 2 and found out what I had a hard time dealing with. You don't know how relieved I was when I heard Loe1 took game 5 against you in LFs. Not because I thought Loe1 would be easy or anything, but because I had a feeling you would've bodied me if we had to play again lmao.
4) Jkbuk - Yoooooo heard you were doing work with G&W. :D That's super hype. Hope we can play next time i'm in MI.
5) Ksev - Thanks so much for the housing. I also think that if I hadn't played friendlies with you Friday that you would've beaten me pretty badly, because those friendlies kind of put me in the mindset to play super safe when I had to play you in bracket. D: Easily they closest and hardest set I had of the tournament.
5) Nom - GGs in Brawl and doubles. For some reason I wasn't expecting to see you play Lucario, but it's nice to see him get some representation. ^_^
7) Frojo - GGs in doubles man. :D Ksev told me about how you and Milksteak were up and coming players, but I wasn't expecting you guys to do so well against me and Xatic coming fresh to Smash 4. Good job. :D Also really sry about how things turned out with the team attack stuff. :\
7) Milksteak - GGs to you too. :D Most of the stuff with Frojo applies to you too. ^_^
9) LOF Xatic - Thanks for teaming. :D Sry about dropping the ball so many times. Really feel like my SDs cost us a bit.
9) Rog - GGs in Brawl. Also don't worry about the Snake/MK mu. It's rough for everyone at first, but once you learn it no Snake will want to play it against you lmao.
13) Soul Pech - What were you doing in MI? BD Also hope you stick with Smash 4. :D I enjoy watching your Brawl-ish Puff a bit more than the P:M one though i'm sure it's harder on you, so I can get not sticking with it.
13) Zyth - Probably should've tried to get some friendlies in. It's been a super long time since we played. :)
17) Hyper Crasher - Np man. :D Also GGs and sry if any of the Mac stuff came off as disrespectful. Was just trying him out since I took game 1 in an early round and wanted to test the waters for the rest of the bracket with him. Alsoalso super hyped to see you get better with Weegee. Just a few little things that helped me out in our set that will make things really hard if you fix them. D:
17) Iceman
25) Anther (left as singles started) - GGs in doubles. It was super awkward playing against your Pika, because you just hovered right outside of my range lol. Hope we can play in singles next time i'm in MI.
Yoshi - GGs in doubles. I loved how your shirt made it easy to find you lol. :D
Sup - Sup BD Seriously though it was nice to meet you. :D Also GGs in Brawl(?). You really surprised me. o-o Wasn't expecting to have to play like I did given that I didn't know who you were before this lol.
Nyuu - GGs in pools. Everytime I got a lead against you you'd just body my stock and make it even lmao. You're almost at that point of being able to body people and make it out of pools. :D I could see the gears turning when you played.
Wuvs - We didn't play in anything RIP. Was still fun seeing you get hype over that comeback on Zyth and the stream matches though lmao.
JTSM - GGs in P:M. Was super tempted to Snake ditto you just for Snake main reasons lol. Thanks for streaming the event though. ^_^

Extra Shoutouts:
Juushichi - Always fun seeing you at events man. ^_^ Also those SF matches were godlike(RIP the lack of kreygasm on Smashboards). Let me know if OH starts hosting Smash 4 or Brawl though.
Zinoto - So Hollywood that I couldn't even get any games in with you. T_T(Kidding lol) I plan on practicing enough to take a tournament with you there though next time. ;)
MI - Probably my favorite Smash scene. The environment at tournaments is completely godlike.
Oblivion - Wish you could've stayed for singles. D: Also GGs in doubles. ^_^ That switch to Ness really threw me off. D: Hope we can play some next time I come to something though.
PM - Still not my kind of game, but to each their own on that.
Lain - Thanks for hyping me up for Smash 4, but then bodying me in Brawl looool.
Also just shoutouts for anyone that hyped me up through bracket. ^_^
Stewy - Thanks for the random FB invite and for hosting this. :D Sry about not playing Sheik in our friendly though. I forgot that you didn't enter singles or I would've. That thing I mentioned was just about people who are still in the bracket. D:
Sry if I forgot anyone. D:
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Yoshi Kirishima

Smash Lord
Dec 26, 2007
Rochester Hills
It was pretty good too. We tried a 3v1 against it (Yoshi amiibo), 3 stocks for each person, it ended up taking 4 stocks (ok, i wasn't really doing anything, so it was more like a 2v1) before losing.


Dang, didn't realize I had played many of you before already in ori's online 3ds Practice Makes Perfect tournament X) (I'm Yoshi Kirishima @ Frojo Frojo , @ Hyper Crasher Hyper Crasher -- too bad I didn't get to fight you guys this time :( )

There's so many of you and it seems awesome that a lot of you already know each other and go to the same events often. I hope to become more familiar with all yall sometime.
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Apr 20, 2013
Great event. Had a blast playing in most of my events and seeing all of you people again.

Already super late to the party (as always) but I might do shoutouts later. Maybe.


Smash Ace
Nov 5, 2007
Mah Closet, MI
Alrighty, without further adieu, the VIDEO THREAD!

Please remember that it completely went over my head that this setup didn't have original music, so if there is no audio, it got muted. Also, I screwed up and made the audio insanely low (I just put it where I normally would, oops.) But yeah, video thread! All videos are up and live!


Round 1:

Tesla Coil vs Snow Black
WuvS vs Chelo (I died to a taunt kill, go watch that)

Winners R1:

WuvS vs Lordy (I'm sick and tired of playing this man every tourney. He's becoming the KSev of P:M to me)
LoF Xatic vs Zyth

Winners R2:

Lordy vs Zyth

Winners Semis:

Lordy vs LOE1
Soulpech vs Anther

Losers R2:

WuvS vs Sup

Losers R3:

Quincy vs Ralph Cecil

Losers R4:

Zyth vs Quincy
WuvS vs Nom

Losers R5:

Juu vs WuvS

Losers R6:

Juu vs Lordy
Jono vs Soulpech

Losers Semis:

Lordy vs Soulpech

Winners Finals:

Anther vs LOE1

Losers Finals:

Anther vs Soulpech

Grand Finals:

LOE1 vs Soulpech

Money Matches:

Quincy vs Sweater (Set 1) (Set 2)


Smash Master
Dec 8, 2007
Columbus/ NW Ohio
I clicked on Lordy vs Soulpech

brings up Lordy vs LOE1

looks like you may have uploaded that one twice.
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Oct 6, 2014
Novi, MI
Super mega late but just wanted to say I had a great time, despite being knocked out in pools :p For a first tourney, it was a really great overall experience and I truly hope to see all of you again soon.
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