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ISA Presents: Smash Orientation 2009


Smash Champion
Mar 11, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
Singles results

1. Lain :popo:/:goomba:
2. Capem :metaknight:
3. Kel :metaknight:
4. Kirk :ike:/:random:
5. Overswarm :metaknight:/:rob:
5. Arty :falco:/:luigi:
7. Lou :gw:
7. Y.b.M. :kirby:
9. Hilt :olimar:
9. Renegade :snake:/:ike:
9. Smash64 :ness:
9. Infern Angelis :snake:
13. Needle of Juntah :gw:
13. Count :diddy:
13. Champ :falco:
13. Krystedez :warioc:
17. Tyr :lucas:
17. Sneakytaco :rob:
17. Fonz :lucario:
17. Braxton :lucario:
17. Iris :falco:
17. Mister Eric :rob:
17. ook :dk:
17. Wangston :falco:
25. XeroXen :mario:
25. Calic :pikachu:
25. crash :luigi:/:diddy:
25. Jekyll :ganondorf:
25. Heero :rob:/:falco:
25. Rofa :metaknight:
25. Flame :random:
25. Vamp :lucario:

46 entrants I think..will get doubles and the brackets uploaded tomorrow..dont have the file only the results.

Hope fun was had, great seeing everyone. Shoutouts later as well.

DtJ Hilt

Little Lizard
Feb 28, 2008
Minnow Brook
Good shiiiiiiit Indiana
Great tournament.

Count, Smada, Blueblade, you all did a pro job running it
Blueblade, your pencil bracket was more than enough, thanks for taking the time to draw it out.

Shoutouts in the morning

Also count, in the results add a "2" to the end of the names on the characters that look messed up. There's multiple sprites and it'll pick the better of the two

Example: Luigi2 = :luigi2:

Edit: Count, is there any way we could get a bracket image O_o I know a lot of it was done by hand, but is it possible? I mean TBB should have the unfinished bracket that can be finished. I'd like to see who beat whom.


Smash Lord
Feb 18, 2008
Vernon Hills, Illinois
This tourney was so amazing I can't even describe it. Oh man.

I didn't do too well in the actual bracket, but oh well :( doesn't mean my monkey doesn't love you.

shoutouts later


Smash Master
Oct 1, 2006
Ann Arbor, MI
Hey I did not play Goomba.

Capem - Dangggg. What a g, tearing up losers. Good **** mang.

Kel - One year is a helluva long time. You are no longer the Kel I know anymore. @_@

Kirk - I take credit for this placing. And all his residual hype.

Overswarm - We didn't get to play, I was so looking forward to it :[. Next time.

Arty - Good **** mang. Quit playing 87 different characters against me ><

Lou - BigLou steppin it up?

Y.b.M. - Let's get high son >:D

Hilt - Friggin' boss Olimar. I always laughed when you beat someone cause you would react as if you had lost, like you felt bad or something ahahaha.

Renegade - WHERE YOU AT?!

Smash64 - We shoulda played! Next time we have to, for FOW comparison.

Infern Angelis - Nervous johns = fail! Next time let's play a **** ton of friendlies, I forgot to teach you a bunch of crazy *** **** I know!

Count - All those friendlies were soooo fun. 2nd best Diddy in MW haha. Great tourney!

Champ - We didn't play!

Sneakytaco - #1 Bro. When I come down to Ohio we need to smoke and chill. yayuhz.

Braxton - One day, one day. XD But seriously pick up that DDD!


Smash Master
Jan 24, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio
vids are mostly up at youtube.com/kelinjapan

I can't put me vs Overswarm up because it's one big file. Does anyone have any video editing software that they can cut up the video with?

Good games everyone. I'm exhausted so I'll do my results thread later maybe. I won't have internet for a while so who knows =(


Smash Legend
Feb 14, 2007
Chapel Hill, NC

I called you last night...no shoutout for me? :[

Also if you're going to smoke w/ Tako I'm bringing a change of clothes so I can go too :]


17th!? If you give me those kinds of results again I'll beat you in the face. TRY HARDER *****!


Don't lose to Arty...the title of Best Falco in the Midwest belongs to you and you alone. Until I take it, of course. Step it up, Zach! You could've gone ICs on your CP.


3-stocked ook in pools...but then got the **** from Infern and Champ LOL. Great job though!


Don't get carried in teams ;)


I want that CD....don't lose to Lou! I know you can beat him :) Go Zoot Soot next time?


: ( I was expecting top 3.




FINALLY....the placings that you deserve. Keep it up and aim for the top.


ALL NESS YEAHYUZ! Don't mess up in teams next time and pick Ness against Kel + OS...you know they're going to always try and 2v1 you.


AJ you're a beassssttttsies. If I win vs. Count I'll MM you next weekend. I miss you.


You should've beaten Capem! Cate and I nevertheless loved the fact that you were matched up vs. Lain. I can't wait to see you dominate next week!


Smash Master
Jan 24, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio

All are up/going up except me vs overswarm.

The grand finals are currently being uploaded as of 10:38 AM EST.

Lain- dude, I know we hadn't played for a year and all, but it was STILL close last time. It was high percent last stock for each of us =P. Come to more tournaments around here so we can meet in the Grand Finals next time ;) <3
better watch out for this "JAPANESE METAKNIGHT!" that you were going on about in teams =P


Smash Lord
Feb 13, 2006
Springfield, OH
Champ over bd off the edge game 1 vs arty when he was winning, he won game two then arty went ICs game 3 and won.

Keist I wasn't there =(


Smash Lord
May 14, 2008
good job kirk, and arty but kirk man, you gotta stop placing just outside of the money. lol
kinda wish i had gone but meh my controller was still broken and i didn't feel like driving all the way to kirk's to get a ride with ook. /end excuses.


Smash Cadet
Jun 4, 2004
Indianapolis, IN
Singles results
9. Infern Angelis :snake:
13. Needle of Juntah :gw:
13. Count :diddy:
13. Champ :falco:
13. Krystedez :warioc:
17. Tyr :lucas:
17. Sneakytaco :rob:
17. Fonz :lucario:
17. Braxton :lucario:
What the heck! I was the only Wario?... SRSLY MIDWEST, IM DISAPPOINTED (>_>)

It was fun while it lasted, I wish I had done a little better and didn't face Renegade so soon AND on top of that we accidentally played srsly for nothing before our match was supposed to play ( I had to play Fonz first, not Ren)

not to mention getting a bum matchup 2nd match with Arty's Falco, omg everything I knew about Falco was turned upside down. Didn't help my attitude toward the bird much when I barely beat a Falco in Crews either -_- I guess I just need more practice...

BUT, I AM ETERNALLY HAPPY BECAUSE I DIDNT HAVE TO FACE YET ANOTHER BORING METAKNIGHT BRACKET :D (not that I wouldnt mind beating a couple, its just I need more matchup exp. with other characters offline)

Oh and I loved playing everyone. If anyone wants wifi friendlies since Im gunna be at Purdue for a while without tournaments, please hit me up on AiB or AIM/MSN me @ Spectrum980/spectralprismsATyahooDOTcom

Great tournament guys! I loved the setup, the tourney was done in a timely fashion with such a large number of people, and best of all, competition was wicked.

Sorry, count, about acting so tired during the crew battle. I hope you guys did well after I left. I just simply can not handle so many smash filled hours I guess XD


Smash Champion
Mar 11, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
Bracket image will be up later, theblueblade has to send me the file.

Glad you guys enjoyed the tourney! I owe a lot to tbb and smada. Shoutouts/uploads to aib/brackets later.


Smash Champion
Mar 4, 2008
1. Lain - Second tourney I've been at with you where we haven't gotten a money match in. :( You're always so busy lol.
2. Capem - Good **** in singles man. You just keep getting better.
3. Kel - Yaaaay Kel. Glad to see you up at the top again.
4. Kirk - Your Ike is scary. Thanks for the money match. You're a super cool guy.
5. Arty - Thanks for the money matches. I've never gotten so many compliments while in the middle of a set lol. You have really good reads. I need to stop rolling lol.
7. Lou - Good job. You had some hard matches that you did really well in.
7. Y.b.M. - Things'll go better next time. You seemed bummed out at the tourney but it's all good. You're the best Kirby in the country.
9. Hilt - Fun MM. I need to figure out where to counterpick Olimar lol.
9. Renegade - Thanks for the MM. You have a patient Ike. I didn't expect you to know about the grab release lol.
9. Smash64 - Tearing **** up with Ness as usual. Ness > Lucas
9. Infern Angelis - I hate that I always play you in tournament. You know all my tricks. I need to learn how to go Metaknight against your Snake or something.
13. Needle of Juntah - I wanted to MM you but didn't get around to it.
13. Count - Good job running the tournament. Everything went really smoothly.
13. Champ - Gaaaaah I'll get you next time. Good job totally ****** me in brackets lol.
13. Krystedez - You have the weirdest Wario ever. Probably the scariest to fight. I thought Wario didn't have a projectile...
17. Tyr - You suck.
17. Sneakytaco - Takoooooo. Good ****. Keep stepping your game up man. That ROB is getting better all the time.
17. Fonz - Really intense first set. Lucario is really hard for me to deal with. You made me really nervous.
17. Iris - Thanks for the MM. Japes is so janky.
17. Mister Eric - Beep!
17. ook - It was really good to finally play you. I'll ban Japes next time lol. Your DK is super fun to watch.
25. XeroXen - Fun teaming with you. Mario is too good. You've got to learn to break those bad habits though. I'll absorb your fireballs all day man lol.
25. Jekyll - Quarter MM for the win.
25. Rofa - Lucas dittos were really fun. Sorry everyone around here already knows how to fight against Lucas because of me. It's always good to play another good Lucas so I can see things that I can add to my game. Hopefully I'll be better next time for having played you.

This was a really enjoyable tournament. TO's did a great job running things. Thanks a million everybody. Hope to see you all again soon.


Smash Ace
Dec 21, 2008
Huber Heights, Ohio
Good stuff, Springfield. Whooooa, Lou steppin' it up. Very nice. ;)
Good stuff, God Kais. Except you, Infern. Look how high Kirk placed with Ike. You should be ashamed. :)
Speaking of which, good stuff Kirk. Can't wait to finally play you one of these days at an Ohio tourney.

Wish I coulda been there. :O Tyr and Tako both at 17th is gooooood ****, keep movin' up Cincy.

Catch y'all in late Fall. :D


Smash Master
May 29, 2008
Dallas, Texas
1. Lain- Nothing Less expected from you...You are a great player. And I might take you up on that offer...But it can't happen at a tournament...TRUST ME!!!

2. Capem- You are getting much better...Now I'm not to disappointed that I lost to you..You are too good...Keep getting that Arab money

3. Kel- Great Job... So Proud of your placing. Looks like we didn't have to face one another this tournament...Your back in your groove I can see it...Keep it up

4. Kirk- Great person and great Player... Man! We gotta get you to more Tournaments...The God Kais have there Eye on you...

5. Overswarm- MK is so broken...haha Should have went ROB in the MK ditto Matches...But you still Placed decent...As usual...Keep it up

5. Arty- I thought you were going to be a scrub but you are a really good player..You are also a good person..Too cool...You must come around to tournaments more often...

7. Lou- I swear me and you are even...All of our matches are always super close...I made a great come back but you were to much in the end...keep it up...You are good, really good...hope to see you next week

7. Y.b.M.- You'll do better next time...*sigh*

9. Hilt- Great ish...Surprisingly we didn't have to play one another in bracket or pools...Yay!! hehe Good Seeing you Pimp...Hope you come to our tournament next week...It'll be so much fun...

9. Renegade- Nice seeing you again Pimp...Next time say something to me before you leave... and we could have done much better in teams...We have some work to do...Next week we will win 1st place so...We'll practice on Wi-Fi...

9. Smash64- GOD KAIS!!! we still have to do some practicing...We gotta get better...we are to good to not get top 3...and We will make a great team..Can't wait

9. Infern Angelis- Great Job in our match...But seriously...You MUST WORK ON THEM NERVES!!!! You made so many mistakes, it was sad...Don't let any opponents ranking or skill influence you to play how they expect you to, worse than them...Keep a cool head cause you are to good...

13. Needle of Juntah- You have a crazy collection of skill..That GW is to Good and scary..I finally got to play you..we never played before then...Keep it up...Hope to see you at future tournaments

13. Count- Great Job defeating us in Doubles...Double Kongs equal double trouble. To good..Can't wait to kick it with you next week pimp..

13. Champ- Disappointed in you for not playing Falco against me in pools...but that was also a wise decision...Decent placement...but you can do better. See you next week pimp

13. Krystedez- I swear I played you on AiB before...and you owned me with that Wario...I was the Only Kirby at this tournament and you were the only Wario...One of a Kind...I thought you would have placed better since I seen you in action before...

17. Tyr- The Best Lucas ever....Keep working at it...We'll get some practice in...How about we play the entire cast of characters until you find that one that fits your playstyle aside from Lucas and MK...

17. Sneakytaco- You're getting better..Look at who you tied with...We can only move up from here...Lets do it!

17. Fonz- Didn't play you this time around but It was nice seeing you once again..Hope to see you next weekend...

17. Braxton- Nice Lucario...You surprised me a few times...But good ish...

17. Iris- Decent Falco...Keep practicing pimp

17. Mister Eric- Beep Beep...It's always great Seeing you...Make sure you come to our tournament next weekend...We gone have a lot of fun

17. ook- Great Job defeating us in teams...You all did really well..Your Donkey Kong is too good...you always get the crowds behind you...you are a very impressive player...Come to more tournaments

17. Wangston- I aw the effort you gave against NOJ...you were doing good. Possibly would have won if you haven't got 9'd. Keep getting better

25. XeroXen- Didn't play against you but I take my Hat off to you for playing Mario and Making it out of Pools

25. crash- Nice seeing you again. Can't wait to hang out with you next weekend...We have a lot of games to play with one another...

25. Jekyll- Great Ganon...It's good you didn't give up on him... and you actually played him in the tournament...Great Job Man

25. Rofa- It was good Seeing you again...It's weird seeing you without that Camera though...You are a fast learner...Keep on improving

25. Vamp- Lucky you we didn't get to play haha...J/K nice seeing you though...You should come to our tournament Next Weekend in Cincinnati...It'll be a Blast...

Cincinnati Got Top 2 in doubles...And we did our thing in Singles...Our Presence cannot be ignored....Hate it or Love it..But You have to Accept It.......GOD KAIS!!!


Smash Lord
Nov 8, 2008
Chicago, Illinois
Great Tournament, Met a lot of cool people.
I did so many Money Matches, won 10 and lost 2, and both losses were to Tyr, who is like the best player ever.


1. Lain - Good stuff in Singles, I will be picking Luigi next time we face.
2. Capem - Great placing, you're a very cool guy
3. Kel - Good stuff in teams. I did not meet you or play you though. :(
4. Kirk - Nice job beating me bro! If we team again, we'll do much better!
5. Overswarm - I talked like every second during our pools match, while you just stared straight at the screen haha. Good stuff though, especially in teams.
7. Lou - Fun MM
7. Y.b.M. - Fun friendlies, although I wanted to play your kirby :( You're a very cool guy
9. Hilt - You're hilariously awesome. Thanks for the tips and fun MM.
9. Renegade - Lol at your situation with Krystedez
9. Smash64 - You get the coolest guy there award
9. Infern Angelis - You trash talk as much as me :laugh: Fun MM, I still have that signed dollar
13. Needle of Juntah - Keep landing those 9's
13. Count - Thanks for hosting. Sorry for the doubles delay. Nice job in singles.
13. Champ - Good Stuff, Great Falco. Great Guy.
13. Krystedez - Good matches. Don't use the bike at all against Falco though
17. Tyr - Stop sandbagging in brackets, and win some tournaments already.
17. Fonz - Best Ganon Ever!
17. Iris - Don't switch to MK :( Stay Falco!
17. Mister Eric - Beep Beep ... Stop using that silly tag
17. ook - Thanks for driving :) Next time we team, Team Favre is making an appearance
17. Wangston - Fun MM. You have a lot of trouble killing, but you're very techincal and smart.
25. XeroXen - Beast Mario
25. crash - Luigi Pwns
25. Jekyll - That quarter is mine! :laugh:
25. Rofa - Good stuff in teams man.
25. Vamp - You got a tough bracket. You'll do much better next time. Sick Lucario.
Dajayman - Caution!
Smada - Thanks for the ride back. Good stuff hosting.
BlueBlade - Did not meet you, but good stuff hosting.

DtJ XeroXen

The biggest fraud
Aug 22, 2008
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Here's my shoutouts, but before I start I think I feel the need to say something.


3. Kel - I don't feel as bad losing to you first round of brackets since you came in 3rd, you destroyed me second game, good ****!

5. Overswarm - Ggs in pools and thanks for the advice, also, good stuff on 5th.

5. Arty - If you can't tell I have no clue what to do against Falco!!! (Raagh) fun $5 MM Mario vs. Luigi though.

7. Lou - I didn't play you this time except in doubles, had a good time playing you guys though.

7. Y.b.M. - I didn't get to play you D:, I practically ran out of money.

9. Hilt - Thanks for the friendlies and for taking my dollar, good stuff on 9th.

9. Renegade : I beat your Ike in a game!!!!! (I still can't get over that) But then I got Fsmash mindgamed with Snake and it was hilarious! At least one person from Indy got top 10.

9. Smash64 - I didn't figure you out till second game, then you beat me on your counterpick on 3rd, fun games though... thank god your PSI magnet isn't anything like Lucas's. Also, NESS CAN'T RECOVER!

9. Infern Angelis - I woulda done that $5 MM, buuuuuut I barely had enough for Taco Bell, good stuff on 9th though.

13. Count - Great tourney, too bad we couldn't do friendlies.

17. Tyr - MY FIREBALLS!!!!!!!!! I think I healed at least 200%, good stuff in doubles though! Your Lucas is too good.

17. Fonz - I usually do pretty bad versus Lucario, I guess I was just doing good that game. but Snake? Next time you do that I'm gonna have to break out one of my broken secondaries.

17. ook - Good stuff in loser's bracket, our matches were pretty close.

25. Calic - I forgot to comment on your hello kitty backpack (i think that was yours) BUT IT WAS GREAT!!!

25. crash - Good stuff in our MM, and dark stages are not a legitimate john, lol.

25. Jekyll - Very fun low tier friendlies, greatest things ever.

25. Vamp - Your $5 bought me Taco Bell, it was a really tasty $5. :D

Shade - Good stuff on coming to the tourney.

TheBlueBlade - Thanks for the ride man, it was a great time. Btw, your pad is too good.


is laughing at you
May 4, 2005
Singles results

1. Lain :popo:/:goomba:
WTF goomba?

Good stuff with first; you finally have secondaries that work for different stages and can't be CPed to death!

Got lucky game 2. >:[

I'll see you again, that's for sure. I just wish I could practice MK dittos too. :(

Really, I hate MK dittos. It's weird because I drop ROB as my main because MKs destroy him, and now my main problem in tournament is still MK. =B

**** MK dittos!

Good shiz vs. Lain, definitely. That suicide at 0% definitely altered your chances of winning, but you'll get another chance.

4. Kirk :ike:/:random:
I enjoyed our matches. I felt in control from the very beginning of the set, and didn't feel any pressure. That's why it was completely and utterly terrifying when I realized I was pixels away from being spiked, f-smashed, or u-aired. You are held back only by Ike's suckiness.

5. Overswarm :metaknight:/:rob:
You should pick up an MK counter. BUT THERE IS NONE so you must learn MK dittos better. :\

5. Arty :falco:/:luigi:
Was hoping to play you in bracket. :\

Good stuff, you're always improving. You had a lot of silly mistakes that came up in the matches you lost, and you knew them the moment they happened. That's a sign of an improving player that has yet to reach their peak, so you're going to be placing higher than this.

7. Y.b.M. :kirby:
Good **** beating NoJ. WTF at beating NoJ and losing to Lou. So totally crazy. o_O

We'll continue the next time we see each other ^_^

9. Smash64 :ness:
At least have a really good secondary to compliment Ness? :(

9. Infern Angelis :snake:
You should get a job like tako's.

13. Needle of Juntah :gw:
I was quite sad when you were on my side of the bracket, but then Kel managed to beat you with his mansion tricksies... so knowing this I don't even really care that Kel beat me. I have a conflicting desire to play you in tournament as well as hope to avoid you completely. You are the only player that has a 100% victory record against me in tournament, and I want to break it someday... but I'd also rather just avoid you.

13. Count :diddy:
Can't get much ROB practice with Diddy. :(

I even told you how to beat ROB with Diddy back at a Springfield event and you forgot!

13. Champ :falco:
You shoulda had Arty. >:[

13. Krystedez :warioc:
I really enjoyed watching your match with Ook, good job keeping up with the pressure!

Good shiz this tournament!

17. Sneakytaco :rob:
The secret to beating Olimar is to going all out aggro the moment you have an opportunity and assuming every attack you land can net you a kill.

Your work in pools definitely had me view you in a different light. You went from Ganon player to medicore Lucario to "whoa WHOA he just recovered 4 times against me when I knew exactly what he was doing and am I slipping" Lucario that has no problem getting KOs and not being baited into rolls.

17. Mister Eric :rob:
I don't even know what happened in the tournament for you. :(





25. XeroXen :mario:
You're a good mario, but don't be so predictable!

25. Jekyll :ganondorf:
So sorry about teams. >_>


Smash Lord
Feb 18, 2008
Vernon Hills, Illinois
1. Lain - Nice congrats. :) I wanted to play you, but eh. Dunno why everyone takes you to norfair. really...
2. Capem - You use the funkiest MK color
3. Kel - Nice hair, and great job in the tourney
4. Kirk - Gettin 4th "again" lol. thanks for coming, you should post those videos online
5. Overswarm - I wanted to mm you but never got around to it :(
5. Arty - Yes you definitely have to wear your favre shirt next time, instead of that orange thing. oldies
7. Lou - Frickin awesome 9s, great friendlies. No one expects to get hit by the slam dunk
7. Y.b.M. - Lol your controller is awesome, it says God Kais on it
9. Hilt - Thanks for the mm and great job helping with the bracket and stuff. cool dude, great olimar
9. Renegade - lol you're hilarious, good ****
9. Smash64 - You ***** us in teams, amazing. the god kais are hilarious
9. Infern Angelis - tooooo good. Those god kais....
13. Needle of Juntah - Good game in brackets, I was hoping you'd go G&W :embarrass of course
13. Count - Diddy/DK team is amazing, that worked really well. and great match in brackets
13. Champ - Great mm, I can't believe that fsmash hit at the end. that was like... weird disjointed range. :dizzy: I saw those falco dittos lol
13. Krystedez - Soooo much hype, funnest match of the tournament. I'm scared of your tires
17. Tyr - Woahhhhhh great 3 stock, frickin crazy amazing lucas. Great to finally play you. You beat the entire state of illinois. But now I think I know what to do against lucas...
17. Sneakytaco - Nice name
17. Fonz - Awesome Ganon. ****. Thanks for the mm, cool dude
17. Braxton - Brax
17. Iris - Great job in teams
17. Mister Eric - lol, beep beep mutha****a
17. ook - Next time
17. Wangston - Another great falco... so many great falcos.
25. XeroXen - Cool mario, good game in the bracket.
25. Calic - We haven't played in so long... dunno what happens
25. crash - Keep on dreaming about moustaches, it'll happen someday. Awesome
25. Jekyll - Ganondorf
25. Heero - Heero
25. Rofa - Nice seeing you again man, great friendlies.
25. Flame - Flame
25. Vamp - I couldn't tell who was you and who was not you :embarrass

God Kais - What does that mean? Like how could you possibly come up with "hey let's call ourselves the God Kais" and everyone was like "ok"?

Dajayman - Ba-ba-ba ba-barbara ann. BA-BA-BA BA-BARBARA ANN. Barbara AAAaaaAn. TaaaaAAAAke my HAAAAaaaaAAAnd, Barbara AAaaAn, ba-barbara ann. You got me rockin and a rollin, rockin and a reelin barbara ann ba-ba ba-barbara ann

TOs - Great job hosting and running the tournament and stuff, it was awesome. :)


Smash Champion
Mar 4, 2008
We have to rematch next tournament we're at Ook. There are no DK's to play against in Ohio. I'll ban Japes next time lol.

Illinois should come to the tournament in Fairfield, Ohio next weekend. It's going to be huuuuuge.


Smash Lord
Nov 3, 2005
Springfild/Columbus OH
1. Lain- Dude you are an absolute beast. Haha way to take us all by surprise and show up un announced. It was great having you there and the tournament was definitely better with Michigan there. Come to Ohio more, you are always welcome

2. Capem- good stuff man. After you played a match or two we knew you were feeling it. You are doing great and the scary thing is that you still make mistakes and still have room to improve. Way to help put Smashfield on the map.

3. Kel- fun matches in pools and in bracket. Amazing tech of the 9 hammer off of the bubble on brinstar at 200 %. Like I said that has to be one of the most amazing things ever done in brawl. I made so many mistakes against you and it was frustrating, but had I played great i think it still would have been tough to win. Great result.

4. Kirk- Fun match. You are an incredibly cool dude and I really hope you are able to make it to more tournies. I know its a long trip but tournies are better with Chicago in the house.

5. Overswarm- Always fun to chat. I am sure we will get to play at an upcoming tourney. Hopefully Ill be ready and start a NOJ trend :)

5. Arty- I wish we could have played more games. Come to more tournies and bring the rest of Chicago with you. PEW PEW

7. Y.b.M.- I agree man. Our match was incredibly close the entire time. I cant even tell you the frustration I was feeling after I bucketed you. I only did like 50% the rest of the match because of your spacing. I look forward to many many more intense matches in the future. God Kais.

9. Hilt- Great match. I really enjoy playing your Olimar. I am not sure that Im ever going tot ake you back to Norfair. That level isnt as bad for you as I thought. Luckily I was still able to pull it out.

9. Renegade- I really wanted to play you. Hopefully sometime in the enar future.

9. Smash64- Good stuff in teams. The double back throw for the win was so sweet. I love playing Ness and want you to teach me some tricks. God Kais

9. Infern Angelis- Im glad we didnt have to play in tourney because I hate Snake. Good result though. God Kais

13. Needle of Juntah- NOJJJJJJJ Game and Watch is a great character. Please dont give up on him! Also I want to take you up on your teams offer. We need to plan the enxt tournament we are at. We will win. Im glad you guys decided to come.

13. Count- We have still never played in tournament which sucks. Good stuff on planning this event. More of them in the future would be great :)

13. Champ- PEW PEW! Good stuff in teams and singles. We will only continue to get better. The rest of the midwest better watch out for smashfield.

13. Krystedez- I really really really wanted to play you. Next time for sure. The matchs of you and OOK were amazing.

17. Tyr- Fun friendlies. I love playing your lucas. It always keeps me on my toes.

17. Sneakytaco- Good stuff man. You have gotten much much better. I am so glad you are part of the Ohio smash family.

17. Fonz- We all know you are better than 17th. Soon you will rbeak through, very soon. Smashfield!

17. Mister Eric- Fun match. Sorry I had to time you out first game. I couldnt get inside of you to kill. My matchs with Robs always go long.

17. ook -Fun friendlies. I cant believe I got spiked like that so many times lol

25. XeroXen- I wish we could have played some. Next time for sure. You make mario look playable and I admire you for that.

25. Jekyll- Good Ganon, Like I said if it wasnt for my experience vs Fonz it would be tough for sure.

25. Rofa- Come to Ohio more. Like I said you guys are always welcome.

Great tourney. I had a ton of fun. This tournament was so fun because it had a unique mix of players. Some of Michigan, Chicago, Indy, Ohio and KY made for some fun smashing. Losing to 3rd and 4th place was unfortunate, but Ill take it.


Game Reaper
Nov 10, 2008
Indianapolis, IN
It was really fun for my first tourney, and making it out of pools is a good start, I suppose.

Calic: Cool Pika. We should def team up.

Kryz: Keep up the hard work. Your Wario is one of the best.

Count: Friendlies next time? No wi-fi johns. =)

Ook: Ook... jk, badass DK.

Smash64: I WANT MY FFA $20 POT MM!

Infern: Cool Snake.

All Others: Congratulations on placings and GGs, even if I didn't play you.


Smash Cadet
Jun 24, 2009
Indianapolis, IN
Although I never won a single match... :/

I still had a great time.

Shout Outs:

Everyone Who Came - Thanks for coming to our first ISA tournament. I promise there will be another at some point.

Overswarm - You're not the jerk I pictured you being lol

Heero - It seems you'll always be better than me. I may have let you down in teams.

Count - Thanks for helping me with all this. I have the organizational skills, but you have the Smash know-how.

Th3 Master Composer - Always a pleasure. Frisky Dingo quotes make my day.

Jekyll - Quit thunder stomping me!

Kryz - Love that Wario. I'll hit you up for tips on him. I love the way he moves.

Iris - Thank you so much for the IC help! I'm gonna be practicing every night.

Hilt - You gave me a Starburst...I'll never forget that.

Haha. Thanks to one and all!


Smash Ace
Mar 17, 2008
Good **** to Kirk and Arty for their placings!
Ook and Count, you guys will do better next time for sure
Also, good **** to Lain for winning. I had a good feeling you were gonna show up at this lol


Smash Champion
Mar 11, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
Thanks quik! I'm really not that upset on how I did-I lost to OS and smash64 who are both amazing, and I took a game off of smash. So I'm content with my performance.

Bad news on the tio file-TBB tried to send it to me but the file was messed up, so I'm going to send to him what happened and then HE can fill it in. I won't be able to do that until late tonight or tomorrow though.

Glad everyone had a good time-shoutouts still to come..busy currently.


Smash Lord
Jul 23, 2006
Provo Utah
1. Lain : I didn't get 3 stocked by your ic's in pools so I was happy. I wasn't to happy about losing to your marth, I had that one in the bag and then I just f'd up.
3. Kel : I walked over and started to watch the match of you vs lou and I heard you say you teched a 9 hammer on that little wall thing on brinstar, I really didn't believe it but then I saw the video. Good ****
5. Arty :sexy falco, I think I should have just grabbed the ledge instead of going for bairs cause you didn't know how to recover. Everyone says my falco is "technical" lol but I have no mind games for kills, but I picked up a few from you hopefully that will help me out.
7. Y.b.M. : I really wanted to play you, one way or another we always play at tourneys. You're such a beast in doubles when it goes 2 v 1. I also saw one hell of a come back you had in singles, i forget who it was on though.
9. Hilt : lol sexy way to finish a match on rofa.
9. Infern Angelis : Needs more box spike. We need to play soon.
13. Needle of Juntah : LOL wtf happened to your mk 2nd game???? that nine hammer... wtf... I swear that shield poked me or something, lol good game though. I forget how good mks glide attack is.
13. Count : sucks I played you in pools and first round of tourney. That was a really really fun set in tourney though, i got some advice from my friend from utah so I was able to do better in that set.
13. Champ :sorry we didn't play. we will this week.
13. Krystedez :freaking good wario.
17. Iris : from the looks of things your falco has gotten way better since the mwc championships
17. Mister Eric : beep. it's always fun to hang with you even though you f'd up my mk ds record :(
17. Wangston :get some kills
25. crash :i hate always having to play you early in losers brackets, i can play you any week.
??. c4ever fun mk ds matches, i told you i was good at it. Your ike is better than i thought it would be keep up the good work.


Smash Champion
Nov 3, 2007
Arlington Heights, IL
Shoutouts! Finally...

1. Lain :popo:/:goomba: - Congrats on the win, hope to see you again sometime. IKE DITTOS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE HYPED. Ridiculous hype is ridiculous... lol
2. Capem :metaknight: - Good ****. I only wish I could have put up a better fight...was the only set where I kind of fell apart in game 2. Hope to play you again sometime.
3. Kel :metaknight: - Didn't get to play you, but it was good seeing you again. You did pretty awesome, keep it up!
4. Kirk :ike:/:random: - Ike is terrible and you should feel bad for playing him.
5. Overswarm :metaknight:/:rob: - SO CLOSE!! I still can't believe that Fsmash missed you in game 2. Great seeing you again. Always a pleasure talking and playing with you. One of these days I'll take you out. :)
5. Arty :falco:/:luigi: - Falco! Good **** representing IL with me lol. You had me on Lylat! I hope you learned from your mistakes, you will be better from it. Keep up the ****!
7. Lou :gw: - Nice set we had. Wish we could have had a better second game, but **** happens lol.
7. Y.b.M. :kirby: - We didn't get to play, but it was nice talking with you. Always a pleasure, hope to see you again.
9. Hilt :olimar: - I saw starbursts. You did not give me one. :( Oh well, perhaps next time. :p
9. Renegade :snake:/:ike: - WE HAD NINE THOUSAND PEOPLE WATCHING OUR DITTO. Why oh why...buuuuuutt I still hate Ike dittos lol. Great seeing you again, perhaps we should team one of these days. That might work out. :p
9. Smash64 :ness: - First time getting to play you in tourney. Awesome Ness dude. Keep it up.
9. Infern Angelis :snake: - Sorry we couldn't get friendlies in. I feel bad. ;; Next time lol.
13. Needle of Juntah :gw: - Stick with G&W! You **** too much with him.
13. Count :diddy: - Great job hosting! But you took out ook...HOW COULD YOU!? Kidding aside, you looked pretty slick with that diddy, I'd like to play it sometime.
13. Champ :falco: - Didn't really see you much outside of randomly talking. Nice to meet you. :)
13. Krystedez :warioc: - You play Wario.
17. Tyr :lucas: - Ridiculously close MM. I'll be looking for a rematch. :)
17. Sneakytaco :rob: - You have tacos in your name.
17. Fonz :lucario: - Play DLA in Ganon dittos. I MUST SEE IT.
17. Braxton :lucario: - Lucario!
17. Iris :falco: - Falco!
17. Mister Eric :rob: - MISTER ROB!
17. ook :dk: - Ook man...oldies are where its at. I shall be expecting blasting oldies in all of our future rides to tournies. :) Tough luck in the bracket, I know you'll do better next time.
17. Wangston :falco: - ANOTHER FALCO!
25. XeroXen :mario: - Saw you play some, nice Mario.
25. Calic :pikachu: - Next time don't plank when I'm winning by 100% or more.
25. crash :luigi:/:diddy: -SHORYUKEN! Glad we got to play in pools. Just remember I have LOTS of DK practice. :p
25. Jekyll :ganondorf: - PLAY DLA IN GANON DITTOS.
25. Heero :rob:/:falco: - Bird.
25. Rofa :metaknight: - That doubles set was way too close. Was nice seeing you again, thanks for coming down!
25. Flame :random: - You teamed with Dajayman. You rock.
25. Vamp :lucario: - Lucario!

DAJAYMAN - Caution! Caution! Caution!

Great, fun tourney. Hope to see you all again.
Jun 8, 2008
indianapolis, IN
1. Lain :dedede: - haha did you forget this is who you plaed against me? >:3 next time ill get you *sarcasm~*
2. Capem :metaknight: - good stuff in pools ;3 2nd good stuff i didnt think i had someone THAT good in my pool
3. Kel :metaknight: - saw part of some of your matches, i believe we friendlies
4. Kirk :ike:/:random: - IKE! >:O srs bizness
5. Overswarm :metaknight:/:rob: - lmao your shirt, i...want...to..sign it
5. Arty :falco:/:luigi2: - good MM, that dollar is the legacy of arty xD
7. Lou :gw: - didnt play you D:
7. Y.b.M. :kirby2: - cant come next week, work johns, come to hilts tourney the next week
9. Hilt :olimar: - i KNOW you went solimar this whole tournament
9. Renegade :snake:/:ike: - >:O losin to sum srs ike dittos, GJ
9. Smash64 :ness2: - fun stuff in pools xD next time ill make you remember who i am
9. Infern Angelis :snake: - Ike > snake
13. Needle of Juntah :gw: - didnt play you, sorry
13. Count :diddy: - lmao good job, good tourney
13. Champ :falco: - didnt play you :d
13. Krystedez :warioc: -w00t goooo krys
17. Tyr :lucas: - cool seein ya again, we didnt play
17. Sneakytaco :rob: - didnt play you :d
17. Fonz :lucario: - :O what another lucario?
17. Braxton :lucario: - shoulda stayed lucario in match 2, dittos are still lame xD
17. Iris :falco: - didnt play you D:
17. Mister Eric :rob: - BEEP! fun stuff in pools
17. ook :dk2: - i knew who you were nyuk nyuk >:D
17. Wangston :falco: - D: didnt play you
25. XeroXen :mario2: - dont get used to it
25. Calic :pikachu2: - you took my NOT name tage, i really wanted that chicken wing
25. crash :luigi2:/:diddy: - lmao crash, fun friendlys next time in tourney tho ;)
25. Jekyll :ganondorf: - what? surely you used, marth or diddy
25. Heero :rob:/:falco: - good seein ya again, too bad you had to leave early
25. Rofa :metaknight: - didnt play you, sorry :/
25. Flame :random: - didnt play you, sorry :/
25. Party Hat Cat :lucario: - YOU SUCK AT THIS GAME!

tis my shout outs :3


Smash Cadet
Jun 4, 2004
Indianapolis, IN
Now for my shoutouts. Since I'd feel left out for not doing so.

1. Lain :popo:/:goomba:

GOD, SUNAVA, MOTHER OF GO...UGH!!! I really. REALLY. Wanna play you. Your IC's. Your D3. Your "marth". WHATEVER. I go to two tournaments, and I never faced you in both T_T

2. Capem :metaknight:

I saw some of your matches, you crazy clown-pink MK you. You were ... Crazy. I liked that. Sorry I can't say much else XD

3. Kel :metaknight:

Didn't see much of your matches, but I noted right away that you like to sit on top of trashcans to get a "higher" advantage on the tier list. ... Wow so corny my bad xD (I THINK you were the one sitting on a trashcan, correct me if Im wrong)

4. Kirk :ike:/:random:

good **** beating Rene in Dittos. I wish I had seen that. His bear/tackle-hug w/e it was was secretly gunna be a cutthroat chokehold for your neck I betcha... >.> (j/k Rene! :D)

5. Overswarm :metaknight:/:rob:

I was actually wanting to play you. I need more tough MKs offline, instead of like 5 or 6 all at once that don't know the wario matchup..

5. Arty :falco:/:luigi:

Holy. ****ing. ****.

Regardless of my lack of matchup knowledge with that Falco... THAT FALCO... omg, freaking Godly compared to all the falcos I've played in a tournament so far (about 4-5).

7. Y.b.M. :kirby:

For some reason I keep confusing you with being a Snake user. Anyways, Good **** doing so well man. Wish I had done so too... I made so many mistakes...

9. Hilt :olimar:

Really **** good Olimar from what I've seen, I think my Dad was playing you earlier in pools but Im not sure. We played in the crew battle yes? Or no? I can't remember, I was so **** tired, but I know I couldn't take a stock off of you first...

9. Renegade :snake:/:ike:

*tackle-bear-hugs you with the feign'd attempt to choke-hold you*

I woulda felt like **** if I had beat you the second time we played, since you beat me the first time... But I think I got some ideas now... :D

9. Smash64 :ness:

You are a ness I wish to play. That is all o_o

13. Count :diddy:

I hope the crews went ok. :) Can't wait til next tournament man, hopefully I can come. Hit me up on AiB anytime you got something planned. (same to smada!)

13. Krystedez :warioc:


17. Tyr :lucas:

**** man, best lucas hands down I've faced so far. I loved your style.

17. Fonz :lucario:

The matches were fun, thanks for giving me the matches I need to not go home unhappy with my experience there. You seriously lightened me up so much because I thought I wouldn't get to play any more good players :( (you dragged me out of the matches I had with Rene LOL)

17. Braxton :lucario:

I watched your match with Rene's ike on LM. I was having a hard time rooting for Rene's Ike, and not for you. You were seriously laying it on him even with all the pressure. You both did well. Good games at the beginning too.

17. ook :dk:


Okay, so agree'd to the nth degree, put 100,000,000 in for "n". :) Loved the matches man, most fun I've had in a match ever. you're definitely one of the best and funnest DK's I've played.

17. Wangston :falco:

Fun and close match at crews , really got some more practice from your Falco, it was awesome. Wish I hadn't been so tired, otherwise I might have enjoyed it more. I felt like a **** just with a stony face and not saying anything... Thanks for the match though... Forgive me? XD

25. Jekyll :ganondorf:

You learn something new everyda- *choke-held by Ganon, released, choke-held by ganon, released* GACK CUCK COUGH...

Anyways, awesome matches, loved your Ganon. I wish I coulda played more.

25. Heero :rob:/:falco:

Fun matches ^^;;

25. Vamp :lucario:

YAAAAAAY OUTTA POOLS YOU GO!!!! You really shoulda placed better though :( You're too good for this.




Smash Champion
Aug 11, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio

1. Lain :popo:/:goomba:it was so random you coming to the tourney but glad you did sucks we didnt play tho next time
2. Capem :metaknight: representing springfield! we had some good matches next time we have 2 break our record for 1st seed lol
3. Kel :metaknight: u made some mistakes in your matches i still think you did good
4. Kirk :ike:/:random:it was nice playing u man u have a great ike and for some reason i have trouble vs Marths gg's tho
5. Overswarm :metaknight:/:rob: next time we will get u in doubles good thing cincinnati took 1st and 2nd in doubles
5. Arty :falco:/:luigi:never got to play you but ryzen tells me your at his lv so you must be really good
7. Lou :gw: next time we will play and teach you some "Ness tricks" hehe
7. Y.b.M. :kirby:we do need to practice a little more i guess but you know some ppl get lucky some times GOD KAIS!
9. Hilt :olimar: its gonna be fun going to pound 4 with every one man! cant wait
9. Renegade :snake:/:ike: sucks that we didnt play man next time we will tho
9. Smash64 :ness: GOD KAIS!
9. Infern Angelis :snake: you should have placed higher 1 becuase your a God Kai 2 becuase you play snake 3 becuase your the best snake in Ohio GOD KAIS!
13. Needle of Juntah :gw: it was nice playing you in teams you guys did come back and almost beat us you guys are 2 good
13. Count :diddy: first time playing you on braket i had fun playing you =] we had some close/epic matches till next time bro
13. Champ :falco: needed more pew pew? see u at the next tourney yo
13. Krystedez :warioc: mmm i dont recall playing you
17. Tyr :lucas:you should have done alot better man im serious next time we will do some serious training oh and Lucas > Ness thats just what i think
17. Sneakytaco :rob: good thing you made it out of pools this time now its time to take it to the next lv and start beating alot of ppl in braket 513!!! CHYA!
17. Fonz :lucario: we all have our bad days man i been there trust me:urg:
17. Braxton :lucario: i think u were in my pool idk there were like 2 or 3 lucarios in my pool lol
17. Iris :falco:first time to play u and meet u nice falco btw
17. Mister Eric :rob: beepo we play alot in brakets im surprice you gotten alot better keep getting better and rep KY!
17. ook :dk: i love your guys team! <3 you guys did good in doubles next time we should play some friendlies =]
17. Wangston :falco: didnt play this tourney =/
25. XeroXen :mario: dude you should place higher at tournaments you have an amazing Mario and yeah Ness cant recover T.T
25. Calic :pikachu: our doubles Ness team was 2 good but then again your guys double pika was good too lol
25. crash :luigi:/:diddy:SHORYUKEN! I LOVE IT MAN! LOL
25. Jekyll :ganondorf: didnt get to play a Ganon =/ dammit
25. Heero :rob:/:falco: didnt play you =/
25. Rofa :metaknight: awesome doubles matches we had some awesome doubles matches you have a good Lucas and an amazing MK it was fun playing you MI is 2 good
25. Flame :random: didnt play =/
25. Vamp :lucario: it was fun playing you in pools we should play more next time
Dayjayman: it was nice meeting you hopefuly ill see u at more tournaments


Smash Champion
Mar 11, 2008
St. Louis, Missouri
I sent the files to tbb so hopefully he can get the bracket online and get me the doubles results so I can put it on here. And maybe he can get a bracket image up. When he tried to send me the tio file it got messed up so instead I had to write to him the results off of the paper bracket. Sorry for the delay, we'll get it up asap.

1. Lain-Friendlies were amazing. Cool chilling with you, thanks for making it down to Indy. Looking forward to next week!

2. Capem-good ****, sorry we didn't mm. We can in cincy next week.

3. Kel-Close in LF, you had a good day, first in doubles third in singles! Cya this weekend!

4. Kirk-4th with ike? wtf? Would've loved to have played, thanks for making the trip :)

5. Overswarm-GGs, I need to learn how to not get gimped, I thought I held my own otherwise! Thanks for helping with brackets

5. Arty-Thanks for coming, we shoulda played. Thanks for the support anytime I wasn't playing somebody from Chicago. Fifth isn't too shabby.

7. Lou-Will we ever play in tournament?!?! We should at least MM sometime, we haven't done that since C4 galore. Our games have both changed a lot!

7. Y.b.M.-7th in both! Worse could happen, I'm feeling a big week for you on your home turf next week. Great seeing you.

9. Hilt-Fun MM ^_^. We're always stupid close. I blame the YI platform. Indiana>Kentucky! Please come to Cincy next week! Thanks for helping with the tourney

9. Renegade-I hope you can go to Cincy next week, its always good seeing you. Thanks for making it down to the tourney. Tough luck in that ike ditto, you will bounce back though. Good stuff in our crew battle.

9. Smash64-Fun set! We finally got to play. Can't wait until next time, you're one of the smartest players I've ever played. Pick up patterns faster than anybody!

9. Infern Angelis-Good job in the tourney, it was a hard tourney! And thanks for coming. I always love seeing the god kais.

13. Needle of Juntah-wish we coulda played, maybe next week? Great gnw,

13. Champ-pew pew! Ugh I really wanna party with you guys so you can see my true self ;). Can't wait to chill with you guys next weekend.

13. Krystedez-Good job in crews and in this tournament. 13th isn't bad, this tournament was really hard. I will keep you updated about tourneys, etc. I'm going to cincy next weekend if you're somehow able to go.

17. Tyr -You seemed like you were really playing well here despite getting 17th. Dominating mms, doing great in pools, etc. Best lucas in the world.

17. Sneakytaco-I need to play some more ROBs! Good stuff at this tourney.

17. Fonz-epic ganon dittos, lets play some next week.

17. Iris-Good stuff in teams.

17. Mister Eric-crews were fun! beep beep!

17. ook-Teams was great! I love DK country! I didn't play well in the losers game we lost so I apologize for that. It was dumb we had to meet in bracket, I get so lucky the first game on lylat. Powershielding everything lmao. Thanks for coming down here, teaming was amazing.

17. Wangston-playing you in brackets after pools was so stressful! Your falco is really good, we'll have to play again this coming weekend since you're done after this. Best of luck on your mission trip.

25. XeroXen-Indiana! Mario! Represent! Good stuff making it out of pools, your mario is great. Can't wait till you get your secondaries up to his level, IN will be unstoppable ;)

25. crash-I enjoyed your trash talk in hilts mm with me and your comments during my friendlies with lain. Keep repping wiigii!

25. Jekyll-Indiana! Ganon! I love this state! Can't wait to go to cincy with you this weekend.

25. Heero-Wow, you've gotten so much better since SLOTH 2. It was fun playing you, ROB and falco are hard for me! Thanks for all the help with the tourney.

25. Rofa-thanks for coming and good stuff in teams. Tough bracket.

25. Flame-cool meeting you, sorry we didn't play. Now I can john about wifi more.

25. Vamp-Good stuff making it out. That lucario is getting much better, sucks you had to play a ditto.

tbb-thanks so much for running the tourney basically. You were amazing, everybody was pleased on how well it went. Smada/Count/TheBlueBlade is an excellent team.

smada-Amazing tournament, and it was almost solely you. I just brought the people in. We're a perfect combination for smash tournaments, lets keep it up.

roomies that won't read this-eat a d*ck

IU crowd-good seeing you

Everybody else-THANKS FOR COMING

Leave me any feedback you guys have on how it could've been run better or whatever, and we can improve for next time :).

DtJ Hilt

Little Lizard
Feb 28, 2008
Minnow Brook
1. Lain - Enjoyed playing your ICs for the first time, haha. Also I never noticed my expression was like that after i won games until you brought it up, haha.
2. Capem - Good **** getting second, man. You definitely surprised a lot of people at this, congrats.
4. Kirk - Ike in top four? Too good, man. Looking forward to playing you again.
5. Overswarm - Thanks for the tips through the day, OS. Next time we're together I'm definitely gonna be talking to you about more, although believe it or not the training before the tournament actually helped me out quite a bit during the tournament. Made me think about more things during the matches that I usually don't and being more patient, haha.
5. Arty - Good times, man. Looking forward to the next tournament we're both at. I wanna play that luigi again too, first luigi to just outright beat me in a set :x
7. Lou - Enjoyed our match, man. Definitely wasn't expecting norfair. But yeah, it's not as bad of a stage for me in that matchup as you'd think. RC is definitely a lot worse in the matchup.
7. Y.b.M. - good luck with the ZSS, man. What happened to DDD though? Also good **** beating NoJ.
9. Hilt - Not bad.
9. Renegade - I'd been looking forward to playing you again, haha. Enjoyed it too. Sucks I only got to play the ike in one game, but your snake's legit, man.
9. Smash64 - We didn't get to play at all this time either :( Oh well, guess we'll have to later this week :D
9. Infern Angelis - You're right about me rolling a lot @_@ Bad habit I have. Arty told me the same thing, haha. Enjoyed our pools match though. We'll have to play again soon.
13. Count - Good **** running this, man. Tournament ran smooth and I had a great time. Time constraints almost messed things up but it all worked out after all, haha. Looking forward to the next one. Also our money match was way too close @_@ They always are lol.
13. Champ - PT Dittos!! I'm gonna have to actually work on my PT since I have someone to play him against now, haha. Maybe I'll actually beat you one day xD. Enjoyed our money matches and the bracket set as well. Support Ghost spike save was too ****ing good lol
13. Krystedez - Yep I was the olimar you played in crews, and I did play your dad in pools as well. I wanted to play you outside of that, but I guess I'll have to wait until next time, haha. Good **** beating ook while under pressure btw.
17. Jiano - Enjoyed our match, we seem to have a back and forth thing going lately, haha.
17. Sneakytako - i was really getting worried in our match @_@ Your rob's definitely gotten better, man.
17. Fonz - watching the ganon dittos were too good haha
17. Iris - I could never tell when you were serious or joking lol. Enjoyed playing and talking with you though.
17. Mister Eric - beep.. beep? Glad you were able to make it, man. Was great having you travel with us again.
17. ook - Enjoyed the money match. I woulda had you if it wasn't for the infinite ;) jk haha, we gotta be sure to play next time, love playing your DK
17. Wangston - Always having to face crash lol. You gotta keep traveling with us as much as you can before you leave for Brazil.
25. XeroXen - Good **** finally making it out of pools lol. Now do it at a circuit event!
25. Calic - OH **** MAFKA
25. crash - Shoryu.... ken. That's right, I SAID IT!
25. Jekyll - You dressed a lot whiter than the last time i saw you, haha. And like i said to fonz, ganon dittos were epic lol
25. Rofa - Great matches, man. Was surprised when you busted out the lucas too, haha. Lookin forward to the next time we play.
25. Vamp - Good seeing you, man. Looking forward to you coming to kakuna as well. You'll b the only lucario there xD
Smada - You look too much like count i kept getting you two confused xD. Sorry for startling you guys in doubles with the shoryuken haha. Enjoyed the tournament and looking forward to the next one.
Melo - glad to see you again, man. Show up again and i'll show you some more oli tricksies :D
TBB - I said it earlier, but good **** assistant TO'ing this. It wouldn't have gone as smooth if you weren't there.
Composer - <3 You need to either come to louisville or nope's tournament. You're like one of my favorite indiana guys xD Just hurry up and move to louisville or somethin haha

I'm not sure if i missed anyone


Smash Ace
Nov 30, 2008
Springfield, OH
Singles results

1. Lain :popo:/:goomba: - Gratz dude, awesome Matches.
2. Capem :metaknight: - Hell ya! NUMBER 2!!! (so close =P)
3. Kel :metaknight: Gratz again, MK ditto's for the lose
4. Kirk :ike:/:random: Gratz man, keep up the work, and Who is DLA?
5. Overswarm :metaknight:/:rob: - Awesome matches in Pools, I am learning my way now that I have time to practice! thanks for the confidence booster it really helps. As long as I don't get gimped I know I can compete.
5. Arty :falco:/:luigi: - Thanks for the Ganon ditto, but I wasn't losing it =P, and Nice falco sir. Maybe next time!
7. Lou :gw: - Good ****, improving every day!
7. Y.b.M. :kirby: - Wish we got to play, but I thought you played well good stuff.
9. Hilt :olimar: - Ganondorf is amazing I know.
9. Renegade :snake:/:ike: - Nice talking to you, Capem just knows Snake to well unfortunately. Ike would have been tougher for him hehe.
9. Smash64 :ness: - Thanks man, it was a bad day but no Johns! I need to improve.
9. Infern Angelis :snake: - Gratz on your placing, we didnt get to play but its always fun seeing you.
13. Needle of Juntah :gw: - Gratz
13. Count :diddy: - I won't be there this weekend. Fun tournament good to see you again. Until next time!
13. Champ :falco: - Pew!
13. Krystedez :warioc: - Fun matches, I got trashed my first two games, You threw me off completely with your playstyle, Nice talking to you.
17. Tyr :lucas: - Nice matches, I need to learn the lucas match-up lol. Awesome job.
17. Sneakytaco :rob: - Good stuff
17. Fonz :lucario: - ><
17. Braxton :lucario: - Rep that Lucario!
17. Iris :falco: gratz
17. Mister Eric :rob: -Beep
17. ook :dk: Good ****, you stomped my Ganon with DK this time. I will practice up and get my revenge.
17. Wangston :falco: gratz
25. XeroXen :mario: I don't know the Mario matchup with Lucario, and unfortunately Snake is much easier to power shield fireballs and punish so I had to change.
25. Calic :pikachu: Gratz
25. crash :luigi:/:diddy: Gratz
25. Jekyll :ganondorf: Awesome matches man, I truly enjoyed them. Ganondorf is amazing, Learn to fight off the edge and your Ganon game will improve tons. I heard great things about you and they were true. awesome stuff. Maybe next time you will get me, but until then keep practicing Ganon!
25. Heero :rob:/:falco: gratz
25. Rofa :metaknight: gratz
25. Flame :random: Fun matches
25. Vamp :lucario: Gratz.
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