Is this stuff already known? Was messing around in training mode and found some weird things.

Mar 26, 2011
Turn Around Grab (All momentum cancelled) -
Found that if you shield after dashing, then immediately press the C stick in the opposite direction of your dash, you will do a turn-around grab that cancels all forward momentum instantaneously.

Sliding Shield Grab -
If you press shield after the initial dash this makes you do a sliding shield. If you press grab during the sliding shield animation, you can get a momentary shield without losing any forward momentum.

Buffered Roll after Dash Cancel -
After executing a Dash Cancel you can buffer a roll by holding shield shortly after pressing the C-stick for the dash cancel. It is a small timing window, and you must release the c-stick for it to work. In essence: Dash -- C-stick in first 4 frames -- release C stick immediately -- hold shield. If done with the correct timing, a dodge roll will be buffered. If you press shield too late, you will end up shielding instead of buffering a dodge roll.

**A dash cancel is: Dash followed by a C-stick up/down/backwards input within first four frames of the dash. This causes sliding near the end of the dash and will make you seamlessly change to walk animation after dashing.

Schmove Cancelled Grab is Good -
Dash Cancelled Boost Cancelled Grab is amazing.
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