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Is possible play Smash LegacyXP ONLINE on the original Wii Console with the original Smash Brawl game?(Wiimmfi and LegacyXP Launcher at the same time)

Walker The Lazy Dog

Smash Rookie
Sep 13, 2019
I am new here, but I have a question, I am somewhat worried, does anyone know if it is possible to play an hack online on the wii console with the original Brawl game? This is the situation:
I have a friend who wants to play with me Brawl, and we came up with the famous Smash Legacy XP 2.1,
however this is the problem:
I have the original Brawl game, Homebrew in the menu, and within this the launcher of Legacy XP and the Wiimmfi launcher, this is where my doubt comes, is it possible to play both at the same time? Because to activate Legacy XP I need to use his launcher in homebrew, and once in the game, I can't use online, and the same goes for the Wiimmfi launcher, once activated, the normal Brawl game starts without mods. I tried once already connected to Wiimmfi in normal Brawl game, exit to the menu and then go to Legacy XP, but clearly it has not worked xd.
Someone knows if it is possible to activate Wiimmfi and then access Brawl with the Legacy XP mod in order to play it online?
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