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Is Pikachu a viable character? READ


Smash Cadet
Feb 18, 2017
Southern California
So I have been wanting to pick up pikachu but I always wondered is he a viable character if you want to win tournaments or become a top player?


Smash Cadet
Mar 19, 2015
Pikachu is listed as ninth on the current tier list -- and surveys of top players move him as high as 7 (Hax) or as low as 12 (Ice) but it's not like there's some huge mystery really, everyone kind of knows where he is by now.

IMO you should only play Pikachu if you really enjoy playing Pikachu, and you'll probably know that within a few weeks of practice with him. He tends to depend on strong fundamentals that can be applied to any character, so you're at no risk of wasting time on him unless you decide to focus on the recovery/ledgestall/other up-B tricks.

I like him because he dashdances and doesn't suck at recovering.
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