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Is learning the ICs matchup as Pika even worth it?


Frost Tree Pokémon
Jan 3, 2015
Pikachu has a horrible time playing against Ice Climbers. Any grab from them will lead to death, even if Nana is desynced. I feel like his options to disrupt them are very risky (back throw, up air). I've even heard the matchup be discussed as being 80-20.

That being said, do you think that he may have a better time against them than I think? Do you think it's worth trying to stick it out with Pikachu in this matchup specifically? I have been using Peach for ICs and been doing much, much better against them since the gameplan for that is pretty linear (full hop fc fair on loop). I am kind of torn on it since I know that you should be proficient in any matchup with your main before you pull out a secondary, but this one feels so impossible to me...


be water my friend
Mar 22, 2015
just play peach for ics but play pika for everything and everyone else


Smash Cadet
Mar 19, 2015
Yes it's worth it. I nearly took a set off of an ICs with Pikachu just yesterday. And I still can't even take ledge properly. Do not switch to Peach. If you're making top 8 regularly and can't get past ICs, then maybe try using a secondary, but it should be a character you're going to actually get good with. Until then...


"One really important advice -- for new players, I would say -- is, stick to one character... a lot of people try to divide their time into multiple characters, which is normally a bad thing, because, it's... so many things you need to learn in Melee in the first place, in terms of neutral game, punish game, and stuff like that, and if you divide your time into multiple characters, your progress is most likely gonna be way slower."


Smash Rookie
Aug 11, 2017
i'd say there is no shame in playing peach for that matchup. its probably the most polarizing matchup in the top 8 characters, and your game plan is pretty basic (fair, dont get grabbed) so its not like it takes away from your pika practice. m2k goes peach against top level icies and shes probably not even in his top 3 played characters. go for it.
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