Is Ike really broken?


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Apr 18, 2015
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I like to think not (and from what I have seen on these forums, he isn't), since I've seen that he can get gimped out of things, ****ty oos, possible linear movement, beat out by projectiles, etc etc. However, I've also been seeing a lot of people I play against complain about how "broken" he is... (i.e. How he can Side-B into grab or aerial, how fast his grabs are, how it's pretty much impossible to punish his Up-B, how Ike can destroy most of the cast and they are forced to switch characters, what the hell were the devs thinking, and the list goes on (they seem to mostly care about his recovery though)).

Yeah, it could be they are just pulling Johns all over the place, but what I'd like to ask is in what other ways can people solve this? It just demoralizes me so much as an Ike-only main to just consistently keep on hearing this from the people I match up with.
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Jul 22, 2014
Tell them to stop sucking and learn the match up and get better at it. There is a 10 frame commitment when he QD's and an extra 3 frames to jump out of it, and to stop most QD approaches, you just have to throw out a quick hitbox. Yeah, there is the aireal mix-up but you can block the aireal and roll away or spot-dodge or punish him. He has the mix-up with wavedashing, but you have to deal with it (Plus, his options OOWD are pretty mediocre). Down, up, and back throw can be DI'd on reaction and the best DI for Forward, back, and down throw is down and the direction they are going. Forward throw sends away, so go down and away (You should also immediately go down and away to prepare for it). Down throw sends behind ike so go in and down, and back throw is basically forward throw, but he turns around. The best DI for up-throw is towards the stage and up (various from character to character, I don't think there is a true answer to this). To beat Aether, either hit him when he is spinning (Last 2 spins have no hitbox), as he is coming up (The sword has no hitbox as he is going up), hit him before he does the Aether/before he throws up-the sword, or just grab the ledge as he is coming up and if he has to grab the ledge, just roll. If he has to go on stage, then let him land then punish him. His only mix-up is if he can go on stage or if he goes for the ledge or not and you get enough time to recognize it and decide. Disjoints and quick aerials or bair attacks are the best for beating Aether. If your Nair had a lingering hitbox, its so easy. Aether is really easy to beat once you understand it. Ike doesn't destroy most of the cast, he goes around even with most of them (I think he loses slightly to most of them now). He only destroys (as in 65/35 or worse) like 4(?) characters, at least in my opinion. Ike isn't broken at all, he was arguably top 5 in 3.5, now he is like top 15. There is a case for him being top 10, but I think there are too many characters who are just better than him or have better match-ups. He is good, and he is fine where he is, but he is definitely not broken.

TL:DR No, the people johning just suck or don't know the match-up.
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