Investigation - Your character's hardest Match Up?

Zelderu Maryoto

Smash Apprentice
Jun 15, 2010
Hi. This is an investigation that I made because of curiousity. I got the idea from SuSa, who made an investigation on what was each character's most important match up to learn, whom I PM'd and asked if I could do this investigation. I was allowed to.

Basically, the rules for this investigation is exactly the same as SuSa's, except for the fact that you, in this investigation, are allowed to vote in as many Character Boards as you want to.

I'm posting this investigation in every Character Board on Smashboards. The purpose of this investigation is to figure out what character is one character's hardest. You may discuss it in this thread before you vote.

When you vote, you simply say one particular character you find the hardest for the character in question. But it is your first vote that matters. Whenever I see people have voted in this thread, I edit and write the name of the person that voted and then the character the person voted for.

If you have any question, ask it.

OK, let's get started!

GeneralWoodman - Captain Falcon
ItoI6 - Snake
Jigglymaster - Toon Link
Aug 14, 2005
Northwest NJ
TL, this has always been a super annoying matchup for me and he can easily keep you away with projectiles, his sword, and his z air. Hes really fast, racks up a lot of damage quickly, and can kill you quickly. I'd rather fight any other character in the game with Jigglypuff besides him.
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