Introducing Smash LGBT!


Smash Rookie
Oct 5, 2018

A Smash Bros Discord server with a focus on Melee and Ultimate!
A project done to promote the growth and safety of the LGBT Smash community, Smash LGBT is a discord server by and for LGBT Smash fans! While the server isn’t particularly competitive focused, there is a place for you competitive fans, with a larger emphasis on Melee and the upcoming Ultimate!

There still very much is a place for you all too, 64, Brawl, and Smash 4 fans, but our decision was to focus the competitive side of things and the primary focus in general onto Melee and Ultimate, the most popular Smash game by far and the Smash game with potential we very much see.

Here is a little of what to expect

  • A safe place for people of all identities to talk all things Smash and other not so Smash topics!
  • Announcements straight from Nintendo on Smash Bros. as well as the biggest tournaments coming up!
  • We plan on holding server-ran Smash Ultimate tournaments in the future with certain prizes to be won!
We hope to see you there! This project is something the admins are very passionate about developing further and gaining a name as the place for LGBT Smash fans.

Discord LINK