Intensity Shuttle to HDMI Converter


Smash Rookie
Aug 5, 2017
Greetings to my brethren who Smash. I do apologize if a similar thread has been posted, but I haven't been able to find the exact information that I need on here (or anywhere else for that matter, I've been testing and reading for over two hours). Anyhoo,
I'm using Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt to capture off of an HD TV. I put my composite cables from my GameCube/Wii into the Audio In, and an hdmi cord from the Intensity Shuttle Audio Out to a Monoprice Composite to HDMI Converter, and then an HDMI cord from that into my TV. I wiggled around with the Thunderbolt settings, and the ONLY way I can make it work is if it says NTCS, I can't pick 720p50, 720p60, 1080p50, and 1080p60, it won't show me anything. Any tips? Thanks for your time (to anybody who takes the time to help a brother out)!