Initial breakdown of Hero (stream video).


Smash Ace
Mar 18, 2009

Spent a bit over an hour breaking down some of Hero's mechanics if you guys are interested. It's over an hour, but I'll include some tl;drs:

-Hero's dtilt and uair have one consistent hitbox
-Jab, fsmash, and ftilt are the only sword attacks that do not have a sourspot on them
-All other sword attacks have a "tipper" with the outer half of the sword dealing sweetspot damage, and the inner half of the blade dealing sourspot damage
-His throws honestly cannot kill, but dtilt is great for possible kill confirms into fair at higher percents, and uthrow is good at low percents starting at about 10% for aerial combos
-Frizz is a pretty good projectile for set ups like Young Link's fire arrows
-Zap and Zapple have incredible range on them for pokes
-He has three kill aerials overall
-Hero has a lot of powerful projectiles lol
-Much more of a horizontal killing character rather than off the top

There's more inside if you guys are interested.
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