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Indie Houses Direct - Over a dozen announcements for Nintendo Switch


The Indie Houses publishing collective has came together with over 35 announcements during Gamescom. These announcements included releases, updates, and more. The video-on-demand is saved for those who missed it. Don't have the time? We have all the Nintendo related announcements listed below:
  • Akupara Games
    • Spinch will get a MixTape of soundtrack remixes (TBA)
    • The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark will have three cases added on as free DLC (TBA)
  • Neon Doctrine
    • Lamentum (Out now)
    • The Legend of Tianding (October 27th)
    • Lost Castle Final DLC update (Out now)
    • Vigil: The Longest Night Final DLC update (Out now)
  • Fellow Traveller
    • Beacon Pines (Next year)
    • No Longer Home (October 7th)
    • Suzerain (September 23rd)
  • Raw Fury
    • Kingdom Two Crowns "Norse Lands" DLC (Later this year)
  • Those Awesome Guys
    • Move or Die (Just a brief teaser)
  • Toge Productions
    • Coffee Talk Episode 2 (TBA)
  • Whitethorn Games
    • Calico Customization Update (Out now)
    • Onsen Master New Trailer (TBA)
    • Teacup (September 23rd)
    • Princess Farmer (TBA)
    • Apico (TBA)
In addition to all of these games coming to, or already on Nintendo Switch, the Indie Houses sale is available on Steam from August 31st to September 7th.

Author's Note: Wow - Nickelodeon, all the Indie announcements, and a lot more. No games I'm particularly interested in, but it's cool to see so many updates. How about you? Let us know below!
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