Inactivity in Kirby boards.


Smash Apprentice
Jul 4, 2014
Portage, Michigan
Any reason for this?
Well in order to try to keep the hype flowing.
In order to make the best Kirby possible by only using pre existing smash Kirby moves. What would be your perfect Kirby? (64, melee, Brawl, Smash 4) Of course this can be set in any game. Even PM.

My list: In Project M
Kirby jabs=Smash 4 (No finisher)
Kirby ftilt=melee
Kirby uptilt=64 disjoint
Kirby Dtilt= 64
Kirby fsmash= 64
Kirby dsmash= 64
Kirby Upsmash= Smash 4
Kirby swallow=melee
Kirby hammer/aerial= Smash 4
Kirby Rock= Smash 4
Kirby final cutter= Smash 4
Kirby Bair= 64
Kirby Fair= 64
Kirby Nair= Smash 4
Kirby Dair= 64
Kirby Upthrow=64
Kirby Dthrow= Brawl
Kirby Fthrow= Brawl
Kirby Bthrow= Brawl

Broken PM KIRBY!
Dec 20, 2013
Dream Land
Jab: Anything other than Smash 4
F-Tilt: Brawl
D-Tilt: Brawl
U-Tilt: 64
F-Smash: Brawl
U-Smash: 64
D-Smash: Melee
Ledge/Getup attacks: Unimportant
Dash Attack: 3.02
D-Throw: Brawl
F-Throw: Brawl
U-Throw: 64 (yes I know it was F-Throw in that game)
B-Throw: 64
N-Air: 3.02
F-Air: 64
B-Air: Anything other than Smash 4
U-Air: Melee
D-Air: 64
Inhale: 3.02 with SFX from Smash 4
Hammer: 3.5
Stone: 3.5
Final Cutter: 3.02
Final Smash: Smash 4