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Improvment Talk


Smash Ace
Sep 27, 2013
Nashville Tennessee
Improvement Guide

Order of operation
  • Research
  • Execution
  • implementation

Research is most important because you can not act on something you do not know.
Execution is the deliberate practice of what you just learned.
Implementation is the act of deliberately incorporating what you’ve practiced into your work.

Making a Plan
  • Planing
  • Research

Making a clear game plan is very important because it takes the guesswork out of what you should be doing to achieve your goals. This can alleviate stress, prevent you from being discouraged, and rapidly improve your results compared to just taking aimless shots in the dark.
Making a game plan starts with setting a clear, concise and realistic goal. An easy way of setting up goals is saying you want to achieve something by a certain amount of time. “I want to be able to do X by next month” is a fine goal. When making your plan make sure you are deliberately scheduling time to actually accomplish your goals. Again be specific. When i practice i set aside a certain amount of time and do whatever it is i want to work on in repetition. “Over the next hour I will practice X, this amount of times.” Lastly keep in mind the scope of your goals. Make a concerted effort to keep your goals short term. Make sure that whatever you are working on is attainable with your current skill set. Learn to walk before running so to speak. Don’t make absurd goals like “ i want to be the best in the world in 5 years.” think small and incrementally. Baby steps.

  • Results
  • Metric of success
  • Motivation
  • Pitfalls

Mentality and motivation are integral to your success. Lucky if you followed the advice above you'll already be on the right track to avoid the most common pitfalls. One of the main reasons people lose motivation is because they don’t know what to do next. This stress is alleviated by having a goal and a plan to get there. It takes the guesswork out. Another reason people lose motivation is because they don’t know how to quantify their results. Understand that in the pursuit of self improvement, the only accurate measurement of improvement is where you started and where you are now. When considering a metric for improvement don’t compare your work to what the end product should be. Instead compare it to where you started. This gives an accurate representation of how far you’ve come instead of how far you need to go. Believe in the method and you will get to your destination. Lastly people lose motivation because the amount of effort they put in isn’t reflected in their results. Understand that results are not the product of effort. Results are the product of the method. If you are not seeing the desired results then tweak the process and reevaluate your goals. Do not dump more time and effort into a broken mechanism. That will only lead to frustration. If your plan is sound and you’ve stayed consistent, then the desired results should come naturally. Almost effortlessly.

GOAL Setting
What do I want to do?
When do I want to be able to do it?
How do I get there?
What do I need?
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