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Impact IV


Smash Champion
Jan 19, 2011
Bay Shore, New York
Full results with characters will be put up later.

1: Fatal :snake:+ ANTi :diddy: :wario:
2: Chibo :rob:+ Salem :zerosuitsamus:
3: False :snake::wario:+ Nakat :fox:
4: Inui :wario:+ ADHD :diddy:
5: Vinnie :gw:+ Dabuz :olimar:
5: BloodCross :snake::dedede:+ JoeST :falco:
7: Will :dk2:+ Kingtoon :toonlink:
7: Keitaro :falco:+ Nairo :marth: :dk2:
9: Raptor :yoshi2: + Delta :yoshi2:
9: Pelca :falco:+ Sails :diddy:
9: HelpR :dedede:+ Deven :kirby2:
9: Bizkit :snake:+ Xzax :falco: :kirby2:
13: Malcolm :wario: + Pane :wolf:
13: Sama :luigi2:+ Thunder :luigi2:


1: ANTi (spilt) :marth: :snake: :diddy:
2: Dabuz (split) :olimar:
3: Apex|Vinnie :popo:
4: ADHD :diddy:
5: Salem :zerosuitsamus:
5: Fatal :snake:
7: Kingtoon :toonlink: :dedede:
7: Nairo :marth: :dk2:
9: Will :dk2:
9: Nakat :fox:
9: Keitaro :falco:
9: False :snake: :wario:
13: Dill :rob:
13: Bizkit :snake:
13: Delta :yoshi2:
13: Cheese :popo:
17: Raptor :yoshi2:
17: Malcolm :wario:
17: Pane :wolf:
17: Bloodcross :snake: :wolf:
17: Sails :diddy:
17: HelpR :dedede: :lucas:
17: Pelca :falco:
17: MikeKirby :kirby2:
25: JoeST :falco:
25: Dekillsage :snake:
25: Deven :kirby2:
25: Xzax :falco: :kirby2:
25: ChiboSempai :rob:
25: X-0 :snake:
25: Smurf :diddy: :snake:
25: Zorai :marth:
33: BMO :dedede: :gw:
33: Jaime :falco:
33: Dul0r :lucario:
33: Thunderst0rm :luigi2:
33: Zer0n :zerosuitsamus:
33: PD :snake: :marth:
33: Inui :marth:
33: Mono :marth:
33: Chris :wario:
33: Ferminator :falco:
33: LuigiSama :luigi2:
33: Dcold :sheik:
33: SGTW :peach:
33: BrawlMasterX :sonic:
33: Coontail :pt:
33: DMC. :random:
49: Jina :diddy: :pikachu:
49: Tyler :random:
49: X :snake:


Smash Lord
Jun 27, 2011
Glad to see ADHD back in action, but dude you gotta stop losing to Dabuz D:. Good **** Anti and Vinnie as well.


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
Raptor lol me & dabuz agreed on that I took 1st place this event since I beat him in winners. So you should fix dat :D.

(You can leave the "split" thing tho or w/e, just that we didn't split 1st place)


Smash Champion
Jun 25, 2010
New york

Mikekirby Nice to you see back in LI. Now you can create more upsets

Will Thanks for driving Raptor home. Also ggs in doubles next time I'll get you off the ledge. :yeahboi:

Anti nice performance. I actually thought you were going to use ROB against vinnie, but that snake did work. Bring out that mk for Collision.

Pane always a pleasure to talk to you. one of these days we have to play some Mario party 2. I need to see this brokeness in mario party 2

Zorai ggs still struggling I see to placing like you use to.

House of 3000 I'm glad you guys came. Dekilsage with those bracket rigging accusations lol. It really happened since you were not put in bracket. Nice performance Dill I had a feeling you would play Fatal and sucks that raptor didn't respect your choice to not play on stream. At least you still won. Nice talking with you Deven not sure why, but you look like you could be in monty pythons or something no offense.

Joest ggs in causals man. I didn't know you had a mario for Low tiers. that's pretty cool

Faaatal jk Fatal nice job in bracket. I actually thought you would make it Grand finals again.

Bloodcross hilarious as always.

Cheese nice job in bracket. At least you didn't have to play delta. :troll: jk

Bizkit that super mario 64 speed run. I'm amazed that you finished the game before the tourney finished wow brawl so slow.

Sails glad you came out. That diddy kong. Nice job beating Chibo.

Chibosempai glad you came to stream as always you put in so much work. I really appreciate it. Also CHIBOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

X-0 nice job beating Dcold. I hope you get that arsenal of characters under control.

Dul0r thanks for driving me and for bring your setups as always. Also uploading matches as well mad props to you. Trollcario on nairo :troll:

Nairo happy birthday

LOF nice job here and awesome stuff in doubles. Your dedication in this game is insane and it shows in your performance.

Thunderstorm glad to see you and team again. Those gimps in doubles :awesome: go to college here in LI k? jk lol

Viva wow free come to tourney just to play yugioh and gossip about naruto stuff jk. Get owned in naruto clash of ninja by ledgemaster5000(delta) Remix dishonors you

BMX nice to see you again. so there is a KOTC tourney coming up. You should come if you want to see Wedge

Salem that zero suit. Nice job in doubles and singles good to see that you can still take on the top players in NY/NJ I'm really impressed and I'm sure other people are to.

Raptor where is my Tio discount? Also cry more Delta is taking the yoshi with him to Chicago and he won't give it back until Apex. :troll:

Dcold you seem to be in a slump imo. Maybe you should take a break? ggs in casuals

Vinnie dropping grabs does not help. I wanted to see you and Dill play. Oh well nice job beating fatal. 9B and mintyflesh are still better ics :troll:

Dabuz wow didn't think you'd come. Also nice seeing you again cya until Apex I guess?

Helpr ggs please don't teach me only HMS. I want to be a useful pokemon :3

Malcolm That wario. I wanted you to beat pelca since I've never seen you play anti before. oh well
everyone else ggs and nice seeing you. freeknight


Smash Lord
Jun 30, 2009
Wherever sarcasm can be made
We didn't friendly, and I'm getting better .-. I just was a bit down after that loss, don't think I'd have done better vs Bizkit at any other time before this, to be honest lol.

Xzax Kasrani

Smash Master
Jun 14, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
fun tournament! i didnt agree with alot of the seeding. me and bizkit lost to 3rd and 4th place and only didnt get last because we got a bye. im not the best player but i feel like me having second round vs dabuz was not right when alot of people im better then had much easier 2nd rounds but whatever. and who had the 3 setups that were for recording?

big bad wolf

Smash Journeyman
May 7, 2010
1: ANTi (spilt) good stuff breaking the icy curse
1: Dabuz (split)good stuff getting through the gauntlet :) made me proud
3: Apex|Vinnie li top 3 represent
4: ADHD I am happy you are back in action
5: Salem omg those team friendlies were fun but I got ***** in the real ones ..... gas
5: Fatal good stuff in teams
7: Kingtoon sigh don't worry kenny I always see one in bracket lol ggs, come out to more !
7: Nairo happy birthday
9: Will red robins was fun
9: Nakat hooray for once we didn't play
9: Keitaro good to see you again
9: False nice placing
13: Dill you did your only goal, good stuff
13: Bizkit gas you made that matchup sooo annoying lol
13: Delta fun seeing the troll irl , good luck in chicago
17: Raptor the curse continues
17: Malcolm I will replace my controller asap, thanks for teaming with me despite me doing horrific
17: Pane step your game up
17: Bloodcross I was just happy you tried
17: Sails fun friendlies
17: HelpR ggs in teams
17: Pelca good to see you again
17: MikeKirby I really thought you had that one game
25: JoeST good to see you again
25: Dekillsage no wifi for a week lol
25: Deven ggs I still don't like this m/u
25: Xzax fun friendlies, sorry bout the bracket ****
25: ChiboSempai ggs stop rapaing me in teams
25: Smurf o please don't pick up the penguin....
33: BMO good seeing you again
33: Jaime ggs
33: Dul0r tough luck with frigate but rr was hype
33: Thunderst0rm thanks for making the trip
33: Zer0n fun friendly
33: PD ggs wish we didn't have to play in tourney
33: Inui lol this guy can be quite funny
33: LuigiSama one day we will play and it wil be hype
33: Dcold good to see you
33: SGTW fun friendlies -delfino lol
33: Coontail good commentary
Sorry if I missed anyone, sad truth is I might be working 6 days a week for a new job so....... if I can't make it out for a while I will miss you all. I will try to make it to what I can but no promises.Peace!


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
LOL Raptor just guessing characters.

I used Marth the most, Snake 2nd, and diddy 3rd. No wario :]


Smash Champion
Jan 19, 2011
Bay Shore, New York
I actually did use Jiggs this tourney round 1 xD But I didn't put it in my character usage. I pulled off auto sing cancel to rest.

My Jiggs>yours :3 Your Jiggs is free. 1000$ jigg ditto mm les go.


Banned via Administration
Sep 14, 2006
Piscataway, NJ
lol Will!

Leap of Faith wasn't too satisfied with our singles performance. We'll be sure to train hard for Collision V next weekend. Top 5 or bust!!


Smash Champion
Aug 3, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
Raptor: Fun tourney, sorry you forgot your stuff in the back of my car and now Delta has your yoshi hostage :I
Chibo: Good stuff with the stream. Nice seeing you again.
Will: ggs in doubles. Smash talk after Red Robin was amazing.
PD: Nice meeting you, and dat smash talk
Dabuz: Nice meeting you, and more smash talk lol
Sama: Bleh, we gotta try getting some wins next time in doubles xD
Dcold: Good seeing you again. We didn't get to playyyyy :I
Kingtoon: ggs in doubles
Viva: Noooooo I missed the naruto game xD And way to play Final Countdown in yugioh friendlies xD
Pane: Had fun talking with you again
STGW: ggs in friendlies, we should team and stuff sometime :D
BMO: ggs in friendlies, nice meeting you :D
Bizkit: THE URN
Bloodcross: ggs
Malcolm: lol our match plus friendlies was so fun xD


Smash Journeyman
Jul 24, 2011
Long Island, NY
1: ANTi - Good stuff rising up to the challenge and using your old main! Always straight chillen!
2: Dabuz - SAMMY!! I'm always so hyped to see you at an event. Enjoy taking some time off from Brawl, I'll talk to you in the mean time.
3: Apex|Vinnie - Here's to such an amazing player! Remember the 3 rules my dude! :D
4: ADHD - Great to finally see that Diddy live.
5: Salem -Zero Zuit so damn good!! Love watching your ZZS play!
7: Kingtoon - You're to damn funny!
9: Will - SNAKE KILLAH! lol, keep it up bro!
9: Nakat, Keitaro, False - Always a pleasure seeing the boys of LOF!!!
13: Dill - Your ROB is awesome!! Keep it up!!!
13: Delta - You are to damn hysterical!!
13: Cheese - GGs in friendlies. Def a great warm up. Next time, I take more games off you :p
17: Raptor - "YOU SUCK!! AND YOU WANT TO BE #2 YOSHI!!" - Deltacod
17: Malcolm - The Smasher with the best attitude! You didn't have to hit like for this Truth is! lol
17: Pane - Please don't tell me about wolf :-P
17: HelpR - Good seeing you again.
17: MikeKirby - Always a pleasure!
25: Dekillsage - GGs in brackets, at least you didn't lose to the second worst known Lucario :D
25: Deven - Shoutouts to House of 3000!
25: Xzax - GGs in brackets! Next time, I'm not dying on Frigate like that EVER AGAIN!!!
25: ChiboSempai - CHIBOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
25: X-0 - 2-2 is better that 0-2~
25: Smurf - MY DUDE DEXTA!!
33: BMO - TAYF! Will miss you buddy, go be a top player in Upstate now!
33: Dul0r - <------FREE!!!!
33: PD - Glad you actually enterered singles.
33: LuigiSama - Always a fun Carpool when you're in it.
33: Dcold - Tough luck against Bizkit, but Shiek can't out camp Snake :/ I learned that you can't play the same way for every MU. Hope that helps buddy.
33: SGTW - I'll miss you when you're Upstate. You and BMO are just gunna take over the region now!
33: Coontail - I'm gunna try and get that Wartortle from Minty for you....don't know how...but I will!


Smash Hero
May 19, 2008
Hampstead, MD
Looks like you all finally tamed Dil3000, glad to see Anti take 1st at a non-mk event, doesn't matter who he uses it still comes down to the player.


Banned via Administration
Sep 14, 2006
Piscataway, NJ
@ Jaime: I saw your set vs Pane and that last match was close! Keep up the hard work, it is beginning to pay off.


Smash Ace
Oct 18, 2008
1: ANTi (spilt) : Chill as ****, apparently he wants to be a brit.
2: Dabuz (split): Sorry for not letting you have your friendlies with ADHD. I understand if you hate me forever.
3: Apex|Vinnie: Got dat pokeswag
4: ADHD: I really need to learn that diddy matchup.
7: Kingtoon: GG in teams
7: Nairo: GG in teams
9: Will: Fun friendly, always a pleasure to see you at a tournament. Lemmie know if you ever want D3 practice, I definitely want to learn the marth MU
9: Nakat: Fox is fuzzy.
9: Keitaro: Still sore from the beating.
13: Dill: ya did good kid. Perhaps next year you might do better.
13: Delta: Double Yoshi team? hrmm.
17: Raptor: Sorry for complaining so much about the bracket, I was annoyed, but I saw your point. You can't make everyone happy.
17: Malcolm: Happiest smasher.
17: Pane: Good stuff dude, you're moving on up!
17: Bloodcross: Fun friendlies in teams
17: MikeKirby: Clutch kaabi.
25: JoeST: Got you on my 3ds son. I got ALL the puzzle pieces from you.
25: Dekillsage: deChokesage HUEHUEHUE.
25: Deven: :p
25: ChiboSempai: DAMN ROBOTS.
25: Zorai: Fun friendlies. I notice you weren't panic Up-Bing as much anymore, that's a good thing.
33: Dul0r: Good to see you again.
33: Zer0n: Keep practicing, you're definitely getting better.
33: Inui: fun friendlies.
33: LuigiSama: I catch all the pokemans.
33: Dcold: Fun friendlies. If you ever want some help with the D3 matchup, hit me up. Despite my crap playing, I do know sheik somewhat intimately.
33: Coontail: was kind of surprised to see that diddy you pulled out, and I gotta admit, you did really well with it the first time. Just work on placing your kill moves and not being so desperate for them and I think you'd have a solid diddy.

Despite my getting *****, I had some fun, I'll most likely be at the next impact.


Smash Journeyman
Jul 24, 2011
Long Island, NY
Been getting those matches uploaded to YouTube. But a few things needs to be addressed:
1. Not everyone recorded their matches properly!
2. People who did record matches, didn't fill out the form. So I have no idea who is who.
3. The quality for the videos aren't the greatest.
4. And uploading the videos are taking forever.
Sorry, my computer is 7+ years old and I'm using a free program to do the recording. But next time I have the recording stations up, I will have auto-record set up so this way people will just have to remember to fill out the sheet. And maybe sometime in the future, I'll have a better recording program.

Some matches you missed on stream:
Singles Matches:
Dill3000 v Salem
theDuL0R v Xzax
theDuL0R v Dekillsage
DeltaCod v Bloodcross
vVv Cheese v Pelca

Doubles Matches:
Will + KingToon v Luigi Sama + Thunderstorm
DeltaCod + Raptor v Luigi Sama + Thunderstorm
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