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Impact! - Franklin Square, NY - Results Thread


Smash Champion
Jan 19, 2011
Bay Shore, New York
Brawl Doubles

1: Raptor :yoshi2: + Dabuz :pit: :olimar: ($108)
2: Minty :marth: + Viva :gw: ($54)
3: NinjaLink :wario: :diddy: + Pane :wolf: ($18)
4: MikeKirby :kirby: + Gh0st :kirby:
5: Thunderst0rm :luigi2: + Crisp :peach:
5: Coontail :dedede: + Kyle :wolf:
7: Baconator :ness: + SeriousBubba :gw:
7: Cliff :mario: + Puma :wolf:
9: theDul0r :lucario: + LuigiSama :luigi2:

Brawl Singles

1: Dabuz :pit: :olimar: ($110)
2: John12346 :lucario: ($50)
3: NinjaLink :diddy: ($30)
4: Minty :marth: ($10)
5: MikeKirby :kirby2:
5: Mr. Eric :marth:
7: Gh0st :kirby2:
7: Smurf :diddy:
9: Sisqo :marth:
9: Luigisama :luigi2:
9: SeriousBubba :gw::dedede:
9: Phoenix Lord :pikachu2:
13: Coontail :pt:
13: Dcold :sheik:
13: Thunderst0rm :luigi2:
13: BlueZ :pikachu2:
17: Pane :wolf:
17: Flame :shyguy:
17: Baconator25 :ness:
25: BigDM :peach:

Draft Crews:​

0 stocks
2 stocks​


Smash Legend
Mar 21, 2008
Just follow the grime...
Good job moving up in rankings Phoenix.

I see the rumors of Dabuz's pit are true..

Pane.. What happened???

Raptor, you didn't enter singles?

Bluez- :pika:... I approve.


Smash Champion
Jan 19, 2011
Bay Shore, New York

Don't mean to take away from Phoenix's performance but he beat bacinator and then got byes basically since Bluez left early.

And Pane played me first round then a D3. The bracket was a little eh in some areas

1: Dabuz ($110) GJ getting first and it was nice teaming with you :3
2: John12346 I saw this coming tbh. Gj
3: NinjaLink Nice seeing you again it's been a while
4: Minty Stop cheating at War D:<
5: MikeKirby Mah favortie Kirby :D gj
7: Gh0st Mah other favorite kirby :D thanks for coming out
7: Smurf Really close set. Your Diddy has improved tremendously from the last time we played you surprised me. Keep it up.
9: Luigisama Trollsama
9: SeriousBubba Thanks for coming out. :) Hope to see you again.
9: Phoenix Lord :3 thanks for coming out and gj
13: Coontail Thanks for helping run this. Mostly everything was perfect :3
13: Dcold such an intense set xD GJ you're one of the most patient players I've ever played
13: Thunderst0rm Thanks so much for driving NinjaLink. And you're improving I see it.
13: BlueZ -_- Im never paying for your singles again if you just keep leaving after the first loss.
17: Pane Fun set. :) Thanks for coming
17: Bacinator25 BACOOOOOONNN!!!

Had lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who came and I hope you enjoyed yourselves! Also it was 20 entrants not 25, not sure why BigDM is 25th


OTL Winrar
Jun 6, 2006
Brooklyn, New York
1: Dabuz :pit: :olimar: ($110) - I really want to face you. I only versed you once! I wanna get my Oli matchup knowledge going! :)
2: John12346 :lucario: :pit: ($50) - Holy crap!!! John GOING IN!!! Excellent job man! Well deserved! :bee:
3: NinjaLink :diddy: ($30) - Someday. Someday!! I know I'll will win a set! Great games man!
4: Minty :marth: ($10) - First Marth ever to give me a hard time! We need to play more, seriously!
5: Mi]{e]{irbY :kirby2: - So close to getting placing the $$!!! Finally broke out of my 7th constant placing!
5: Mr. Eric :marth: - Hey! I don't think I saw you, hi!
7: Gh0st :kirby2: - You're awesome dude. I hope to see you keep improving! You made a great teammate! ^__^
7: Smurf :diddy: - Heey Smurf! Can't believe we didn't get a chance to play.
9: Sisqo :marth: - Good games man. I hope to see ya around.
9: Luigisama :luigi2: - Hi!
9: SeriousBubba :gw::dedede: - Didn't get to play or see you but hope you keep brawling!
9: Phoenix Lord :pikachu2: - Good games man. I haven't faced a Pikachu in a while. You're pretty good. =]
13: Coontail :pt: :dedede: :diddy: - Awesome set man. You're a great Pokemon Trainer. Keep going strong!
13: Dcold :sheik: - Hey, I've seen you around before!
13: Thunderst0rm :luigi2: - Hi!
13: BlueZ :pikachu2: - There was another Pika here? Aw we shoulda played!
17: Pane :wolf: - Great Wolf, dude. It was fun playing you.
17: Flame :shyguy: - Hmmmm... Heheh, awesome venue man! I would definetly keep attending these!
17: Baconator25 :ness: - Hey a Ness! We shoulda played. :ohwell:
25: BigDM :peach: - Hi! Would have liked to face you one on one. Aw well, next time I guess.

I had a great time!! The journey home though was looooong. I will attend these but I will probably want to leave earlier than I did this time. Overall, I had fun. :bee:


Fraud at Smash
May 8, 2008
Being the most hated
2: John12346 ($50) - Good ****, beating NL was hype. Also, your commentary is good.
3: NinjaLink ($30) - What is your problem? Ever since I have known you, all you have done is act like a **** to me.
4: Minty ($10) - You almost had NL, almost ;_; You're very fun to see at any tourney.
7: Smurf - Go to more tourneys man, you are hilarious!
9: Luigisama - Gauntlet: The dark legacy. Nuff said :3
9: Phoenix Lord - Friendlies with you early in the day helped my pit a lot, thanks.
13: Coontail - It was fun to see you, but we didn't get to talk much.
17: Pane - Calm down man, just calm down -_-
17: Flame - Hi reppytar! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

This was a very fun tournament.

big bad wolf

Smash Journeyman
May 7, 2010
Brawl Singles

1: Dabuz ($110)gj in everything as usual , thanks for the help
2: John12346 ($50)lucario is supposed to be first in crews / lose stock get stronger .... and no more commentary
3: NinjaLink ($30)sry man I ruined your profit margin we should of had teams
4: Minty ($10)ggs fun games of egyptian and chinese poker
5: MikeKirby fun friendlies and ggs in teams
5: Mr. Eric fun friendlies you are getting better , but dont get greedy youll get punished hard for that
7: Gh0st ggs in crews
7: Smurf thanks for the friendlies when i needed to vent it helped .
9: Sisqo lol got better i suck so much now
9: Luigisama fun crew battle , gj getting the 4 stocks
9: SeriousBubba ggs in teams
13: Coontail dont forget my pinata , and it was fun commentating with you
13: Thunderst0rm thanks for driving randall!
17: Pane choked in teams , choked in singles losing 2 undefeated streaks ..... way to suck at everything but crews , atleast all games went to last game and stock every time
@roller it is safe to say I am no longer qualified to touch this game never mind play it occasionally , the rust is way too high at this point !
Shout outs to dueler and viva for just being cool!


Smash Lord
Jun 30, 2009
Wherever sarcasm can be made
1: Dabuz ($110) Can't believe you went Pit lol. Good job nonetheless
2: John12346 ($50) Good job, got more than 10$ I see :p. I got you next time though ;]
3: NinjaLink ($30) Didn't see/talk to you, but good job
4: Minty ($10) Knew he'd place high/in the money when he told me he was joining singles. GOOD JOB MY FRIEND! And we actually got to play for the first time in like 3 years. :]
5: MikeKirby Can't stand Kirby but a nice guy too, seen you around before too ;0
5: Mr. Eric Pretty decent Marth, and a chill guy
7: Gh0st MY WIFI FRIEND! Great job man, chill guy too
7: Smurf Thankfully didn't have to play that Diddy again @_@
9: Sisqo Chill guy, just keep practicing and getting better.
9: Luigisama YOUUUUUUUUU, got you next time. Amazing guy as always
9: SeriousBubba Hey man, hope to play you again soon next time you come out!
9: Phoenix Lord THE BEST Pikachu in NJ. ;) GGs man
13: Coontail Probably the chillest guy I've ever met, really good dude and that PT is amazing :D
13: Dcold Got bumraped by the bracket =.= 1 of 4 first round sets
13: Thunderst0rm My boy! GGs man, just gotta accept your losses more, you're not bad stop saying you are
13: BlueZ Nice guy, ggs, good practice before the tournament, really solid MK
17: Pane Didn't really get to talk to you or play you. Hopefully I can next time
17: Flame Intense set, I got my revenge, chill guy as always, and you can CG with ICs -_-"
17: Baconator25 Saw you around and on the crew battle, good job owning Minty and Dabuz :D
25: BigDM Funny guy lmao, I can show you the replay again if you still don't know what happened.

Fun tournament, got a good amount of friendlies in, and went farther in the bracket than I thought I'd get (although not very far, was hoping for 1 win atleast).

Btw you all should hack more of your Wii's, I know a good amount of us would like to get the replays saved in order to get feedback/watch them over. It's really not hard, and I could do it for you/give you an SD card that has only the basic hacks on it (Music/CSS/SSS/Replays/Tags in Replays/Menu) and the Homebrew setup. It would really help. I had to hog the only Wii with hacks lol.

Phoenix Lord'

Lord' of the Night
Apr 2, 2008
Yoshiwara, Equestria
Good job moving up in rankings Phoenix.
Thanks Roller, I'm doin' my best to not fall too far behind you, lol.

Don't mean to take away from Phoenix's performance but he beat bacinator and then got byes basically since Bluez left early.
I don't mean to take away from you not meaning to take away from my performance, but I fought Bluez right before he left. If I'm not mistaken, it was his Olimar losing to my Pikachu that was the final straw for him. At least, he seemed pretty pissed when he left. :\ I did get that one bye though, but I guess that's just the luck of the draw.

1: Dabuz ($110) - I'm glad to see our friendlies helped a bit, they were a lot of fun. It's good to know that I at least have pretty good DI.
2: John12346 ($50) - Good ****, John. Ignoring Dabuz, you destroyed this tourney.
5: MikeKirby - Your Kirby's too much, lol. I gotta find out what I can do against you so that I can at least put up a good fight next time. Great games.
5: Mr. Eric - Marth's sword is too long. And strong. And it stops QA. GGs all the same, though.
7: Smurf - I'm glad we got some friendlies in, I feel like they helped me in the Diddy matchup a bit.
9: Luigisama - It was good seeing you again but actually talking this time, lol. I hope you walked away from this tourney with a little more hat knowledge under your belt.
9: Phoenix Lord - Hey hey, single digits.
13: Coontail - Quintuple mains, man. I don't know how you do it, lol. We didn't get to have friendlies, but it was still great seeing your PT in action.
13: Dcold - THE BEST Sheik in ALL OF THE ATLANTIC NORTH, lol. Those team matches were godly, and our friendlies were pretty good too. I won't be dropping so many grabs next time though, so watch out.
13: Thunderst0rm - So. Much. Salt. That Green Missile of yours is too good. Hopefully we can get some 1v1s in next time, and good luck picking up Pika. :)
13: BlueZ - Sorry things didn't turn out so well for you. :( But like I said, you really shouldn't have went Olimar against me. I don't know why you didn't just pick Pikachu.
17: Flame - Good seeing you again, too bad we didn't get any friendlies in. Sorry to see that you got bracket *****, but better luck next time I guess.
17: Baconator25 - I was really surprised to see a Ness player here. You didn't seem to know the Pika matchup that well, but that's understandable.
25: BigDM - Your recovery. I have taken it.

Phoenix Lord'

Lord' of the Night
Apr 2, 2008
Yoshiwara, Equestria
Well we did have our match almost immediately after he lost to sisqo, so I can see why you'd have thought that. I believe he said something about just wanting to get it over with since he apparently hates tourneys. And that TV's been in my car since Apex, so bringing it was no problem, lol.


Smash Champion
Aug 3, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
3: NinjaLink ($30) - Nice meeting you, hope you can find the transportation you need to get to more tourneys :D
4: Minty ($10) - ggs in doubles, that bomb messed us up xD
7: Gh0st - ggs, didn't think I was that rusty in the kirby mu :/
9: Sisqo - I think this is who I'm thinking of, I hope you found that marth advice you were looking for :]
9: Luigisama - It's always fun hanging out with the other trolligi :D
9: SeriousBubba - ggs, I'll get you next time
9: Phoenix Lord - Nice meeting you. Don't worry, we'll revive the PA scene so you can get to some tourneys here
13: Coontail - Good seeing you again, nice job with the tourney
13: Dcold - Thanks for fueling my saltfires in doubles friendlies xD But seriously good seeing you again, it was fun
13: Thunderst0rm - lrn2approach and not choke :urg:
13: BlueZ - Good seeing you again, if only for a short time
17: Pane - Nice seeing you again
17: Flame - Sucks you got destroyed by bracket, this is where I should be. Nice job with the tourney
17: Baconator25 - ggs in doubles, BACOOOOOONNN!!!
25: BigDM - UNNNGGHH GEEGEE SON xD we gotta make sure to get to more tourneys so we can destroy everyone in doubles and we also gotta make sure to stop being FMe^Mike. Don't worry we got this. I know you hated that time when you got yugioh'd by sakurai in doubles friendlies too :awesome:
Viva - I wish I knew you actually brought your cards with you this time lol. ggs in doubles and good seeing you again

Yo Minty, I'm waiting on that writeup on game 1 of our doubles set :awesome:


Smash Hero
Mar 30, 2010
Baldwin, NY, USA or Alexandria, VA, USA (Pick one)
Well, this is kinda late, but this was my first local Brawl tourney ever, so I still wanna send shoutouts to a bunch of people:

1. Dabuz - Yo, thanks for the tips! You should come back down to SBU with Will and whoop us all so we can learn some things! :p Congrats on getting 1st!
2. John12346 - Wow, I'm surprised you beat NinjaLink, but at the same time, I guess you had it coming. I guess now Stony Brook has its own little legend. :p
3. NinjaLink - Man, you trumped us in doubles...but John got you back for us! GGs. :)
4. Minty - I totally sympathize with your Frigate loss to John, but Baconator exposed you! :p
5. Mr. Eric - Hey, it was really nice playing friendlies with you man! I got a couple matches recorded so you can search 'em up if you want to review them.
7. Gh0st - Really cool playing friendlies with you too! That Kirby's legit. ;)
7. Smurf - Man, you troll! :glare: Well, I enjoyed our tourney set, but I hope to get good enough that you take me seriously next time. :p
9. Luigisama - You're the best! Thanks so much for recording my matches on your Wii and converting them. You're a really cool guy (and a solid Luigi to boot). :D
9. SeriousBubba - What the heck! Top 10...at our first local Brawl tourney ever?!? (O_o)
9. Phoenix Lord - I got to play a few friendlies with you and I must say I was impressed with your Pika, but then again, you were the first Pika I've ever played. Also, my friend Baconator25 thinks that he definitely could have beaten you and I must concur. :p
13. Coontail - Thanks a lot for hosting! You were friendly and easy to warm up to. :)
13. Dcold - Was cool playing friendlies with your Sheik. You're a swell guy and I hope to play against you in the future, as well. Keep Brawlin'! :D
13. Thunderst0rm - Yo, good set man! I was seriously afraid of your Luigi. You were definitely on-point with a lot of your punishes. Also, good work "crisping" us in doubles. :p I totally wanted to MM you guys after that, but my teammate wasn't really feeling up to it. Maybe next time! ;)
17. Pane - Heh, you and NinjaLink beat us so soundly in doubles, but.....you didn't get that far in singles. I guess you got really unlucky with your opponents in bracket. Anyway, GGs.
17. Flame/Raptor - Hey, I had a lot of fun at your tourney. Thanks for hosting and being so nice! :)
17. Baconator25 - :'(( I really did not want to go against my friend and fellow new Brawler in first round of Losers... :( Hey, at least we got to hog the stream for our set. :p Good stuff! Fancy spikes on me in bracket and good work taking out Minty and removing a stock from DaBuzz in crew battles. :D
25. BigDM - I "think" you're the guy who paired up with Thunderst0rm. If so, good work "crisping" us, even though I definitely know we could have won that game where I killed both of you at the beginning with DDD usmash. :p We are definitely running that back if we ever see you again! :smirk:


Smash Lord
May 10, 2007
Long Island, NY
It was really nice meeting you Bubba and I hope I see you at IMPACT 2

Also sorry for the holdup guys but I should be able to cut up the archive today and get each video uploaded to youtube.
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