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May 4, 2006
Madison, WI

Videos Thread
Tournament Thread

1: Frootloop
2: Tom R
3: Sanchaz
5: TheGoodDoctor
5: Rat
7: John!
7: Scythe
9: Mundungu
9: Kenneth
9: Matt R
9: Iateyourpie
13: Alcheato
13: Bobcat
13: James Sparrow
13: Richardo
17: Landry
17: It doesn't matter how well you can tech chase, if you aren't alive...
17: DFU
17: Red Ryu
21: Rev6
21: Power Sauce
21: LightsOutAce
21: Nestler Crunch

P:M Singles
1: Scythe
2: Rat
4: Kirk
5: Frootloop
5: Kenneth
7: Alcheato
7: Richardo
9: TheGoodDoctor
9: Red Ryu
9: Matt R
13: Landry
13: Emanuel
13: Rev6

Melee Doubles
1: Frootloop & ORLY
2: The Brothers! (Tom R & Matt R)
3: Sanchaz & Black Hayate
4: Mundungu & 5150
5: Alcheato & TheGoodDoctor
5: Richardo & Kenneth
7: IateyourSparrow
7: Nestler House

P:M Doubles
1: ORLY & Frootloop
2: Scythe & Kirk
3: Rat & Matt R
4: Richardo & Kenneth
5: Alcheato & TheGoodDoctor (Forfeited out)

NBA Jam Doubles
1: Mundungu & 5150
2: Matt R & Tom R
3: Sauce & Heath
4: ORLY & Frootloop
5: Duohime~ <3 (Kerahime & Shiohime)

CSP (didn't finish sadly)
Top 9 left:
Tom R
Matt R
Gary OAK
9: DDF
9: Frootloop
9: Rev6
13: Red Ryu
13: Mundungu
13: Iateyourpie
13: LightsOutAce
17: James Sparrow
17: DFU
17: Richardo
17: Sanchaz


Smash Lord
May 4, 2006
Madison, WI
Thanks a ton to everyone for showing up! This was an awesome event, I'm glad things worked out well with the last minute venue booking. I feel like shoutouts this time.

Everyone who brought a setup - You guys made this tournament happen. Thanks for bringing TVs etc.
Madison Players - We got an awesome community here. Thanks for helping out with a ton of stuff and bringing setups, etc. This was an amazing tournament given our time constraints.
Frootloop - Thanks a ton for dealing with campus venue people. This venue turned out to work really well with the short notice.
Richardo - Cool to see you and Kenneth here, hopefully you guys got a lot of games in. Where that Yoshi at? Sheik is ass.
Kenneth - Ggs in pools, and good stuff in CSP! We should play some more this weekend. Hopefully our scene is comparable to NY.
Gary / Sanchaz / Sam - Good **** on commentary. You guys the best.

Outsider WI
Pie - It was awesome you were able to make it. It was cool to use your twitch, we got a pretty solid viewer base for this. Hope to see you at more of these.
Heath - It was great to see you again! I'm loving the DK main, it's cool to see you running it in teams too. I'm glad you picked up Jam and teamed with Sauce last minute. We gotta do more Yoshi matches next time.
Quaz - It was really cool to see you again too. I'm glad you guys could make it, hopefully it was worth the trip for you.
Genkaku & Housewife - Ggs in teams. I'm glad you guys could make it. I don't know why I can't remember your team name, you told me like 5 times...
DFU - Fun games in pools. It's too bad you barely didn't make it out, you're a solid player. I kind of messed up pools, ours was kind of stacked. Hope to see you at the next tourney.
Rev6 - It was good seeing you again man. We didn't get to play unfortunately, I wanted to see how much your icies improved. We'll play for sure at the next one.
Red Ryu - Glad you could make it out. Thanks a ton for helping carry TVs after the tourney.
Bobcat - It was good to meet you. It was cool to see another SRK guy join our tourney, hope you had fun!

Tom & Matt - I'm glad you guys could make it. It's cool to see people as hype about our side tourneys as we are. Good stuff in jam. The pause thing kind of sucked, but fun games regardless.
ORLY - I don't think we played in anything. Next time you're up here, we should play some Jam.
Scythe - Grats winning P:M. You finally didn't last stock suicide, etc. Diego yesssssss!
Rat - Awesome stuff with Squirtle! I'm surprised you went back to him after dropping for Wolf. Good stuff in melee too, you're getting back into shape.
Kirk - Ggs in CSP, those were some hype games. I think we would have double KOed game 7 if I uptilted, and could have had a game 8! It really sucks we couldn't finish the bracket, you were doing well.
TheGoodDoctor - Ggs in tourney, it was good to see you guys show up.
Alcheato - Are you switching to Peach fulltime now? I remember your spacies being pretty solid, but it is tough to maintain if you don't play that much.
John - Good to see you again. We didn't get to play, for sure next time tho.

Sauce & 5150 - Thanks for showing up and hyping up Jam.

On the Tournament Schedule:
We had too much scheduled for 11 hours. We will need to cut down on something for the next event, most likely either NBA Jam or 2d fighters. Hopefully next time we'll have the venue for longer too.

The schedule itself actually went really well. We started 30 minutes late, and stayed 30 mins behind the whole time. I expect a similar schedule for future events, with fewer events overall.

NBA Jam - This tournament was great, except for the pause issue in the finals. I really don't have a way to fix that problem, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know! At least in this case if we counted the pause as a loss for us, the outcome would be the same.
I will do some hardware testing to make sure it's not a bad multitap. We could also get 3rd party controllers with the pause button further away from Y, but that isn't ideal.

CSP - It really sucks this couldn't finish. Next time we will make sure we have enough time to get through everything. Unfortunately we couldn't stay an extra 30 minutes to finish things up.

We would still like to run a two day event with a lot of tournaments on our list still, but we need a good cheap / free venue in order to do that. I'd say something similar to this one with better hours is what we are looking for.
Sep 19, 2010
Madison, WI
We could just drop some of the less exciting side events, like SF4 and Melee singles, so we have more time for the good stuff.

Also, the venue for the original IMDB's should be opening up again soon, and I think Erik still lives in the dorms?
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