IKE TECH?!?! Perfect Pivot Perfect Shield Bair!


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May 5, 2015
Introducing! (?)

Perfect pivot perfect shield for Ike!

I haven't seen other Ike's trying this, I'm pretty sure.

Demonstrating The Move
-In this clip I am just using two controllers to show the pivot perfect shield bair. Which explains the mistakes.

Showing It In Action
-Perfect Pivots can be done out of a dash trot, a walk, after a jump, or from standing still.
Here I Pivot Perfect Shield Bair out of a Dash trot.
Landing this allows Ike to punish anything Marth can throw at him.

The Full Speed Of Perfect Shield Bair
-Here I am not doing a pivot, because I wanted to focus on showing just how fast Ike's Bair can be after a Perfect Shield. It's essentially lagless.
Note - This works best if you jump while holding shield. It will take several more frames if you DROP shield first, and THEN do the Bair. Do NOT input the Bair that way. Instead, once you see the Perfect Shield, then jump out of shield and Bair.
(I know most Ike mains already do their Bair's out of shield like this already, I'm just explaining for people who may not know)

Easy Perfect Pivots?
-Here I demonstrate and explain Ike's movement with Perfect Pivots out of landing, dashing, standing, and pivoting.
I start attempting to do P.Pivots using only the control stick, but I suck at that.
Then I use the method I normally use - the easy way that Bubemarth made a video about.

Side note -
Bonus Tech? Perfect Shield Dsmash!
Perfect Shields are pretty great. Another benefit of using Smash Cstick is they allow you to Option Select into either a smash attack or a spot dodge or roll.
(Watch the Option Select series on Youtube)
In this clip, I walked forward and input shield and SmashCstick down. Normally, that only inputs a spot dodge, but if something hits the Perfect Shield, a Smash attack happens instead of a spot dodge.
The only problem with this input method is, sometimes this exact same input turns into an Fsmash. That is amazing for Marth, but not great for Ike.
However, Dsmash out of Perfect Shield would be nice. Another way to input this would be to input a Dsmash immediately after your Perfect Shield is hit.

The point is, perfect shields are pretty great, and characters like Ike need to make use of every option. Also, this tech is obviously situational and read-based - but that seems to be how everything works in the Ike meta.

Edit -
A nice bait tactic might be to walk slowly away from the opponent. If you read an incoming attack, you could do a Perfect Shield Bair without needing any fancy pivots or awkward button inputs. Just a thought.
If the opponent knows you are baiting to be hit on your shield, they might either go for a grab or some movement mixups to throw you off. If they go for a grab, you could turn around and jab their approach, maybe?

I am a Marth main, and I am learning Ike, so his neutral game is still pretty difficult for me. I'm used to being able to Upb out of combos when I get in trouble, lol.

Edit 2 - Instead of Pivoting into shield, you can pivot into turn around Ftilt! If you use my control setup, simply mash A button as soon as you input the p.pivot.
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