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Guide Ike path to victory


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Jan 9, 2017
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ShadowCalibur submitted a new guide:

Ike path to victory - He is one of my mains and a really good one too. I'll make a guide of how i play him.

First im not perfect like Ryo but i am pretty skilled with Ike so feel free to put your own tips tricks or combos too.
One of Ikes best feature it that he is a heavy weight with mobility, range, and combos. His best combo starters are down throw at low % and up throw at high % at around 7-20% dthrow to aether (up special) is good to attack combo that keeps oppenents near you for a follow up attack. If you dont like aether than fair or nair are other options that remain reliable to much...
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Feb 6, 2017
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Counter Counter Counter... when making an off stage recovery and you can see a Usmash or something of the such, counter; When there is an Ssmash similar to Greninja or Ike, counter; also Dtilt is a great starter for combos
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