Ike Amiibo not learning fast fall aerials correctly?


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Jan 9, 2020
I've been training an Ike Amiibo, doing mostly 2 hit combos etc because i read somewhere that it cant really do 3+ combos. I've been spamming jump fast fall nair to try and get it to use it also but all its been doing is short hop nairing, constantly jumping over people just to get upsmashed or something. How do I get the ike amiibo to break this habit ? I've trained this ike amiibo 3 times already to lvl 50 to try and get it to do the fast fall nair correctly but it just wont, do I need to kill the ike amiibo with the fast fall aerial to make it start doing it? Also will turning off the learning style option for the amiibo let the amiibo learn matchups without losing its fighting style? Like say I teach it my style to play, get to lvl 50, mirror match btw, turn learning off and let it fight all the other characters lvl 9 bots, or me playing some of them to try and let the amiibo learn the matchups, do amiibos work like that?

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May 30, 2014
Amiibo don't have bytes set aside for fast falling or the difference between short hop and full jump, those are concrete and can't be retrained.
Turning Learning off doesn't let it learn matchups for two reasons: 1. It can't learn anything, and 2. Matchup data doesn't exist on the amiibo data.
If you have more questions, lmk
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