If you Could Make a Assist Trophy...?


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Jul 5, 2019
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If you could create and choose an assist trophy, who would it be?

Infinite the Jackal (Sonic Forces) Levitates in middle of stadium and creates guns the shoot the opponent.
Tiara (Super Mario Oddesy) Gives you a random effect that puts something on your head.
Toadette (Super Mario Bros) Makes you giant and gold.
Goose (Untitled Goose Game) Runs around randomly blocking your opponent.
Boss Brolder (Super Mario 3d World) Rolls of the stage, leaving a temporary trail of molten metal.

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Jun 6, 2009
DJ Octavio (Splatoon) - Hangs in the background, firing giant fists and the occasional killer wail.

Funtime Foxy (FNAF Sister Location) - Dims the stage. There will be the occasional camera flash, with foxy appearing in a specific spot. If she is near any fighters when the screen flashes, he will stun them with a jumpscare.

Roll.EXE (Megaman Battle Network) - Attacks the nearest opponent with her head ribbons, then heals her summoner.

Mumbo Jumbo (Banjo Kazooie) - Transforms nearby opponents into one of a number of things: a termite, a pumpkin, a mayahem temple stony, an armored van, and a washing machine.

Creeper (Minecraft) - Wanders the stage randomly, exploding on the first opponent to come into contact.


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Apr 8, 2018
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-Tabuu: Knocks off everyone on screen with his Off Waves, but only those at high damage.
-Poppant: Runs around dropping healing items and rocks
-Auroros: Dives into the ground after flying above its target; can be used a throwing item once it gets stuck
-Jyk: Floats around and attacks using a Hydro barrier. It can also follow up with one of two attacks:
>It can turn into a Zap Jyk and spin around (sucking in enemies) until it lets put a burst of electricity
>It can turn into a Flame Jyk and shoot out flames from its spikes, turning either from a T shape to an X shape or vice-versa

Super Mario
-Red Koopa: Tucks into his shell and spins around the stage, acting the Red Shell item from 64 and Melee
-Pianta: “I’m a chuckster!” appears on the screen as the Pianta walks around to grab enemies and chuck them at the blast zone
-Dreambert: Puts the summoner to sleep and protects and slightly heals them with a shield

Donkey Kong
-Cranky Kong: Plays a music box that shoots explosive barrels, only to blow up when the sequence ends
-Stanley the Bugman: Blows opponents away with his bug spray, with wind-like knockback

-Revali: Enhances everyone’s jump power with Revali’s Gale; this lasts for 20 seconds

-Adam Malkovich: Disables a random special move from any opponent

-Kamek: Either makes the summoner Giant or makes the opponent Tiny

-Susie Haltmann: Turns every fighter Metal

-Pokémon Ranger: Draws continuous loops around opponents, instantly K.O.-ing them once their damage passes 100%

-Pigmask: Walks around tossing bombs

-Pico: Hides in the background and attacks opponents with his rifle

Fire Emblem
-Hanneman: Attacks opponents using Sagittae, blocking all energy projectiles

Game & Watch
-Manhole: Rescues the summoner whenever they’re near the blast zone

Wario games
-Cpt. Syrup: Steals an opponent’s item and brings it to the summoner

Metal Gear Solid
-Dwarf Gekko: Scurries around latching onto opponents in sight and electrocuting them

Sonic the Hedgehog
-Silver: Bursts with telekinetic energy, toppling opponents

Animal Crossing
-Tom Nook: Gives the summoner additional coins for after the battle
-Flick: Turns invisible and sneaks up on opponents to catch opponents with his net.

-Bald Bull: Charges at opponents like a bull and finishes with his Bull Rush

-Dig-Dug: Turns fighters Giant with his pump, reducing their gravity in the process

Final Fantasy
-Cactaur: Eratically hops around pricking opponents, finishing with its signature 10,000 Needles attack

-Loki: Hops around throwing his cards, finishing off with charging them for one last powerful rain attack

-Jack Frost: Runs around shooting ice at enemies, sometimes clinging to upside down surfaces

Dragon Quest
-Golem: Slowly walks around and chucks boulders at opponents

-Mumbo Jumbo: Casts a spell that randomly transforms the player*

-Nakoruru: Fights opponents with her dagger and her trusted bird friend, Mamahaha

-Hedlok: Latches itself to the summoner’s head, punching when the shield button is pressed

-Muddy Mole: Digs underground, pushing out heavy black balls at opponents
-Rusty Slugger: Throws several Beastballs at opponents
-Bubsy: Does nothing except spout catchphrases and glide around, making him a purr-posely open target
-Magician Type-0: Flies around shooting fireballs, self-destructing upon K.O.

*The transformations are as follows:







-Bullet Bill

-Super Leaf

-Superspicy Curry

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