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Ideas for Assist Trophy Skins/Replacement mods.


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Nov 11, 2017
For a long time, as i've aforementioned, many fans have complained that some of the assist trophy choices are silly due to having a potential to be playable. Most famous examples include Waluigi, Bomberman, Isaac, Knuckles, and Shadow. In fact, assist trophies have been reserved for rejected, unwanted, uniconic or undericonic characters.

Since Brawl, fans have been capable of modding to convert assist trophies to playable characters. Either by just a skin or a complete moveset mod. It's also possible to reskin assist trophies and pokemon besides playable characters.

In addition to making mods to make assist trophies playable, what if we made mods to replace/reskin/retexture assist trophies that we made playable?

For example, back in Brawl marioking64ds made a Super Team Bot skin for the Waluigi assist trophy as an addition to his playable Waluigi mod.


Here are my ideas for assist trophy replacement/reskin mods if I made an assist trophy playable.

Playable Shadow Mod with Beck (Mighty no 9) Shadow assist trophy replacement skin.

Playable Waluigi Mod with Papyrus assist trophy replacement skin.

Playable Knuckles Mod with Lilac (Freedom Planet) replacement skin.

Playable Bomberman Mod with Quote (Cave Story) replacement skin.

Playable Isaac Mod with Sally (Sonic) replacement skin.

Playable Takamaru Mod with Joker/Ren replacement skin (Although Joker/Ren is already playable).

Playable Akira (virtura fighter) Mod with Goku replacement skin.

Do you have anymore ideas for assist trophy skin replacement mods?
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