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I want to main Samus


Smash Rookie
Feb 21, 2015
Westtwon, PA
I went to my first tournament, and I lost primarily because I can only play Wario. Samus has always interested me, so it'd be great if you guys could lay down some playstyle basics and essential tech.


Mar 16, 2007
This tutorial is for Melee Samus, but it should give you a lot of info on, at least, how to play fire mode Samus in neutral. PM Samus has airdodge -> zair as another long-range poke with a degree of safety, but is otherwise very similar to Melee Samus, and HugS's tutorial is bar-none the best tutorial I've seen on how to actually play Samus on a fundamental level, and how to think about her options in Neutral.

As for playing in ice mode, it's... well, a little bit spammier. Fair becomes a little bit more catch-all, whereas in fire mode, aerial selection is a lot more important. Usmash, on the other hand, is a much better anti-air, so there's a lot more focus on usmash and fair in ice mode, since everything else is a little underwhelming in ice mode.


Smash Cadet
Apr 17, 2015
Well it kinda depends of what game your talking about cause Samus is one of those characters who changed quite a bit from melee onwards.
I have played her more on Brawl so if your talking about Brawl your at a disadvantage from the start, Samus is much slower and her combos tent to have a bit of end lag that you need to get used to. I like to play her nailed to the ground, jumping only for dodging or if i see a chance to do a backick (back air) or i can juggle them with her side air.
Charge your shot every chance you get but not all the way, charge it a bit, dodge incoming attack, attack and if you push them away enough charge some more. That way once its up your enemy will be constantly under pressure cause her charge shot his really hard and comes out pretty fast. I prefer to use it at close range, sometimes when the enemy is in the middle of a combo cause its really hard to dodge and, depending on your foe, you can come off faster than their attack.

Thats just me though, i just feel that in order to compensate for her slower movement i just turtle up, instead of going all out i attack in short bursts, constantly keeping my enemies guessing.

Cant say much about Project M Samus since my friends dont like it that much and playing smash alone is kinda boring. All i know is that shes much faster.

Justin Allen Goldschmidt

Smash Journeyman
Sep 20, 2015
Get very used to how floaty she is despite her weight, and know that you are able to eek out nairs when it seems you have no right to be doing so. As for advanced techniques, LC missiles are the bee's knees and very important in a lot of matchups. Don't be afriad of ice mode. Just my two-cents as a dabbler

❤ Nikodemus05

Zero Skill Spamus
Jan 22, 2015
She's a grounded tank. Stay low, and constantly zone with your fire power, and poke for damage with your tilts. Keep the enemy locked out. Finish them off with your good kill moves, but use her charge shot for almost all finishes. She basically revolves around her charge shot. Some essential tech is her missle cancels. Master them, and get that muscle memory DOWN. Learn all of her platform cancels, and learn bomb jumping and other techniques. Wavedash downsmash is a very nice mixup and movement option. Hell, wavedashing back to mix up movement with Sammy is really good. In my opinion, super wavedash is an extremely important movement option, and you should master that too. Basically just act like a turtle / tank. Use good mixups and confuse your opponents whilst keeping them locked out with pokes and mindgames. That's basically how to play Samus.
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