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I once made a SMBX game

Discussion in 'Light House' started by Zeox, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Zeox

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    Smash Journeyman

    Sep 1, 2014
    Akrillic Island
    For those who don't know what "SMBX" is.. is a program called Super Mario Bros X where you can make your own fangames, you can make your world maps, your levels, custom events, you can add custom music and even custom sprites.
    And that's when I realize, i didn't need to make a Mario Game, I could make my own sprites and work in my own project!
    So I did... this:

    I present to you, Shrek and the Wizard, 25 levels of something.
    The plot is that you are Shrek, and you have to save your wife, Adolf Hitler, from an evil wizard, truly a touching story.
    I ended up working too much in this... pretty much +4 months, all my freaking summer wasted in a game that not much people played it.


    The main story game have a tutorial level, an intro level, a credits level, and 21 levels, and also a "dlc" story that are 4 extra levels, is a game full of dumb meme references but also I tried to do an actual game... what is weird, because more people would like it if it was just meme.


    Anyways, it was a dumb project, I'm still proud of it, not because is good or not, but because it take me very long to do.
    So, anyone else made a SMBX game? if you did please share it!

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