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I need help getting online to work


Smash Rookie
Feb 12, 2016
Hello all, I have a 1 gig sandisk SD card, on this sd card I downloaded "hackless vbrawl FINAL.zip" from media fire. I will leave a link farther down. I followed every step along the way and can't seem to get it to work. I unzipped to the root of the SD card, etc. You're then instructed to have no custom maps made, go to your vault and open up custom stage maker. Anywho, I'm looking for any assitance as to getting online to work for brawl. PLEASE HELP!


Smash Champion
Jun 25, 2010
New york
Did you setup the files correctly on the sd card? Like for example the rsbe01 gct file has to be in the codes folder. I'll look into it to see what else it could be.
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