I have a theory about the "Secret Mode"

Apr 26, 2018
This theory is purely speculation of my part,so you have the right to diasgree.
I was just wondering...the so-called "Spirits Mode" may not be what people think it is.
I was reviewing the footage and something came to my mind...what if it doesn't say "Spirits",but "Sports"?
While there is a frame on the diretc that showed the mode uncensored,it was just a fraction. The only actual letters we can make out of it is S-P and the other S at the end.But what about the letters in between? It may look like I-R-I-T,but it could also be O-R-T. Keep in mind that the hidden letters are in lower case,so they can be mistaken for one another.
I know it sounds dumb,but I'm just saying that not all clues just point to one suspect.
What do you guys think?
Jun 30, 2018
Good thought, but footage of the Japanese menu indicates the Japanese word for Spirits, which is vastly different from their word for Sports.