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How was your holiday?


doot doot doot
Feb 15, 2005
Usually not playing Brawl. Location: Enterprise
Or specifically your Christmas if you're like me.

Get anything good? Give anything good? What was the New Year's party like?

I just ordered parts for a new desktop that we were given funding toward this Christmas today. I'm super anxious about it; I've never build a computer before. Also got pokemon white 2 because I'm racist.
/sarcasm in case that wasn't obvious

I gave my wife Cooking Mama 4. It's really not a very good game, but she enjoyed cooking mama 1 when I had it for a couple of days about a year ago. She seemed really touched by the gift "blah blah blah help me understand more of your world blah," but I honestly think it's because she's a more grateful person than I.

Oh and watching her unwrap Serenity comics later was a great memory too.


Smash Apprentice
Feb 19, 2007
Orlando, FL
Holiday was too short! AAAAnd I was sick for most of it :/
Caught up on Peep show, Archer, Todd Margaret, Always Sunny, Breaking Bad and American Horror Story.

Girlfriend got me a stand for my ps3 superslim that she autographed with a silver sharpie and drew a doodle of my cat. Also got me a year subscription to Playstation plus. I got her a giant bottle of victoria secret perfume and some boots.


Smash Rookie
Jan 17, 2013
Didn't do much at all, just got a new desktop and been sittin' around.

Gave some gift cards out and stuff.
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