How to Watch EVO 2018


The latest iteration of the Evolution Championship Series, or EVO for short, will be happening August 3rd-5th 2018 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This gargantuan tournament features singles events for Smash staples Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U but will also host events for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, Injustice 2, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. The fun doesn’t just end there though, for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be playable at the venue as well, and it’s been confirmed that there will be exhibition matches on August 3rd.

Smash Wii U Schedule, all times in PDT:
  • August 3rd, Friday, 8 AM: Pools Round 1 begins
  • August 4th, Saturday, 12 PM: Pools Round 2 begins
  • August 4th, Saturday, 4 PM: Semi-Finals begins
  • August 4th, Saturday, 8 PM: Finals begins
Melee Schedule, all times in PDT:
  • August 3rd, Friday, 8 AM: Pools Round 1 begins
  • August 4th, Saturday, 8 AM: Pools Round 2 begins
  • August 4th, Saturday, 12 PM: Semi Finals begins
  • August 5th, Sunday, 10:30 AM: Finals begins
The full schedule of events and list of twitch streams where these events can be watched is below:

Mitchell "ZeroSoul" Brenkus


This is not related to EVO (hyped btw) but I might as well post the Summer 2018 Melee Rankings and the SSB4 PGR v5 Rankings here.

Summer 2018 Melee Rankings
1st: Hungrybox:jigglypuffmelee:0
2nd: Plup:sheikmelee::foxmelee:(:samusmelee:) +3
3rd: Armada:peachmelee::foxmelee:-1
4th: Leffen:foxmelee:+2
5th: Mew2King:marthmelee::sheikmelee:(:foxmelee::jigglypuffmelee:) -1
6th: Mang0:falcomelee:(:foxmelee:) -3
7th: Wizzrobe:falconmelee:+1
8th: aMSa:yoshimelee:+16
9th: Zain:marthmelee:+13
10th: Axe:pikachumelee:(:falcomelee::younglinkmelee:) -3
11th: SFAT:foxmelee:-2
12th: Crush:foxmelee:+3
13th: S2J:falconmelee:(:falcomelee:) -3
14th: Lucky:foxmelee:(:marthmelee::falconmelee:) +3
15th: HugS:samusmelee:+8
16th: Swedish Delight:sheikmelee:(:peachmelee:) 0
17th: PewPewU:marthmelee:(:foxmelee:) +4
18th: Westballz:falcomelee:(:foxmelee:) 0
19th: n0ne:falconmelee:(:ganondorfmelee:) +1
20th: Duck:samusmelee: -6
21st: lloD:peachmelee:+5
22nd: AbsentPage:foxmelee:(:sheikmelee::marthmelee:) +52
23rd: Ryan Ford:foxmelee:(:drmario::sheikmelee:) +9
24th: KJH:foxmelee: +10
25th: Shroomed:sheikmelee::marthmelee:-12
26th: Army:icsmelee:+27
27th: La Luna:marthmelee:-8
28th: Syrox:foxmelee:(:falcomelee:) +5
29th: Trif:peachmelee:+2
30th: Captain Smuckers:falconmelee:+17
31st: Colbol:foxmelee:(:marthmelee:) -1
32nd: iBDW:foxmelee:+52
33rd: Bananas:icsmelee:+69
34th: Ginger:falcomelee:+15
35th: Ice:foxmelee: -7
36th: Rishi:marthmelee:(:foxmelee:) 0
37th: MikeHaze:foxmelee:-12
38th: Bladewise:peachmelee: -1
39th: Captain Faceroll:sheikmelee:+13
40th: Junebug:sheikmelee:+14
41st: Kalamazhu:peachmelee:(:foxmelee:) +29
42nd: 2Saint:jigglypuffmelee:+58
43rd: Slox:foxmelee:-1
44th: Gahtzu:falconmelee:-1
45th: Michael:jigglypuffmelee: New
46th: Moky:foxmelee:+50
47th: Santi:falcomelee:(:sheikmelee:) -7
48th: Professor Pro:foxmelee: -7
49th: Medz:foxmelee:(:falcomelee::marthmelee:) +6
50th: Overtriforce:sheikmelee:+10

SSB4 PGR v5 Rankings
1st: MkLeo:4marth::4cloud2:(:4bayonetta2::4lucina:) +3
2nd: Tweek:4bayonetta::4cloud2:(:4dk:) +3
3rd: Dabuz:rosalina:(:4olimar:) +3
4th: Nairo:4zss:(:4bowser:) -1
5th: Salem:4bayonetta: -3
6th: Mistake:4bayonetta2:(:4zss:) +7
7th: Cosmos:4corrinf: +10
8th: Mr. R:4sheik:(:4cloud2:) +2
9th: CaptainZack:4bayonetta2:(:4peach:) +9
10th: komorikiri:4cloud2::4sonic:(:4corrinf::4feroy:) +6
11th: VoiD:4sheik:(:4zss:) -1
12th: Samsora:4peach:(:rosalina::4zss:) +10
13th: Light:4fox:+34
14th: Fatality:4falcon:+24
15th: Abadango:4bayonetta::4mewtwo:(:4metaknight:) 0
16th: Larry Lurr:4fox:(:4diddy:) -9
17th: ANTi:4mario::4zss:(:4cloud2:) +3
18th: Elegant:4luigi:-7
19th: Lima:4bayonetta2:+5
20th: falln:rosalina:+21
21st: ESAM:4pikachu:(:4samus:) 0
22nd: WaDi:4mewtwo:(:4rob:) -10
23rd: Raito:4duckhunt:+9
24th: Kameme:4megaman::4sheik:(:4cloud2::4yoshi:) +20
25th: Marss:4zss:(:4falcon:) -6
26th: Shuton:4olimar:+1
27th: SDX:4mewtwo:New
28th: Zinoto:4diddy:+3
29th: Wrath:4sonic:(:4bayonetta2:) Returning
30th: KEN:4sonic:-22
31st: MVD:4diddy:-6
32nd: Choco:4zss:+4
33rd: Ally:4mario:-19
34th: Vinnie:4sheik::rosalina:+12
35th: Shoyo James:4diddy:(:4luigi:) +7
36th: Captain L:4pikachu:(:4jigglypuff:) New
37th: Nietono:4sheik::4diddy:Returning
38th: AC:4metaknight:(:4falco:) +12
39th: tyroy:4bayonetta2:(:4metaknight:) +1
40th: Rags:4metaknight:(:4bayonetta2:) New
41st: shky:4zss:New
42nd: Ned:4cloud2:(:4zss:) Returning
43rd: Zenyou:4mario:+6
44th: Maister:4gaw:New
45th: Darkshad:4ryu: -19
46th: Tsu-:4lucario:(:4ryu::4cloud2:) -12
47th: 6WX:4sonic: -4
48th: Sinji:4pacman:New
49th: Locus:4ryu:(:4bayonetta2:) +2
50th: Kirihara:rosalina:-21
HM: Eim:4sheik:New
HM: Kome:4shulk:New
HM: Manny:4sonic:-28
HM: Karna:4sheik:New
HM: Chag:4bayonetta2:New
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