How to space against characters with swords


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Apr 12, 2015
Yeah. When I play Jiggs, I can't seem to get close to anyone with a sword, as they just swat me away. I need tips on spacing and whatnot so I can actually hit people. Thanks.


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May 4, 2015
Anchorage, Alaska
Normally when I'm playing against a Roy or a Marth it's a heavily aerial based play-style, as to avoid those long grabs that lead into fairs and fsmahes. I find success in baiting those laggy moves out like uair's and fsmash for the bair punishes and/or a grab into a platform chase. I really like taking swords to Battlefield and other plentiful platformed stages, they seem to struggle with sharking. Then you can even get a rest from a roll read.


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May 7, 2014
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I think in PM the game varies a lot... Marth is melee alike match, just great spacing. Roy is a big threat because of his power house moves so trading with him is way worst than against Marth / Toon Link. Roy is definitely my worst sword matchup. Avoid frontal confrontation and space your bairs even better. Try to punish safely and do the poking game. Both roy and marth are easy to edge guard so f-throw or b-throw to edge guard is your best strategy. Try to bait laggy moves into shield and throw. If low percentage stick a fair or bair (going to the direction they are not), rinse and repeat until they're in a percentage you can combo/edge guard them. Tech chasing is also really important in this matchups specially if it allows you to early rest and get a stock advantage.

Link > avoid the third hit from up smash DI'ing away and watch out for his camping game with rang/bombs/arrows. Try to bait a bomb pull or a arrow to get closer poke and go into safe position again. Crossover dair is also a good approach if timed well. Specially if you can read the response and either spotdodge shield or roll away (YES I SAID ROLL). watch out for tether while on edge guard. If he does it grab the ledge and time the dair to punish. If he up-b's just wait for the easy rest.

Toon Link > Terrible matchup if he's a good camper. Bait bad positioning and poke accordingly. Not much to say here. It's just about avoiding his gimmicks and playing a good spacing game. Try to be on a 45º angle of his head and baiting nairs and boomerangs so you can poke accordingly. shffld fair > bthrow/fthrow out of the stage to edge guard.

Meta knight > he's just boring but can't easily kill you. The thing with this matchup is that it requires extra patience. If he gets too aggro on you just shield rest so that he starts spacing better and you should be good to go.

Ike > Avoid taking jab combo. Specially third hit on shield. If he goes for the three hits on shield you can grab / rest in between the second and third hit. His nair covers space better than your pokes so you have to work around that instead of the regular poking game. Easy edge guard. Use ledge invencibility to stay between the sword and he going up and dair. Back to ledge rinse and repeat. If you wanna go ram train air rest in between his upb recover for swag. His really slow so if you bait the right moves it's an easy matchup.

Most of this matchups you have to change your momentum a lot. From poking to baiting, go aggro a little but know when to stop. It's terrible to trade against swords. If they go campy just bait wrong walls / be ready to punish missed L-cancels or obvious repetitions. If you're able to get the first stock you can put pressure by poking and leaving and the more you hit pokes (without trading) the more pressure you putting on them.

Stages is all up to you and how you prefer playing jiggs. Whenever i say that people often disagree with me but sometimes i like taking Ike to battlefield or yoshi story and just bait him the hole game.

Avoid non platform / low platform stages against link/toon link/ meta knight / Marth. they can be a serious problem in Yoshi Story / Lylat and pokemon stadium 2 if you start to get chased bad and it's really hard to change momentum in those stages if you lose pace of your match. Try to always keep them at bay if you can't avoid these stages at all. I like playing link / marth on smashville / FoD / battlefield for mobility and baiting game. Just be sure to never miss a L-cancel or you'll get punished hard. and bait those laggy moves on shield.

If Marth ever dash attack for accident (or not) it's a free rest. Also whenever he grabs you mix up your DI. Don't go always up and away (unless you're high % ). Sometimes straight up is good depending on the stage and how good is marth's follow ups... Also don't forget you can always air dodge on the last moment into a delayed waveland to punish laggy fairs / neutral b's and rest onto tem.

Good luck sleeping those swordman ! Hope i helped somehow.


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Aug 22, 2013
Do you realize this ↑↑↑ was the only post in nearly a month on the Jigglypuff forum? Everyone is sleeping on Bowser and how bad and boring he is now in 3.6, while Jiggs is virtually untouched since the beginning of PM.

Of course he's not super bad by any means, but Jigglypuff is clearly lacking tools for developping the meta like other characters in the game. Even if it's hard to touch the moveset considering the existence of rest, I think it's time to do something.

Heck, not even a 3.6 thread (which is not surprinsing due to no changes at all). People's indifference here clearly shows how much this character is underdevelopped and generally unattractive to the mass. Jigglypuff is starving...
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