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How to set up a gct file using code manager

Discussion in 'Brawl Workshop' started by AdmiralStarshade, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. AdmiralStarshade

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    Smash Rookie

    May 26, 2009
    Alright I want to texture hack, and I already read the post from falco400 something... I got the code, but I dont know how to set up the gct file via code manager.. Someone help!
  2. illinialex24

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    Smash Debater

    May 23, 2008
    Discovered: Sending Napalm

    Because Almas told me so, I won't flame you out for not using the Q&A thread. Just please use it next time.

    You first need code manager, and you need to make a .txt file with the file replacement code in it.

    Here's the code you'll want to have stored as its own .txt file (the start is the Game ID stuff, useful):

    Smash Bros Brawl (US)
    File Replacment: v2.1a[Phantom Wings]
    225664EC 00000000
    0401BFE0 4858BE20
    065A7E00 00000070
    38A00067 38810020
    3CE0805A 60E37C18
    4BE52531 38A0007F
    3883FFE8 38610020
    4BE52521 38A00068
    60E47C18 38610020
    9421FF80 BC410008
    38610088 4BA74DB9
    7C7C1B78 2C030000
    4082000C 38210080
    4800001C B8410008
    38210080 4BE524E5
    38610008 4BA742E1
    7C7C1B78 4BA741E8
    0401CD0C 4858B1F4
    065A7F00 00000018
    2C030000 4182000C
    4BA7DD51 48000008
    8078000C 4BA74DFC
    043EE9D8 48000014
    043EEBD4 48000014
    043D8B9C 48000018
    043E9B4C 38600000
    043E9D38 38600000
    043D8C80 60000000
    80000000 80406920
    80000001 805A7C00
    8A001001 00000000
    045A7C10 2F525342
    045A7C14 452F7066
    E0000000 80008000
    -All patch files must be located in the pf folder as listed in the list of file directories.
    So save that code a .txt file, open it in the code manager, check the box and click export the .gct, find your SD drive (like G:\) and make it export to that SD drive plus a folder named codes (IE, G:\codes\)

    Enjoy, and post in the Generic Q&A thread next time.

    Almas, lock this please :)

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