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How to practice arrows?


Smash Apprentice
Aug 13, 2014
If you have a friend who is willing to just jump around with puff, you could try practicing that way. But just getting comfortable with the curve should help imo.


Smash Rookie
Nov 5, 2014
Denton, TX
I usually go to training mode (battlefield, dreamland, yoshi's story, etc.) and throw the CPU up to the top platform. Then I'll move around on the bottom of the stage and shoot arrows focusing on the curve and controlling the movement. Sometimes I'll shoot in the opposite direction and see if I can make a full circle arrow still hit the enemy. Also, setting the CPU as Ness (another high jumper works) and setting him to jump or evade can help you with predicting movement and stopping it with arrows. I practice gimps by setting Fox to about 50% and then f-tilting him off the stage. It should take about 2-3 arrows to finish him, make sure to practice accuracy as well as consistency. When you feel you can hit arrows accurately, start attacking the CPU offstage and see if you can fair-arrow-fair combo them to death. I spend about 20 minutes of my tech skill training on arrows because they're that important.


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Jan 1, 2015
Luna, Louisiana (15 min drive from West Monroe)
I feel that Training Mode is your best friend here.

If you're just now learning you should just start learning to loop the arrows or move them wherever you want to. If you don't get them where you want to that's an execution error which you don't want to make too many of.

Once you get used to the arrow's movement you should set the CPU to a large character and set them to "Jump". Start shooting straight at them and if you want to be fancy, practice moving the arrows under the CPU when it jumps then make the arrow come around and hit them.

Next step is to set the CPU to "Run", you should be used to the arrow movement so when the computer jumps you can move the missed arrow back towards them.

Then do the same thing but change the stage to something with one or two platforms. Then maybe 3?
After that change the character to someone small.

Congratulations, you now have ridiculous potential with arrows.
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Smash Ace
Nov 3, 2013
Switch FC
One of the best way I practiced arrow shooting is to just going to FD and tryng to loop the arrows around as much as possible, as the arrows will not disappear unless they hit a blastzone. This is good for learning the handling of the arrows. Another good way would be to set one Lvl. 3 Fox against you and try to gimp his recovery, you could juggle him for days if your aim is right.
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