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How to perfect keeping momentum when b reversing glide?

Jun 19, 2014
London/Newcastle, UK - Kodaira, Tokyo
Yo, I'm a decent UK zard player with a question...Couldnt find any direct guides on how to do this on the boards so thought I'd make a thread:

I use B reverse glide to mix up approaches and recoveries in general but I'm struggling to consistently do the kind of glide in which you can go one direction and immediately go the other (maintaining momentum) by pressing b + opposite direction once initiating the glide. Sometimes I just cancel the glide and thats not what I want (in certain situations anyway)...
I want to use it both for when i ledge stall, as players like zen do, (instead of doing the regular glide ledge stall as I have been hit out of that on occasion (and gimped because of it) ) and for when I want to mix up movement in general.

any help/tips would be appreciated!

Tremendo Dude

Smash Apprentice
Oct 20, 2007
Miami, FL
It's a very specific timing. You press B and then press the opposite direction you're facing right after you press B. Once you learn the timing, you should be able to do it almost every time.

...for some reason this was never posted. Better late than never, I suppose.
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