How to kill with sheik


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Dec 23, 2016
Hi everyone, Sheik players or someone here I'm here to talk about what are the most optimal ways to kill with sheik.
I will only mention the kill options so yeah let's go!.

(D throw>Up air): optimal way to perform: In the last part of the ledge you will perform a soft d throw at it will be easier to connect the up air.
(Up throw>up air): it is guaranteed in some characters like Bayonetta (Mostly fast fallers)
(Needles>bouncing fish): lightweights can escape from this combo at certain percents.
(Nair>Bouncing fish): works better in fast-fallers.
(up throw>Up b 50/50): it is better to perform on some platforms like the battlefield ones to secure the kill.
(F throw>bouncing fish 50/50) very hard to connect against lightweight and Bayonetta(bat within)
(F tilt>up air 50/50)it's better to do the cross up and kill earlier
(D tilt>up air) to connect the d tilt with the up air you must hit with the tip of the move(d tit)
(Fair>bouncing fish) you must delay the fair but this is a 50/50 so you need to predict what your opponent will do or you can do the landing nair to bouncing fish that works mostly on fast fallers.
(Needles>fair>bouncing fish) predict your opponent positioning and react immediately
(F tilt>up b) you must react your opponents DI.
(D tilt>up b) hit with the tip of the d tilt.
(Up tilt>Bouncing fish) connect the two hist of the up tilt.
(b thow>bouncing fish) to connect this your opponent most DI towards you.
(Bair>bouncing fish) to connect this you need to do a landing bair.
(Up air>Up smash) hit with the last landing up air hit to connect with the up smash.
(Nair>d tilt>Fair>bouncing fish) you must hit with the initial hitbox of the nair o the sweet spot and also hit with the tip of d tilt, to secure the kill delay a little bit the bouncing fish after the fair.
(Dair>up smash) hit with the landing spike hitbox and then up smash.
(Granade>Needles>bouncing fish) throw the needles immediately after the explosion and the do the bouncing fish.
(nair>f smash) do the reverse nair and then f smash.
(Nair>Up smash) nair then run a little bit and the up smash(probably you will connect with the sweet spot).
(up tilt reset>up smash) this combo only works on battlefield platforms.
thank you and bye.:4sheik::sheik::sheikmelee:
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