How to deal with projectile heavy characters as Roy (and a couple other questions)?

Jan 2, 2019
Not sure if this is the right place to post questions like this, but i'm trying to pick up Roy as a main, and I've been having a lot of trouble with characters like Pac Man. From my understanding, Roy's neutral consists of a lot of dashing around, short hopping nairs and fairs, but against characters like Pac Man this seems largely ineffective because he can just throw out his fruit forcing you to shield or jump, and then take advantage of that, or block you off with a fire hydrant forcing you to jump over it putting you in a bad position. I'm just not sure what to do. I played a good Pac Man last night online and felt completely powerless as Roy. This applies to any character that is projectile heavy, or has a neutral that relies on a projectile, I just had the most trouble with Pac Man.

Also, how do you avoid getting gimped so easily as Roy? Again characters with projectiles give me a lot of problems with this because they throw out projectiles while i'm offstage and if I airdodge, a lot of times I can't get back because Roy's up B doesn't go super far, and if I get hit, I obviously can't make it back either. If I up B early to go over the projectile, they punish.

And finally, a lot of the combos at low percents I thought worked out of down throw that registered as true combos in training and worked against high level CPUs, like down throw - nair - fastfall - running nair - fastfall - fair strings, don't seem to be working online. I can never get the second nair, and a lot of times I can't even get the first nair. I don't know if it's the input delay that's causing me to be late, or these just aren't the combos I should be going for?

Oh and I forgot to mention, one more thing is I cannot for the life of me get Roy's up B to consistently snap to the ledge and I have no idea why. I never had this problem in any other Smash game. I have the same problem with Marth and I mained Marth in Smash 4 and it was never an issue. Like usually it does snap to the ledge, but one or two times a game, the up B keeps going up onto the stage and I get punished hard, and it's so frustrating.

Any help would be appreciated. I watched Zeros high level Roy gameplay video but he never played against any projectile heavy characters which was annoying.


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Feb 3, 2008
Counterpick shorter stages and ones with platforms like Battlefield. More platforms mean more space for you to maneuver with. No platforms means that your only air mobility is what Roy is normally capable of. Roy is a fast faller, so he will have more trouble against projectiles than a floatier character. The major key is to have the stage control. If you pick Battlefield, they're going to want to move closer to the edge to keep you away. Roy kills super early near the edge, as I'm sure you know. You can get above them, fast fall through the platform and Nair 1 -> FSmash or FTilt. Also, if you get close enough and they still try to projectile you away, Counter. It will rip right through the projectile and send them flying.

I've also had the same problem with Roy combos. I think it's the online input delay that is screwing it up tbh, but I'm not sure.


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Dec 10, 2014
Middle of Nowhere
Hey. You really just want to mix up your up b timing. If you're not already below the stage, try put out a quick aerial like fair to stuff people trying to gimp you while you're coming down high. Also, fast fall timing is important too. You could choose to not fast fall at all the first few times with your recoveries, and then choose to fast fall around the general time you expect them to come at you. theyll end up jumping out and whiffing a move like a dummy.

When it comes to projectiles (still gaining experience with this myself) It depends on how predictable the both of you are. If they shoot the same way everytime you'll find theres a way around it. Again, When you use your double jump, fast fall, and up b are crucial. Sometimes i've slowly drifted towards and under the stage merely pretending i dont have a jump, and then i use it. Or sometimes i airdodge to the ledge, or through a projectile or even onto the stage. it can throw people for a loop! I don't have "years of research"(lol) concerning the matter, so take this theory fighter essay with a grain of salt.

I don't have an exact chart or anything, but i know what you mean with the consistency of Up-B. The trick so far i've found is later, rather than sooner. You wanna juuuuuuuust reach the ledge. just not too far because you know, you wont recover!
I've even had instances where I'm able to Up-B and i'll cover the general ledge area with a hitbox and THEN grab the ledge. I'm sure we'll all get answers soon enough.

I also struggle Fighting heavy projectile user characters like Samus. I played one online and it felt like a SF match when You're Zangief and Guile can turtle you for free. I was so mad at myself for losing to this obvious strategy and not being able to adapt in time.

CP to smaller, tri plat stages is key for sure, but with the way some stagelists are looking, Roy might not get stages that work extremely well for him legal.
How do i approach or find large enough gaps between projectiles? The whole samus game was Mostly smash missles and Charge shots and Charge shot baits. If i dont approach, i can't fight and i give samus time she needs to charge. But if i approach, i find myself rolling at the mercy of my opponent, or jumping and eating a projectile to the face. DED seemed to help a little here when i was just out of sourspot range, but this was for mere harassment.

So yeah, i wouldnt feel bad, i'm sure theres a few confused Roy mains right now worried on how to fight projectile users. I hope this wasnt too long and i hope it helps!