How to counter Kirby?


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I know I make a lot of these, but a lot of these characters are so bloody annoying and nigh-impossible to fight. Kirby especially.

How can this pink demon be exploited so I (practicing Charizard, the game's worst character) don't keep falling into his Kill/Meteor confirms?


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Apr 22, 2019
His side-B and Down-B are predictable. Feel free to walk right up when he has that hammer out--then shield it. If he's puffing up above you--roll out the way before he smashes down. When he swallows you, mash out just like a grab--keep in mind Kirby can only copy your neutral B.

As for Charizard himself, don't abuse you're fireblitz, it can help light-weights like Kirby gimp you. Since it appiles damage to yourself. Neutral B well keep him off you and the ledge.