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How to beat mid/high level foxes as sheik?


Smash Cadet
Oct 12, 2015
So my region has alot of mid level fox mains and I mean alot. The last tournament I went to I went 2-2 and 3 of my opponets were fox mains. I typically struggle againist people around the mid level. Although I am at a low level, I play at least one fox a tournament due to the amount of foxes in my region. What are some of the more advanced gameplans in the sheik fox match up? Im from chicago to give you an idea what my region is like. Lasty, what are some things I can abuse at mid level that cant work at the higher level? Sorry if my english is poor.


Smash Cadet
Feb 21, 2019
Hi Rice I'm in Chicago too! It's hard to diagnose your problems in the matchup without video/descriptions, as there's no "one trick" that will win you the matchup. Though this is Fox favored, I would argue that it's not particularly crazy at the low/mid level. The biggest thing to take note of about low/mid level Foxes is to watch their attack patterns. Though Fox is busted for the amount of options he has, most Foxes at this level will laser camp -> dash dance -> nair/dair in a fairly consistent fashion. Use your superior range to play slower and understand their patterns better.

The reason I emphasized understanding their patterns is that spacies often have poor spacing, backing up unsafe aerials with shine-pressure/raw speed. If you can position yourself for them to whiff by utilizing minor dashback grabs at lower percents or wd-back->f-tilt at higher percents, I think Sheik can totally destroy low/mid level foxes.

If you're still figuring out the matchup, I would suggest that you play patient and slowly advance with needles/fairs to take up space. When the Fox jumps in, wd back to f-tilt/grab is a fairly standard whiff punish. Getting a grab is near necessary to succeed in this matchup, so make sure you know how to techchase well to capitalize on your d-throw. Moreover, at this level, I would think to abuse needles to get an easy grab, as Fox will often take the needles or try to shield them, both setting up for a punish if you're not too far away.

I hope this helps in some shape or form! If you want, we can look at one of your sets or we can talk about this in greater detail.
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Another Player

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Mar 12, 2007
Emerald City
If you play Smash how do you miss Genesis Five - Armada vs. Plup? I know it's not mid tier but some of Shiek's advanced play should carry downward.
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