How is Diddy Kong doing in Ultimate?


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May 2, 2019
I've seen Diddy be pretty high tier in early tier lists, but recently he's been lower. How is he, and is he worth playing?


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Jan 12, 2019
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His recovery is terrible but for recovering sideways its pretty good because it can go pretty far distances with a short charge and it gets you out of a scary edgeguard situation. His speed is alright he can be fast but he is still pretty slow when he is running which only gives him alright speed. He can kill pretty easily the banana is still great for combo starters and btw his combos are pretty good. His edgeguarding is probably one of the greatest things about diddy he can go off stage with side b that has a good hitbox aand stick out a foward air or down air and easily recover back with his great sideways recovery (Up-B sideways).His banana IMO is one of the best projectlies in the game gimping, setting up combos and getting out of a combo.Even with a short combo such as banana throw into up,down or foward smash.His on stage ability is pretty damn good with a nice juggle game with his up air, its impossible for someone to land if there playing diddy or pretty hard to land at least. He also has some insane combos. But still diddy is not a perfect character.

One of the worst things about him is his ability to get easily gimped with a good edgeguard. His rocket goes extremely crazy when diddy even gets hit with a jab flying all over the place even in some cases landing on diddy which is terrible for when he is at a high percent.

Another Problem is he can die at pretty low percents. With such a bad recovery he can get gimped soooooooo hard even getting bodied at 40% with a nice combo.His banana is probably one of the only things to get him out of a powerful combo but he does not really have anything else to get him out of those situations.

The final and most awful problem with diddy is his terrible recovery. Although not as bad as little mac im saying he has the 2nd worst recovery in the game although he can get back on stage he still really cant get back on with some clean edgeguards. His is barely better than mac because of his sideways recovery.

Overall i would say diddy is on the middle of the mid tiers i would say behind Mario,Ic's,Doc,Gannon,Lucas,Dark samus and then Diddy then falco,Bayonetta, Duck hunt, Ridley,Corrin and Incineroar. :ultdiddy: Fun character with some little flaws.
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Diddy Kong

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Dec 8, 2004
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Banana on shield is unsafe, you now use Bananas purely as a punishment on laggy moves. His recovery is indeed bad, and his range and kill power have been nerfed from Smash 4.

However, his combos still live. D Throw can lead to B Air chains, and F Air follow ups. And at higher %s, you can still follow up with U Air. Pummeling is also now a good thing to do, as it's faster and you need the extra %s. Banana > Dash > F Smash is our best killing option, but D Smash as of the latest patch is also a very strong KO move. Dash attack is now majorly buffed however! And it allows for easy F Air follow ups, you'll appriciate that at least. N Air is also much better, and landing it will also results in almost a guranteed follow up with B Air or F Air.

Diddy is no longer a Top Tier in Ultimate, but he's still fun and quite underrated. It will take more skill to use him well, and he now has glarring weaknesses with his exploitable recovery.. but he's also way less effective against rush down characters like Fox. Or more like, Fox is just really good now, and Diddy quite isn't. You'll need to learn to play the mid range game better, and at the very least, Banana has more range when thrown. Also, grabs are harder to land in general in Ultimate, so you'll need to adjust to that as well.
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