How do you play Lucario?


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Nov 15, 2014
Hello, I wanted to know how is Lucario's playstyle (how to approach, kill setups, combos, strategies...) and to what kind of people would you recommend play Lucario as (that sentence will probably have a lot of grammatical errors: I just didn't know how to actually write it xD).

Thanks for your time ^^


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Nov 10, 2017
Ok with lucario he is kind of difficult to play with, I'm not to sure what you know already but hear me out. OK so as soon as the match begin your goal is to not get k.o'D to soon or too early. Most people would say "it's ok to get to a high percentage as lucario" but after my first tournament experience I'd say false. Lucario has good stopping power when it comes to other fighters hitting his shield and when he dashes he either stops in an instance or he can shield really quickly. Well heres the hard part, you need to throw out lots and lots of combos like grab-upthrow-Nair but if your opponent trys to fast fall or air dodges into the ground take advantage of landing lag by Down tilting then use either the same combo or use F-air. Lucario is better off as long as you keep him mobile and on the ground which is where he has the MOST ground control and also when he is takling air borne oponents don't over extend and try not to set your self up into their combo. Every character Is different so I suggest watching combo videos so you can see the origin of your opponents attacks. Well this was quite an ear full but I hope you got something out of this. Finally CARDINAL SINS AS LUCARIO. Running at someone's shield with dash attack, air dodging before touching the ground, anticipating attacks too fast, underestimating heavy characters because you comboed then a lot, making the same movements, taking aura sphere for granted, using your counter too much in the wrong reasons, alright that's all
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