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How do I land with this character


Smash Journeyman
Aug 29, 2016
New Brunswick, Canada
Been playing DK for a while now. I have trouble landing (especially against Fox), as when Fox Uthrows me, I SDI and Di up and double jump out, but then he just shine stall up airs me, and then have huge problems landing because I don't have my double jump. Any advice for landing mixups (nair / airdodge)


Smash Rookie
Mar 4, 2015
also a DK main here. From my experience you don't want to burn your jump if you can avoid doing so. The upwards DI is good, i like to use the recovery (Dong copter) to try and get to the ledge. If they manage to punish you for that at least you still have a second jump and you're in a more favorable position to recover against Fox. Either way we eat some damage from Fox once were airborne

There's also a hard to execute cross up that involveds fast falling the Up Air because the end of the hitbox hits in front of DK and his head has intangibility. But the risk to reward isn't very appealing.
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