How do I get into smash locally speaking?


Smash Rookie
Dec 1, 2018
So I'm a new user but a long time smash comp watcher. I don't necessarily want to get into stuff like EVO and just get destroyed but I wanna find a place where I can talk to and hang out with people in the smash community locally. I recently found out about these things called friendlies where people go to practice and chill out before or after tornaments and I was wondering if there is a method of finding these places and what to expect when I show up.

FYI to those who are helping I live in the state of florida, around orlando. Im just wondering where and how to start. Thats all.

Orlando BCN

Smash Journeyman
Oct 18, 2018
South Florida
I simply looked up "Smash Bros. at X" and I was able to find various places where locals were held along with a wide array of Facebook groups. I was able to find three different locations from where I live, but I haven't been able to go to them yet.