How do I fight Snake as Shulk?

May 12, 2017
Phoenix, Arizona
Switch FC
Hey AlteanGeneral, yes I have issues dealing with Snake as a match-up. Snake generally tries to control the field using his grenades. This limits Shulks options when using approaches utilizing speed. I beat a decent Snake the other day utilizing jump to limit his control of the field, and aerial mix-ups to have him guessing where to protect himself. If you can bait him into detonating his C4, you can get in close w/ buster or smash at high damage. Since he's going to try and keep you at range, your game is the opposite as his (and typically all zoners) and you have to make your "personal" up close time count.

Throw out some Nair's safely leading into Fair's w/ speed, or buster and try to finish with smash. Don't let Snake (or other zoners) discourage you, your monado arts are your best friend, and their worst nightmare. Mix it up, keep em guessing, and rely on Nair! Hope this helps.


Smash Cadet
Jan 16, 2016
Isle of Wight. It's in England by the way......
I sadly believe that Snake is probably Shulks hardest matchup. Certainly not impossible though. Be VERY careful with buster and Smash art, ideally leave them for when he's offstage, the movement arts are your friend. Also, A tricky thing to do is purposely blow both of you up while you're in shield art, this'll put you at an advantage.

Shulks massive hitboxes can really work against him here as you'll mostly be chopping grenades by accident. On the other hand, nikita gets stuffed out by the same big aerials so getting back to the stage isn't as hard as it can be for others.

As with all zoners, keep your cool, take your sweet time and see if they have a pattern that's exploitable.