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How can I improve myself as a player? All advice is helpful


Smash Rookie
Feb 11, 2015
I am relitively new to project m I started playing as soon as 3.5 came out. We have a club for it at my school that started this year and it motivated me to get better. I play as peach and I believe I am good with the character but I need to be better. My technical skills are lacking so I have been working on them. Ive played smash for a while but I just now wanted to join the competitive scene. I want to become the best player at my school and work up in the rankings until one day i can play with actual pros. If anyone has any advice on how to train or what to work on could you let me know?Every piece of advice is helpful. I will do whatever it takes to become better I just need to know where to start.


insincere personality
Nov 2, 2013
Watch your gameplay and figure out what you did good and bad. Learn and use various techniques to improve your play. Watch top players play. Have knowledgeable players watch your play and give you feed back. Practice Practice Practice. Use smashboards to gain knowledge. Pretty much all that basic stuff. Study well.


Smash Cadet
Sep 25, 2014
Practice your movement, I can't stress how important movement is.
Wavedash and L-cancel until you are fully confident you can do it on command, wavelanding too. Go to battlefield and just try moving around the stage as fast as you can with Wavedashes/lands. If you are playing peach practice your Float cancels and turnip game too. just lvl one computers should be fine to practice that stuff before you move on to the big leagues. There is a melee guide to peach in the melee forums that gives decent advice, most of it is applicable to PM although some stuff is changed.

Practicing your combos and getting a feel for your characters attacks and where your opponent is sent when you use them is good knowledge to have, and you can try and just study that for a bit so you know what can combo into what. Just mess around against a lvl 1 comp and beat it down, you can also practice edgehog/edgeguarding (VERY GOOD FOR PEACH)

As your getting a feel for your character get advice from other people and also watch other people.

Hope it helps!
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