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How can I improve my samus?

Albert Samus

Smash Rookie
Jul 7, 2014
Rue Didouche Mourad, Algiers, Algeria
You spotdodge => Downsmash pretty consistently in that second set, and that became an issue because your opponent was reading those. Use your charge beam more. Pretty good missile camping, for going to SV and FoD most of the time. Learn how to incorporate walljumps into your recovery. They always provide a good mix-up. Also, work on your OoS options. Up B and Up Smash OoS are both pretty great. Try out the Ice beam too! I've noticed that pro-players switch to Ice when they are trying to finish a stock. Both sets were pretty clutch wins. Especially that SWD to Downsmash at the end of the first one.


Smash Ace
Nov 10, 2013
San Francisco
@ Albert Samus Albert Samus : Albert Camus in color? Nice profile pic. ; P

@ Citricide Citricide :
you used dair a lot when your opponents were below you. I wouldn't recommend doing this often, but when your opponents don't punish or fail to space right, then throw out dairs all over the place.

You followed most dairs with up-air when bair would have killed or sent the opponents offstage.

You could definitely learn to utilize homing missiles more often. Homing missiles offer better pressuring than power missiles in certain situations.
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