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Hostile Takeover's Battle Arena #3 Results


Hostile Takeover
Jul 7, 2008
Newburgh, NY
Tournament thread: www.smashboards.com/threads/hostile-takeovers-battle-arena-3-ssbm-ae-umvc3-ygo-june-22nd-2013-new-windsor-ny.336652/

Facebook event page: www.facebook.com/events/543497769021623/

Super Smash Bros. Melee (6 entrants)
1. T Webb (Fox, Falco) ($42)
2. Rykard (Falco) ($12)
3. Pyro (Roy, Marth) ($6)
4. HT F8 (Sheik)
5. Queveen Blortiz (Mario)
6. Solo Crispy Dolo (Sheik)


Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v2012 (19 entrants)
1. ERGZ | Lil' Evil
2. Frankie
3. HT Mr. Beautiful
4. ERGZ Panda
5. HT Gigglepiez
5. Queveen Blortiz
7. Mr. Flubbs
7. Ray Nyce
9. HT_ZinGy
9. Narc
9. Ma Junior
9. Matt Calvano
13. Solo Crispy Dolo
13. Yellow Jacket
13. Nick
13. Justin White
17. Omni
17. Ignacio
17. Chris_OTF

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (15 entrants)
1. Justin White
2. ERGZ | Lil' Evil
3. Chase
4. ERGZ | Panda
5. Savage
5. HT ZinGy
7. Chamakito
7. Hunta
9. HT Bosch
9. Mr. Flubbs
9. KC Ayyyyyyy
9. Ray Nyce
13. Aorman
13. Takeshi
13. Brian Tom

Yu-Gi-Oh! (8 entrants)
1. Jorge (Constellar)
2. Billy (Evilswarm)
3. Kevin (Mermail)
4. Matt (Vylon Sigma OTK)
5. Tyler
6. Pablo
7. Dickman
7. Frank


Shoutouts to my team for another awesome tournament.

Shoutout to T Webb and Rykard for being way too good, I wanna play with you guys more & not suck!

Shoutout to Pyro's Roy for being soooooo ****.

Shoutout to Queveen Blortiz and Solo Crispy Dolo, you guys are good, we should play sometime! Especially that Mario Queveen lol.

Shoutout to the one dude I played in casuals, thanks for having your first tournament experience with us! Sorry I forgot your name -___- lol. We should play sometime, you've got a real solid base for the game so far!

Smash turnout was pretty wack sadly, but it was a lot of fun with good players! Hopefully more TriState players can make it next time, and hopefully more of the locals man up and actually come through!

We've having a tournament (SSBM, Injustice, UMvC3) next week (6/29) at Alterniverse Comics in Salt Point, NY, hopefully we'll see some of you there! Here's the tournament thread if you want to check it out:



Smash Rookie
Jul 25, 2014
How do I signup for the UMVC3 tournament? Do I need to call or can I do it on the forums?
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