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/HOPE 3 Results! July 2nd, Pittsburgh, PA


Oct 13, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA

Doubles 14 teams
1: Sleek Media's getting top 3 (Tiger and Seagull) ($168.00)
2: You should of teamed with me, and you did (Blue Rogue and Argent Stew) ($84.00)
3: kb and luckay (King beef and Luckay) ($28.00)
4: *****s (What's the point and CondemnedSoul)
5: Night Skirts (King~ and SSR)
5: booty warriors (Lain and Gio)
7: Man Team (Mozz and Sleek Media)
7: **** (Redd and Vanz)
9: Pittsburgh Locals
9: Col kids don't get Mav (Colaya and Mav)
9: Team Bacon
9: Stitches
13: Tie dye police Roxanne
13: Team bro

Singles 34 entrants

1: Blue Rogue ($170.00):wario:
2: Lain ($85.00):metaknight::popo:
3: Seagull ($51.00):wolf:
4: Argent($34.00):lucario::pikachu2:
5: Luckay:pit:
5: Vanz:peach::jigglypuff:
7: TKCK:metaknight:
7: M@v:metaknight::falco::fox:
9: WTP:falco::metaknight:
9: Berserker:ike:
9: HungryBox:dedede:
9: Valerie:falco:
13: King Beef(forfeit):peach:
13: SSR:peach:
13: Space Thing:lucario:
13: Tiger :marth::metaknight:
17: Hot Arms
17: Fosho:mario2:
17: Gio
17: Jmo
17: Jarvitz:zerosuitsamus::lucas:
17: Kazi:falco::metaknight:
17: Incom
17: Sleek Media:mario2:
25: D.I.Joe
25: Tedium
25: AndMan:olimar:
25: King:pikachu2:
25: Crews
25: Carroll:zerosuitsamus:
25: Ninja
25: Mozz:ike:
33: Hari
33: Tanker

There were seeding pools before the tourney where no one was eliminated. However, some people placed differently than expected, and that threw the bracket out of whack.
(ex. seagull and king beef in r3 winners due to kb's 3rd seed, Blue rogue vs M@v 2nd round winners and blue rogue vs lain round 3 winners due to blue rogue's 4th seed).


Doubles 14 teams
1: Pandora's Hbox ($168.00)
2: Red + Winston ($84.00)
3: Flip Mode ($28.00)
4: Swan Lake
5: Warlock Don
7: Endonesia
7: Baby Jacob
9: Fleet Foxes
9: Nick Carroll's Beard
9: CABC + ZigZag
13: The Gimp You Force
13: We Fight For Demacia!

Singles 39 entrants
1: Hungrybox :jigglypuffmelee:
2: Vudujin :luigimelee:
3: Redd :foxmelee: :sheikmelee:
4: Duck :samusmelee:
5: Vanz :peachmelee: :sheikmelee:
5: Winston :foxmelee: :marthmelee:
7: DoH :peachmelee:
7: JuggleGuy :falconmelee:
9: Nakamaru :falconmelee:
9: Taki :foxmelee:
9: Silent Swag :falcomelee:
9: Lain :marthmelee:
13: CaveDweller
13: Syick
13: Flip :sheikmelee: :foxmelee:
13: TheLake :zeldamelee: :sheikmelee:
17: Soul :mariomelee:
17: LON
17: Pillbox
17: Mike
17: Slarty :peachmelee:
17: Dempt :marthmelee: :falcomelee:
17: Carroll :marthmelee: :falconmelee:
17: KrazyKrox :foxmelee:


Melee Pools
1: Vanz
1: Lain
1: Syick
1: Vudujin
1: Winston
1: Redd
1: DoH
1: Hungrybox
9: Sol
9: TheLake
9: Mike
9: JuggleGuy
9: Nakamaru
9: Taki
9: KrazyKrox
9: Duck
17: Pillbox
17: Dempt
17: LON
17: Slarty
17: Silent Swag
17: CaveDweller
17: Flip
17: Carrol
25: Chad
25: BlueRogue
25: TheCrimsonBlur
25: Thanos
25: DoctorSteimbock
25: R0H
25: ZigZag
25: HIV+
33: Avro
33: Buford
33: Juice
33: HonusSwagner
33: Raj
33: Shuffla
33: Mint
Oct 5, 2008

Fun event. Also, thanks RepublicanOfHeaven for housing everyone in the Crimsonmobile


Aug 8, 2005
Richmond, Virginia
Some partial Melee results:

1. Hbox
2. Vudujin
3. Redd
4. Duck
5. Winston
5. VanZ?
7. DoH
7. ?

1. Hbox/DoH
2. Redd/Winston
3. VanZ/Flip

Shoutouts are still in progress lol.


Smash Champion
Apr 30, 2009
Seagull making money. Good ****

Seagull and Tiger taking dubs DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!


Smash Journeyman
May 17, 2011
Considering my skill, I'm content with just winning 1 out of 3 that last time in the loser's bracket. :p Not enough to not be eliminated, but...progress! Hyah!

Well, if any of y'all saw a Ness/Ninten along with a Pokemon Trainer and Pikachu, she wants to be your friend! :3 Shoot me a PM if you like! (Trust me, we were pretty hard to miss.)


Smash Master
May 31, 2009
Atlanta, GA
Hbox gets 9th on Brawl. So god like. :laugh:

Jimmy, you should have placed 13th so I could have given you a massive bro fist.

Seagull Joe

Smash Legend
Sep 14, 2008
It's funny I have Mk next to my name cause I only won one game with him lmao.

And Luckay won no matches with Pikachu so he shouldn't be next to his name.


Smash Hero
Jan 1, 2010
Being sarcastic and pointing out the obvious.
Gio and JMO use MK as far as i know, Tedium used falco/metaknight against me, WTP also used Snake and donkey kong , Incom uses sonic , King uses Pikachu , Carroll probably used ZSS.

k now that i filled in some of the missing blanks.

1: Blue Rogue ($170.00):wario: - good stuff winning another pittsburgh tournament and beating lain
2: Lain ($85.00):metaknight::popo: - still a funny *** dude lol
3: Seagull ($51.00):wolf::metaknight: - fun games in pools, too bad i didnt get to MM your wolf owell next time. Also you're shorter than i imagined lol. Good job winning doubles
4: Argent($34.00):lucario::pikachu2:- nice talking to you again, good job getting into the top 4
5: Luckay:pit::pikachu2:- I'll be getting my dollar back from you lol. Tall as **** LOL nice seeing you
7: TKCK:metaknight:- it was nice talking to you and those dumb FFAs lool
7: M@v:metaknight::falco::fox:- Thanks for the fun tournament M@V
9: WTP:falco::metaknight:- GGs in bracket, nice guy.
9: Berserker:ike:- nice talking to you again man lol had some fun friendlies. keep that notepad out son.
9: Valerie:falco: -GGs in backet very good player imo but i don't plan on getting 2 stocked again :p lol. cool guy
13: King Beef(forfeit):peach: -didn't get to MM you owell, good job in doubles.
13: SuperSayianRenan:peach:- cool person, fun friendlies, but your peach is hell like.. WHO THE HELL PULLS A BOMB AND THEN FINISHES OFF WITH A STITCHFACE IN THE SAME MATCH??
13: Space Thing:lucario: -always good talking to you dood
13: Tiger:metaknight: -didn't really talk to you but good job winning doubles
17: Hot Arms- lol condemned sorry we only got to play 1 mario ditto lol. Next time man
17: Fosho:mario2: - hit the hyperbolic time chamber.
17: Gio- GGs in pools, chill person.
17: Jmo -nice talking to you again
17: Jarvitz:zerosuitsamus::lucas:- nice talking to you
17: Incom- nice talking to you again, now i can just hear your opinions on things than reading those wall of texts you always have here loool
17: Sleek Media:mario2:- very cool person, looks like ace ventura lool. Fun item friendlies we had.
25: Tedium -GGs in bracket
25: AndMan:olimar:- nice talking to you again GGs in pools.
25: King - YO KING USE A BETTER COLOR PIKACHU LOL. GGs in pools though and fun friendlies very cool person.
25: Carroll- still funny as hell nice seeing you again
25: Mozz:ike: - nice seeing you again, you got this next time.

since the 3 girls i have no idea what their names were in just wanted to say lol good **** as dressing up as the pokemon trainer, pikachu and ness... even though I bet none of you main those characters :p

and shoutouts to the melee people being hype 24/7


I used more Marth in this tournament, i only used mk like twice (i won with both). Please put Marth next to my name, since he is my main. Thanksie <3

Shoutouts later


Smash Journeyman
May 17, 2011
Jimmy, I'll help you fill in a couple of those;

Ninja was Pokemon Trainer, she played ZSS/Sheik in tournaments.
Ness was me, Hari! I played Pit for all matches.... (But I DO main Ness in Melee.)
Pikachu was in the Melee singles instead as Mint. And she does in fact not play Pikachu. xD


Smash Hero
May 26, 2006
If I don't post about it I wonder how long the Luigi boards will take to notice Vudujin got 2nd at this ...


sugoi ~ sugoi ~
Dec 8, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
Bluuuuuuue! Good **** beating Lain, man and winning the whole tournament. Following up a loss to Fonz with a tear through the Mid-East Coast. Proud of you, man.

Argent! Got fourth again, huh? How do you feel you did? You still seem like you're improving at a fast rate. Did you go PT or MK? Good ****.

KB, what happened?



Smash Apprentice
Nov 11, 2008
pittsburgh, PA
gppd stuff M@v, cant wait for hope 4.

Shoutouts -

1: Blue Rogue ($217.00) - didnt play you in singles, but in dubz you were great. Ill assume the wario was good as usual.
2: Lain ($62.00) - didn't play, but assuming the ICs went well.
3: Seagull ($31.00) - nice wolf, and good to meet you.
4: Argent - great lucario as always.
5: Luckay - Great pit. It was nice to finally meet you after so long. Sucks I had to play you round 1.
5: Vanz - didn't play
7: TKCK - nice MK
7: M@v - Didn't play. Great tourney
9: WTP - Didnt play
9: Berserker - Didnt play
9: HungryBox - Didn't play, but watched a few games.
9: Valerie - Good stuff on 9th man. I had fun in the car, glad you could make it. Nice DI on RC.
13: King Beef(forfeit) - Didn't play
13: SuperSayianRenan - Thanks for those few friendlies. Keep the controller low.
13: Space Thing - good **** in pools and bracket. I was close, but maybe next time. Thanks for teaming with me.
13: Tiger - good job on first in dubz. You looked pissed when you lost to valerie in MK dittos.
17: Hot Arms - Didn't play
17: Fosho - Didn't play, but good talking to you.
17: Gio - Didn't play
17: Jmo - Didn't play
17: Jarvitz - Get better
17: Kazi - Good stuff. Nice falco, glad you could could come.
17: Incom - Good to see you
17: Sleek Media - Good to see you. Nice stuff in dubz.
25: D.I.Joe - Good stuff in pools.
25: Tedium - Didn't play
25: AndMan - Didn't play
25: King - Didn't play
25: Crews - Very Close match
25: Carroll - GGs, great to see you.
25: Ninja - Didn't play
25: Mozz - Good stuff in dubz
33: Hari - Didn't play
33: Tanker - Didn't play

Col - Thank you so much for those like 20 friendlies before brackets, I really needed them and wouldn't have beaten Crews without them. I was playing horrible before, then in brackets I had to play Lucky first round. W/e it is what it is. Thanks anyway.


Wasn't pissed jarvitz, I was tired. I gave up in singles, I didn't even try in the match. I wanted sleep lmao. So I gave up my spot to Valerie. The sleep was worth it XD



Lol glad you enjoyed it ^_^

We should play sometime ;3



Smash Master
Jan 2, 2005
LA, CA near Santa Monica
SHOUTOUTS TO STEVE (REPUBLICANOFHEAVEN): Thank you so, so much for being so hospitable. All of us appreciated it, and were really impressed with your kindness. Any time you come to MD/VA, you can count on us to return the favor. <3


Redd: you ****. Amazing job.
DoH: Hanging out with you is so much fun. I can't wait to go to another event with you. Grats on winning teams, your Peach is a monster.
Epsilon: Fun times as always. Good ish.
Winston: you ****. Grats on the placing!

My pool:
Syick: Link uuuggggh. Thanks for the advice man and the friendlies were definitely good. Playing you was great because it showed me how much I have to improve at the matchup. You were sooo clutch in your matches. The comebacks were epic xD
Lon: Your Falco is smooth bro. Freaking stadium kinda screwed me in the end. I'm looking forward to a rematch :urg:...grats on making it out tho
Mike: Yeah, the Marios/Luigi are some of my best matchups now, along with Puff. I dunno how smart counterpicking FD with Fox was tho lol..good matches though bro.
Juice: I hope you had fun! Keep your head up, Melee is great :)

TheLake: You're hilarious. You made everything so hype. Can't wait to see you again. :)
Taki: You're also hilarious. Watching hype matches with you is the best. Fun times :)
Duck: OMG Samus. I had no idea you were this good! You surprised everyone. Travel more, you totally helped make a name for yourself :o
Juggleguy: Good job on the placing! Your falcon is legit man
KrazyKROX: West Va! Good ****. Love your Fox.
Vanz: Its fun playing you. You're really good.
HIV+: Good friendlies man.
Hungrybox: Grats on winning the tournament.


Smash Lord
Mar 1, 2009
Canton, Ohio
Looks like this was a nice tourney. Maybe I'll be off work next time you have it. :)
Good stuff Argent and Blue. Called it btw.


Smash Hero
Jul 19, 2010
Grieving No Longer
Shouts... lessee...

Fosho, Jarvitz, Space Thing: good to be talking to ya
All the OOS people: thanks for coming!
The approximately 80 billion Peach players (you're all kind of a blur, sorry): I've never seen Peach move that fast... I'm scared ._.
M@V: why u mav tho
Seagull: kinda wish I played you, as I understand it you have a habit of tearing Sonics apart, and I need a way to know just how bad mine is... and on that note:
whichever Wolf/Luke it was I played in friendlies (steve?): GGs, I think I know how to handle those two characters now, or at least better than I did before

Hari: cool Pit, try rising bair instead of falling bair, it's much quicker
Ninja: Your Zero Suit... downsmash. Learn it, love it, feed it, give it a bath, whatever you do, use it! It's ZSS's lifeblood but I didn't see it out of yours once.
Tiger: 2good 0_o
Vanz/KB: GGs

WTP: Must... learn... snake... MU...
Ninja: See above. Also, side-b with Sheik lets you tether to the ledge.
Val: Good Falco, I'm okay with losing to you because there was no way I was taking Tiger/Argent/Lain out anyway... Those first stocks though, IDK what happened 0_o



Certified Ponch
May 2, 2010
Mantua, OH
OOC: That girl dressed as a Pikachu was actually kinda cute.

Anyways, where the **** are the Melee results? :/


Smash Rookie
Jul 3, 2011
Wow tiger them sleeping johns but yeah. I could make excuses too but im not going too. You played really good I was so nervous playing you that I was shaking if you didn't notice. Your mk is very patient and good on rc I would enjoy playing you again. Also argent damn that lucario man just why.. why did you have to cp me? =x loool jk game 1 yi gayed me so hard game 2 we went my cp oh yeah you know the deal on sv and game 3 you cp me gay *** ps2. Im working on my pocket snake for ****** *** lucario now. But everyone else good stuff mav just y you shoulda lost loool jk. My man luckay what did I tell you I said "Luckay I know your gonna get top 5" what you do get top 5? :3 Good job my man everyone kept saying my falco was something else but I don't think it's that much different from normal falcos.
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