Hop-Instant afterburner kick setups


Smash Ace
Nov 23, 2007
Caracas, Venezuela
I was experimenting today with the instant hop afterburner kick (it even hits pichu if timed correctly) which seems to be a really good move to start some kill setups.

It works best on high percentages, but after all the nerfs bayo has had, any sort of kill confirms (kinda since i dont think its a true combo) is always welcome. Plus theyre flashy and flashy kills always +1 the style points.

All i had to record was my cellphone lol, and the clip was meant for a friend so ignore the first vid's commentary. Theres some more useful info aswel in the vid description.

Setup 1 -

Setup 2 -

Setup 3-
Didnt to record, its the easiest to perform out of these... if you use just one afterburner somebody at 140ish %, it can lead to an offstage nair that can easily kill (its safer than the 2 afterburners from first clip aswel). PD. using an aerial after an air afterburner will not allow you to use your second afterburner kick so keep that in mind
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