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Aug 13, 2005
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Ok, I'm gonna list a bunch of the websites that might help you find videos or strats.
Folderol, run by SSkeeto, has a record list with all of the WRs. It also has a place where you can post your scores and see how you and your individual scores match up. Known for shutting down every so often, but regardless, it's the best place to find updated scores. Supports NBD and NBA scores as well as normal hrc.
Another project of SSkeetos, this guide is about 2 or maybe 3 years old, and has most of the WR strats on it. It also has some old videos, and a chart to figure out how far CH/MH/tipper will go at certain %s, among many other things. Very well made, and although outdated, it can really help HRC beginniners find strats. Like folderol's hrc ranking site, this is also known to shut down at times.
Similar to folderol's ranking site, although less popular. Also supports btt among other things.
ajp's site has all of his videos. These range from his personal hrc and btt videos to all the WR videos, and even to all AR (Frame by frame) records he's achieved. All video files are available for streaming.
My personal site, thanks to Ronyan. Go there to find the current mewtwo WR video <_<;;

This is where you can find most of the vids you'll need to see. My videos are all on there, as are sin's, as well as many other players.

Sin's youtube account is "sin2324"
My youtube account is "madmailler"
marth1: "smashssbm
Tatsuya: "TatsuyaNV"
Skywalker: "t3hskywalker"

Let me know if you want me to add anything! ^^


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Jan 27, 2008

I'll make an updated HRC guide for you >_>

I have nothing else to do except wait for my NV copy anyway....
Jul 11, 2007
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My Youtube is IceClimbersxPxNx but my videos have no sound, and it's too dark to see, but you still kinda can see.
I think my record posted is like 3000 ft w/ my main. (Ice Climbers).

It keeps going up, I think it goes up to 9999.9f ft/m.


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May 10, 2007
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I look on youtube to see how ganon does his HR is good.... lets just say i didnt have the patience to get very far ones. I only made it 6k ft with ganon
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