HOBO 34: The final MK legal HOBO! FULL RESULTS ARE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Aug 25, 2003
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Thank you Kansas/Oklahoma and Mekos for going to this HOBO. You guys made HOBO feel new again. I hope yall had fun and you are guys are always welcome back to HOBO any time you want. I hope this last bit of Apex practice was what you needed.


Bracket: http://i39.tinypic.com/29nh5q1.gif

1: Gnes==:diddy:
2: UltimateRazer==:snake:
3: Trela==:lucario:
4: MJG==:toonlink:/:metaknight:
5: Pwii==:metaknight:
5: Denti==:olimar:
7: Illmatic==:peach:
7: Mekos==:lucas:
9: TypeX==:falco:
9: Fino==:olimar:
9: Zori==:olimar:
9: Domo==:metaknight:
13: Sync==:olimar:
13: Diska==:snake:
13: Yosh==:yoshi2:
13: Smoom==:popo:
17: Pj==:toonlink:
17: Bio==:zerosuitsamus:
17: P4==:metaknight:
17: Zeton==:fox:
17: Batou==:falcon:
17: Jrugs==:snake:
17: FlipHop==:diddy:
17: Johrune==:marth:
25: Strong Bad==:pikachu2:
25: Swaka==:fox:
25: Mystic==:pit:/:falco:
25: Kilik==:sheik:
25: Kirby==:marth:
25: Leaf==:pikachu2:
25: Mocha==:zelda:
25: Tesh==:sonic:
33: Wyatt==:lucas:
33: Teege==:olimar:
33: Michael==????
33: p-rik==:toonlink:
33: Sama==:wolf:


Bracket: http://tinypic.com/r/2cht5r8/5

1: UltimateRazer+Gnes==:snake:+:diddy:
2: MJG+Domo==:toonlink:/:metaknight:+:metaknight:
3: Pj+Pwii==:toonlink:+:metaknight:
4: Mekos+Fino==:lucas:+:olimar:
5: Trela+Sync==:lucario:+:olimar:
5: Denti+Zori==:olimar:+:olimar:
7: FlipHop+P4==:diddy:+:metaknight:
7: Tesh+Bio==:sonic:+:zerosuitsamus:
9: Jrugs+Batou==:snake:+:falcon:
9: Illmatic+Smoom==:peach:+:wario:
9: Strong Bad+Leaf==:pikachu2:+:pikachu2:
9: Zeton+TypeX==:fox:+:falco:

Mid Tier 2vs2

Bracket: http://tinypic.com/r/2jbwqy8/5

1: UltimateRazer+Gnes==:fox:+:fox:/:kirby2:
2: Zori+Illmatic==:luigi2:+:peach:
3: Trela+Xyro==:fox:+:rob:
4: Mekos+MJG==:ness2:+:pit:
5: Mystic+Pwii==:pit:+:pit:/:dk2:
5: Denti+Zeton==:fox:/:pit:+:fox:
7: Tesh+Bio==:sonic:+:kirby2:
7: Smoom+Tree==:peach:+:sheik:
9: Yosh+Johrune==:yoshi2:+:fox:
9: Sama+Swaka==:wolf:+:fox:

Mr. Doom

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Sep 25, 2008
Hold on. Fino went to this tournament? Zeton, you better have given him my External Hard Drive. Otherwise I'm going to be furious.

Edit: And why didn't anyone use Ike? He's a LOT better than that trash fox.



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Aug 16, 2005
I got this.

1v1 (use zoom, DEAL WITH IT)


MT 2v2

I'm uploading the handful of vids I managed to get before Xyro's laptop screen decided to have seizures.


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Sep 18, 2006
SA-Town, Texas
  • Zori beat Fino
  • Srong Bad travels all the way here to play Razer first round :(
  • Jrugs beat Leaf!
  • Diska beat Zeton
  • Fliphop lost to OoC

Man, so many hype matches at this lol.
Dec 5, 2009
Houston, Texas
@xyro allan smis,
i need falco next to my name in singles.

i had a lot of fun at this tournament. mekos, it was a pleasure meeting you and you were right during that doubles series with my falco. it was legit.

mjg and kirby you can feel proud that you were added to my mental book entitiled, "My Boys, The Kickit-Withables. damn straight sons.

denti- i will never cp you to a non neutral again. jesus christ you knew frigate like it was your personal slap *****. i just picked it because you banned brinstar over RC. your come back game1 was also ridiculously good man. im glad we finally played in bracket like we kept saying we should.

zeton- at least this set didn't go 2stock>2stock>3stock matches like at whobo3 and just went to last stocks lol. your fox is on point and what's worse is you abuse the non-obvious frame traps with that gay *** jab. not that my jab isn't pretty gay in that MU but damn son those were some fun close(ish lol) games man. c you at apex son.

pwii- i know you can't respond to me on here but hey yo son. don't ever forget the one phrase that you slept talked that helped keep me awake on my horrid drive home.

quote, Pwii_ "you better sharpen your pencil baby, we goin in this"

jrugs! it was great to see you again bro! at apex we need to get a game in for sure since we missed this time. thanks for coming down man.

bio, it was chill bro. starbucks MM nxt time we meet?

in the before time, the legendary 3 Players were enslaved by something dark to be held down for eternity. but prophecies tell of a legendary 4th Player who will decend from the clouds atop his metaknight and conquer the dark fate that befell his fellow players. This is the Legendary Metaknight Main. shrouded in darkness but who protects the light with his mighty abilities of summoning tornadoes of salt with un-holy priority and his ability to fly around and do whatever the **** he wants. THIS. IS..... Peeeeeeee44444444.

good **** p4

MJG AND DENTI! what en dur heel do ye think yer doin youcin mah karactdur in mad teard duuuhballs?

pj why the **** were you such an ******* this last 2 days? goddamn it. lolololololol.


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Jan 1, 2010
MJG also used MK in both singles and doubles, you should add that.

I'm a bit disappointed with my placing this tournament. I was hoping for top 10; but I have a good ways to improve, and getting ***** in both of my losses (Fino and MJG) was a great reminder that I need to be a lot more on-point in my playing, and I have to think more actively. Also, even though I beat Zeton, it was close and he gave me heck game 2, which was insane and reminded me that I can't let my guard down even for a second. Thanks to my opponents!

A few shoutouts:

UltimateRazer - Freaking beast Snake, I wanna improve my playing so I can get more like your Snake plays. You did really well at this tournament like you always do, and I got really excited watching you **** MJG in doubles on Delphino. Keep it up!

Trela - You are a beast. A beast. A monster that can jump out of nowhere to devour its prey. Great job beating MJG, I have never seen anyone give him such a hard time. You make him look as easy as he makes me look. Seriously, I've never heard of a Lucario with such crazy potential as you. Keep trying and if you succeed you'll be higher than Razer on the PR eventually. You're really something, you never fail to impress me when I watch you play. Great job.

MJG - You're really good with TL, and your MK is pretty good too. I got ***** by you, and I need to go back and figure out how to deal with the stuff you did to me. As one of my friends said: "If MK gets you offstage and doesn't punish, he messed up". You didn't, and you got me. I'm just glad the bat is gonna be banned. Great player, I hope you come by again sometime, so I can rematch you. *goes off to ask kingtoon for TL matches*

pwii - Great job at this tournament again. I feel like you don't get as much hype as you should. I respect you man, keep ******.

Denti - Dude you are insane with Olimar, I haven't played you but watching you play MJG was a real treat. Other than dabuz I've never seen an Olimar of your caliber in person. You did real well and being timed out by MJG was sad to watch. I guess you have some TL cut for you like I do, huh? Great job in your placing though, you're obviously quite skilled.

Illmatic - Didn't watch you play much or get to play you, but I'm happy you placed well at this tournament, gj. :)

Mekos - Great job repping a low tier and doing so well. It was fun to watch you, and I'm sad we did not get to play (I asked if you could, but you were wrapped up in doubles and seemed pretty busy most of the time you were here). Great job in this tournament, and watching you get timed out by TL was not surprising, but a bit sad. =\

Fino - GGs, you got me. I'm still salty at some stage gimmicks that Brawl pulled on me. Your Olimar is smart and patient, and I'm working on getting my patience in tournament to that level (I can do that on wifi, but I didn't yesterday, which is meh). Great job at Hobo. Was great to meet you.

Sync - You did really well, and nice MM too. You're a bit under rated imo. Keep it up with your placings though! =)

Smoom - Thanks for the friendlies, you're like the first half-decent ICs I've ever played. Though I hate your character ( =P ) I noticed you had some really good reads and followups. I hope to play you again. You're a really nice guy too ^_^

PJ - I troll you too much online. Fun sandbaggy friendlies though. xD

Bio - It was great to see you, it's been a while. Hanging with you is really fun cause your attitude is always good. Thanks for the friendlies too, I'm glad I can play a decent ZSS without terrible lag.

Jrugs - I finally know who you are! xD Good friendlies, I hope you can keep improving. Hope you didn't mind me giving you a few ideas for your Snake. Don't let losing get to you - losing is how we improve. Thanks for being kind and friendly, hope to see you at Gamestop for Sync's next tournament! :)

Zeton - You **** with Fox. I'm surprised I managed to pull out a win, considering the **** you had on me second game. I've never seen a Fox play so fast and so on-point at the same time. Hope to play you again sometime!

Kilik - Ggs!

Teege - Ggs! Hope you can come to more tournaments!

Mocha - Don't let this get to you. We both have a lot to work on, but stage gaying is meh. <3 Still don't let it get to you

Thanks to Xyro for hosting! This was an amazing time.


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Apr 18, 2010
It's not "lol"
Zori is a really good olimar, I wasn't surprised.

RT, can you put collapse tags around the bracket images on the first page?
It expands the hell out of everything.

Good games to everyone I played, I got a lot better at this tournament.
Nice seeing Kansas (MJG, Zeton, Domo, etc etc) again, made this tournament stacked too.

Apex :]


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Jun 12, 2009
In the land of princesses, frogs, and dragons
Great tourney! It was cool that we got a couple of out of state people to come to this too. Other than me being half asleep and rusty, I enjoyed this tourney a lot. Here are my shoutouts:

Gnes: Congrats on winning. I seriously need to play you more so that I can get this MU down lol.

UltimateRazer: Your Snake is pretty good. Though I know the MU (and it's hard) I wouldn't mind playing you more too to get even more MU exp =o

Trela: As Diska said, your Lucario is beast. He's very fun to watch too ^^

Illmatic: We still didn't get to play lmao. One of these days...

Mekos: Didn't get to play you, but I watched your Lucas put some work in. Very nice Lucas

Sync: Sucked having to fight you first round, but oh well. If stage hadn't killed me once, I wonder how it would have went. Oh well, it is an 80:20 MU for me haha. Good games though

Diska: You were disappointed with your placing, but don't let that get you down. Just keep working at it, and you'll get there eventually. I think you're doing great so far, and I'm proud of you <3

Bio: Great talking to you again. I didn't get to see your ZSS play or play you, but I'm sure you've been improving, and you're already pretty good. And lol Kirby xD If you ever wanna practice him with me, I can try out my secondary sometime =P

Zeton: Really good Fox, I watched a couple of your matches with Diska too. GGs with friendlies too

FlipHop: I feel like I shouldn't have gotten killed by the things I did, but then again, this MU is strange to me. I would really like to play you and Gnes or any decent Diddy to learn this MU. Good games though =)

Mystic: Your Pit has improved quite a bit since we played last. Got me my surprise once or twice, especially with the foot stool. Good stuff. Fun friendlies ^_^

Kilik: I like your Sheik Kilik. Thanks for the tips on her too. Whenever I try to use her for a bit, I always end up going back to Zelda lol. Though I would like, at the very least, to get her as a decent secondary sometime.

Mocha: is what I had at Starbucks to wake me up a little.

Tesh: Good talking to you for a bit, though didn't see you much afterwards


To everyone else: good games!

Strong Badam

Feb 27, 2008
leaf v fino round 1 was dumb

i used pikachu in both events

well ran tourney, glad i went. shoutouts later


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Aug 25, 2003
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P4, would u put up the brackets RT posted in the OP? Mine don't work for some reason.



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May 16, 2009
Campgrounds, TX


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Oct 28, 2008
Pj used metaknight
Johrune used Olimar
I used Pit exactly as much as Sonic in the sets we won in mid tier.
lol @ Mekos having to use Ness, lets never have "mid tier" side events again please

Shoutout to the little kid that casually walked in front of TVs during matches.

GGs Jrugs, I'm getting closer.


The Assault of Laughter ﷼
Apr 18, 2010
Honestly, I feel as though both low and mid tier should be allowed in mid tier events.

Not just strictly mid tier.
That has always been a dumb rule, imo.